Pokemon Senshi 2
By Sailor Sirius

Disclaimer: I do not claim Pokemon or Sailor Moon as my own. Sailor Moon is a trademark of Naoko Takeuchi, Toei Animation, and Kodansha. Nintendo and 4 Kids Entertainment own Pokemon. Sailor Sirius is own creation, so please do not steal her. This story is my idea, so please do not steal this either.

AN: I don't know if anyone will notice, but I have capitalized the P in pokemon where I feel it should be. Most of the time it is lowercased. I have done the same with the S in senshi.
Another thing is, in this story the Pokemon World is the future. So it occurs the same time Crystal Tokyo does

It was a beautiful day in the world of Sailor Sirius. The sun was shining, birds were singing, everything was peaceful. Sailor Sirius opened her window and POW! One of the birds fell to the ground with a tranquilizer in its stomach.
"I have to keep a PG rating here!" POW! "That takes care of the narrator."
She dusted her hands off and put her tranquilizer gun away.
"Hey! I thought I put you to sleep!" POW!
The narrator fell down and went to sleep.
"Anyone else want to narrate MY story?" Everyone in the audience shook their heads. "Good. As the narrator was saying, my name is Sailor Sirius and this is my story."
Pokemon Senshi 2
The audience ooed and awed as trumpets blared in the background.
"Unfortunately it won't be written for a while, so I'll just leave now."
There was a huge knock at the door. "Uh-oh! RUN!"
Sailor Sirius dove under her desk and hid behind the chair. The door burst open and the Sailor Senshi, Brock, Ash, Misty, Pikachu, and Team Rocket filed in.
"Okay, where is she?" Misty said as she ripped apart the room.
"Misty calm down. It's not like we're going to hurt her," Sailor Moon said.
"Oh, yes we are! She said she was going to write a sequel and she's going to do it if it's the last story she writes!"
Misty went to the desk and tossed it out the window. Sirius's laptop gave a squeak and dived into Sirius's arms.
"Dumb laptop."
"Eureka!" Misty screamed.
"Get her! You left us with a cliff hanger," Sailor Venus shouted.
"No I didn't! I liked the ending, so get out of my house! You're scaring my laptop."
"You mean this thing?" Tuxedo Mask and Brock pulled the laptop from Sirius's arms.
"I wouldn't do that if I were you," Sirius warned.
"Why not?" Brock asked.
The laptop suddenly leaped into the air, sending bolts of electricity through Brock and Tuxedo Mask.
"I warned you."
Brock and Tuxedo Mask fell to the floor from the 10,000 volts of electricity.
Suddenly there was a knock on the door and the Outer Senshi came into the room.
Sailor Sirius did another "eep" as she hid behind the Inner Senshi. Sailor Uranus pushed her fellow senshi to the side and dragged Sailor Sirius out from the crowd by her ear.
"You forgot to put us in your story!" Sailor Uranus sneered.
"Look, I didn't want you in the story last time, because it would've been too many characters to look after!"
"Well you're putting us in Pokemon Senshi 2 or I'll send you back to the dawn of time," Sailor Pluto held up her staff.
Sirius hung her head, while giving a very long and loud sigh. She looked around at her characters, when a light bulb lit up above her head.
"Why am I at your mercy?" Everyone began to back away. "I am the writer here. You're supposed to do what I say not the other way around."
"I think someone's finally realized she has power," Ash muttered.
"Indeed I do, so I can do this!" Sirius snapped her fingers. Tuxedo Mask and Brock switched clothes. "And I can do this!"
Sailor Jupiter and Pikachu blasted each other with electricity. "Don't forget this!"
Misty began to squirm around and yell "Psyduck!" every few minutes. The remaining characters looked at each and screamed.
"One more thing before you run away in terror." Once more Sirius snapped her fingers. Jesse and Sailor Venus began to glow, but nothing seemed to happen.
"What happened?" Jesse said, she quickly put her hand over her mouth.
"Hey! Why am I in this stupid serafuku?" Sailor Venus asked.
"You two switched bodies."
"WHAT?!" Jesse and Sailor Venus said. They began to claw at each other. The others bolted for the door, but a steel door covering was in its place. "No one can escape!" Sirius started to talk in a mad scientist voice.
"She's lost is," James stated.
"For once I agree with you," Ash replied.
"Laptop you know what to do!" Sirius screamed.
The laptop began to glow, voices in the background "ooed" and "awed" at the light show. Laptop began to shake and spin around the room. Suddenly it opened up showing a technicolor whirlpool on its screen. The Sailor Senshi, Pokemon gang, and Team Rocket were sucked into the whirlpool. As quickly as it had begun Laptop shut its screen and floated over to the desk, where it plugged itself back into the wall.
"Now that they're gone, I can get some work!" Sailor Sirius sighed.
She sat down and began to type.
So ends the prologue of Poke...
"I thought I told you to go away! This is the end of the prologue read the rest of the story!" Sailor Sirius held out her tranquilizer gun. "Or else."

The fire fox, which belonged to Mina Aino, ran around the Aino house trying to catch Artemis on fire. Mina was having a hard time trying to hide Vulpix from her mother, but so far she was able to pass the little pokemon off as a remote control toy. Her mother was always wondering why the toy frequently burst into flames. On the other hand, Vulpix was a good "watch fox" and he did keep Artemis out of the chocolates, which was why Vulpix was chasing him now.
"Leave me alone! I can't eat anything anymore without you creeping up behind me," Artemis yelled.
Vulpix did his flame-thrower attack, barely missing Artemis.
"RRO! That almost killed me! You'll pay for that..."
Before the guardian could finish his sentence, his mistress walked into the room throwing her school bag on the floor.
"Artemis. Vulpix. Stop trying to burn the house down," she muttered as she slumped down in a chair.
"It wasn't me," Artemis pointed a paw, "That little arsonist is the one to blame."
He looked at Mina. "Hey, are you alright?"
"School is trying to ruin my social life."
"That bad, huh?"
"And I would like to come home to house that's not burnt to a cookie."
"That's crisp, Mina."
" See what I mean?! School has ruined my mind already," she screamed and threw a pillow, which fell on top of Vulpix.
"Vul? Vulpix vul vul pix vul," Vulpix whimpered.
Mina sighed and turned over on her stomach gazing out the window. Her eyes began to droop as her thoughts drifted to her adventures a few weeks earlier with Ash, Misty, Brock, Vulpix's former owner, and the evil Team Rocket. She wondered if there was any chance that she would see any of them again.
Vulpix gave his call for Mina. The little fire fox jumped on Mina's back, turned three times before he found the perfect spot and began to snooze. Mina gave a small smile and gently patted his back.

While Mina and Vulpix took a nap, Ami was having a problem with her new comrade, Psyduck.
"Come on Psyduck it won't hurt you if you just went to sleep every once in awhile."
The usually calm Ami was near insanity trying to get Psyduck to settle down so she could study.
"What was I getting myself into when I decided to keep you? Just because you're a water pokemon. I have a weakness for things that have the water element."
"No, I don't have any food. Oh no! I'm starting to understand you!"
"Psy psy."
Psyduck patted Ami on the back and sat on the floor by her feet turning his head back and forth like a metronome.

In the not too distant future...
"Let's go," Ash Ketcham yelled to his exhausted friends who trailed behind him.
"For once I would like to see him run out of energy," Brock mumbled.
Misty looked over from Ash to Brock and gave a small sigh.
'Why am I even here?' she thought, 'I could be in a nice warm bed in Cerulean City, but instead I'm following a wanna-be Pokemon Master everywhere.' Her face perked up. 'He still owes me a bike!'
"Pikachu!" Ash's faithful companion chirped.
"Oh Ash!" Misty sweetly said.
"CAN WE MAKE CAMP! We've been hiking all day and we haven't had a break in four hours!"
"Geez, you didn't have to yell.
"There was no other way to get your attention."
The trio and their pokemon settled in for the night, but as Brock began to make dinner all of their thoughts drifted to the friends they had met just a few weeks ago.
Actually it was about a thousand years into the past, but who was counting? As I was saying, they were all thinking of the Sailor Senshi.
Brock's mind was filled with pictures of Lita and Sailor Jupiter. Ash was gazing off into nowhere thinking of the beautiful Sailor Mars, but he remembered that she just laughed at his obsession with Pokemon. Pikachu had Sailor Mars in his thoughts as well, but in his mind, Sailor Mars was being electrocuted. Misty remembered Ami and how she left the poor girl with Psyduck. She sweat-dropped at the thought.
As the trio was thinking of their friends, Brock wasn't paying attention to the soup. It wasn't until Misty smelled smoke did they realize that their daydreaming had caused their dinner to burn.
"Great now what do we do?" Misty snapped.
"Well we could always eat berries," Brock suggested.
"I'm hungry," Ash complained.
"If it wasn't for Brock and his daydreaming of Lita we could be eating something!" Misty yelled as fangs grew in her mouth.
Brock tensed up. "Well she's the only girl that has actually liked me."
"I wonder why she did like you, after all you were gawking at her friends when they transformed into their alter egos," Ash replied.
This time Brock grew fangs. "You don't know a thing about women!"
Brock and Ash began to fight; Misty just sweat-dropped and walked to a nearby stream. She let Horsea, Goldeen, Staryu, and Starmie out of their balls. The Pokemon seemed to enjoy the quiet stream. Once more Misty's thoughts drifted toward her friend, Ami. She began to doze off, when she was splashed with a bunch of cold water.
"Hey!" Her pokemon looked innocently at her. "You'll pay for that!"
She was about the splash to back, but Ash and Brock found her.
"We want to apologize for burning the food," Ash said.
"We did find some berries and I had some fruit in my backpack," Brock held up a platter of berries and fruit.
"That's okay," Misty was startled.
"Also we decided to head toward Pallet Town," Ash grinned.
"Why are we going back there?" Misty asked.
"I want to see my mom and also I want to check on my Tauros, Muk, Krabby."
"Alright then."
Misty sighed and began to eat her meager dinner without another word.

Back in the world of Sailor Moon...
The sacred fire blazed every time Rei's heart quickened. The fire priestess meditated in the Shinto Shrine owned by her grandfather. She was feeling a great disturbance in the flow of Time and Space, similar to the time warp that brought the trio of Pokemon trainers to modern day Tokyo, Japan.
"Sacred fire tell me what is this disturbance. If it is evil, tell me how I can stop it before it does any harm."
The fire just blazed once more and remained nothing more than a holy flame.
"Sailor Mars."
Rei quickly turned around. "Who's there?" she panicked.
"You don't recognize my voice?" Sailor Pluto materialized before the priestess.
"Pluto," Rei sighed with relief, "I thought you were some kind of spirit."
"In a way I am. Are you thinking about your friends from the future?"
"Yes, ever since they left two weeks ago I have missed them. Ami and Mina have Pokemon, but it's just a reminder that they were here."
"I understand, Serena has felt the same way with Small Lady."
"Can you explain the disturbance I feel?"
"That is why I came here. There is a time warp not to far from Mt. Fuji, it leads to another time. I suggest that you and the other Senshi investigate."
"Thank you Pluto."
"I will see you later on. Until then Sailor Mars."
Sailor Pluto waved her Garnet Rod and disappeared from the shrine. Rei slowly got up. She bowed to the flame and quickly walked to her room. A red wrist communicator with the sign of Mars was on her bedside table; she picked it up and opened the top. She pushed the button for Jupiter; a beeping sound made noise on the Sailor Senshi communicator frequency.
"Hello?" the face of Lita, Sailor Jupiter, appeared on the screen. Her face was partially covered in flour.
"Hi Lita, its Rei. What happened to you?"
"I had a little accident with the flour container. Is something wrong?"
"No, but recently I have been feeling a disturbance in the River of Time. Sailor Pluto contacted me and said there was a time warp near Mt. Fuji, she suggests we check it out."
"Alright, just give me a minute. Do you want me to call Ami and Serena?"
"Thanks, let's meet at my place."
"See you later."

Lita Kino put her communicator down as she went to the bathroom. She put her head under the sink to wash the flour from her hair. As the last of the flour washed down the drain, she carefully reached for a towel, knocking over the liquid soap. Once her head was wrapped in a light green towel, she called her friends. Ami was going insane with Psyduck, who accidentally did a tail whip attack, which knocked her books off the shelf. Lita sweat-dropped as the usually calm Ami yelled at her pokemon.
"I'll see you at Rei's. Bye Ami!"
Then she called Serena, who happened to misplace her communicator.
"Come on Serena pick up." The green communicator beeped for the tenth time before Luna, Serena's guardian cat appeared on the screen.
"Hello Lita. Is anything wrong?" Luna asked.
"Where's Serena?"
"She's taking a nap, Darien wouldn't even be able to wake her up. When she came home today she muttered something about too much homework."
"Okay, Rei wants everyone to meet at the shrine within the next hour."
"Why? Is something wrong?"
"I don't think a new enemy has invaded Tokyo, but she said that Sailor Pluto contacted her about a time warp near Mt. Fuji."
"Thank you, Lita. I'll tell Serena about it when she wakes up...if she wakes up. Good-bye."
The black moon cat hung up before Lita could reply. Lita sighed and leaned back into a chair. School was putting pressure on her as well, not only was it interfering with her cooking and cleaning, but her search for a boyfriend was suffering as well. There was one boy who she met, who she really liked, Brock. The only problem was that he lived in another time and place. Also he seemed to be attracted to anything that was in a skirt. They did share a kiss, which she enjoyed.
'Maybe I'll find someone like him here,' she thought. She glanced out the window, where two boys were making catcalls at every woman that passed by. 'Or maybe not.'
She sighed once more and went to the kitchen to clean up the rest of the flour before she left for the shrine.

Three of the Outer Senshi were driving towards Tokyo in a blue Porsche (AN: I have no idea what car Haruka drives.) A girl with short purple hair was sleeping in the back, while a masculine blonde drove and an aqua haired nymph sat beside her.
"It's so nice to be back. Don't you agree Haruka?" Michiru looked at the Senshi of the Wind.
"As long as you're not put on tour for awhile, I guess I'm glad to be back here to."
"Do you think we should contact the our acquaintances here?"
"Why not. I wouldn't mind seeing the meatball head again."
"What is that supposed to mean?" Michiru glared.
Haruka just stammered, "Nothing! She's our princess and I want to make sure she's alright."
Michiru glanced at the passing landscape through the car window.
"How long will it take us to get to Tokyo?" she asked.
"Not long, just a few more hours till we get to Azabu Juuban."
Once more she looked out the window; Mt. Fuji was getting closer as they drove towards Tokyo. Her eyes began to droop from the never-ending telephone poles that stretched to the horizon. Just as Michiru's eyes were about to close, a pang of energy surged through her body. Her eyes shot opened as she looked at Mt. Fuji.
"Did you feel that Haruka?"
"Feel what?"
"There is some kind of energy near Mt. Fuji."
"Near is the keyword. If you want to go check it out I need to know where."
"I think the power came from 3 kilometers from where we are," a voice chimed.
Both of the Outer Senshi turned around to see Hotaru still groggy from her nap.
"Three kilometers in what direction?" Haruka asked.
"Somewhere off the road," Hotaru replied.
"This looks like a job for the Sailor Senshi!" Haruka yelled.
Hotaru and Michiru just looked at Haruka with raised eyebrows.
"If Superman can say it, why can't I?"
"Because Superman might sue if we use his phrases," Michiru stated.
Haruka sighed and pulled off to the side of the road. "If my car is stolen you're buying me a new one!"
They quickly walked until they were far enough from the road to transform. Michiru pulled out her henshin pen, "Everybody ready?" her friends nodded in reply.
"Neptune Planet Power!"
"Uranus Planet Power!"
"Saturn Planet Power!"
(AN: I am trying to stick to the anime version, but Hotaru's transformation is from the manga.)
The three women were surrounded by their aura colors as they transformed into Sailor Senshi.
"Let's get this over with so we can get home," Uranus muttered.
The sun was high in the sky as the Senshi walked through bushes and trees. Sailor Uranus got whacked with a few low handing branches, which caused her friends to stifle their giggles. The sun wasn't being very helpful with the search for the mysterious energy. Sweat seeped through Saturn's serafuku making the purple collar darker. Neptune adapted to heat, but her cheerfulness was not very helpful to the other two.
After two hours of walking, Sailor Saturn stopped in a small grove of trees, rocks, and bushes.
Sailor Uranus looked at her. "What is it?"
"The energy is around here somewhere," Saturn gazed around.
"Where though?" Sailor Neptune asked.
"Just look, touch, and feel everything."
Uranus raised an eyebrow at the young Senshi, but she began to search through the bushes. Sailor Neptune scanned the trees, but she didn't see anything unusual. Slowly she touched every tree and stone as she walked deeper into grove. As she descended into the trees she caught of glimpse of some movement out of the corner of her eye.
She spun around, but before she could do anything she tripped on a fallen tree branch.
Her words echoed in the grove as she fell into nothingness.

Back in Tokyo....
The Inner Senshi gathered at Rei's shrine to discuss about the time warp. Mina brought Vulpix along, much to Artemis's resentment. The little fire fox ran after Psyduck, who Ami brought. The confused duck was yelling his name at the top of his lungs making his headache bigger and bigger.
The fire fox stopped to the sound of his mistress' voice, but he bumped into Psyduck before he could completely stop. That pushed Psyduck over the limit, the duck did his confusion attack. Vulpix ducked the attack, unfortunately Serena was in the line of fire and the attack hit her before she could move.
"SERENA!" everyone screamed.
Serena fainted from the sudden burst of power. One of her odangos had come undone, other than that there was no other damage to their leader.
"Will she be alright?" Rei asked Ami.
"I think so. Psyduck hit me with that attack last week and I was out for a few hours, but with her energy she will probably wake up any minute."
Just as the words were out of Ami's mouth, Serena opened her eyes and gave a weak smile.
"I don't understand why Misty wanted to get rid of Psyduck. He seems to be a pretty strong pokemon," Serena whispered.
"Believe me, I know why she got rid of him. Are you okay?" Ami questioned.
"I'm fine. I think I feel a very bad headache starting."
"It will pass."
"Let's get the meeting started," Rei looked around. "Where is Mina?"
Mina was out in the yard scolding her pokemon.
"Vulpix, you nearly killed Serena! What did you think you were doing chasing Psyduck like that?"
"Vul, vulpix pix vul vul."
"No exceptions. Now go apologize," Mina scolded.
Everyone stared wide-eyed at Mina and Vulpix. The fire fox trotted towards Psyduck, they exchanged a few words and Psyduck nodded and patted his friend on the back. The Vulpix walked up to Serena with his tails between his legs. He looked down as he licked Serena on the cheek.
"Vul vul," he said.
"He says he is sorry Serena," Mina stated.
Serena looked at Vulpix, then she patted him on the head. The pokemon yipped and licked Serena's hand. He trotted back to Mina with a happy look on his face.
"Sorry about that, he gets too excited sometimes. Now why are we here again?" Mina asked as she sat down.
"Lately I have been feeling a disturbance in Space and Time. So this morning I was meditating, but the great fire showed me nothing. Sailor Pluto than appeared before me. She said that there was a time warp near Mt. Fuji. I suggest we go there and try to close it."
"If Sailor Pluto suggested we investigate, then we must heed her words," Luna said.
"Good, the only question is how will we get to Mt. Fuji?" Lita wondered.
"There's always the Sailor Teleport," Serena spoke up.
Artemis answered, "There is the solution for that question, but how will we find the time warp? It could be anywhere around Mt. Fuji."
"Leave that to me," Ami began to type on her mini-computer. Everyone grew silent as they waited for Ami to finish her calculations. "I got it. The time warp is three kilometers from Mt. Fuji. It is off a highway, so we should easily find it."
She snapped the computer shut and looked at Luna and Artemis.
"Alright, girls why don't you transform. Artemis and I will look to see if the coast is clear," Luna said.
The girls walked out into the yard. Luna and Artemis nodded their heads as a signal to transform. Five henshin pens were raised into the air as they girls yelled out their transformation phrases.
"Moon Crystal Power!"
"Mercury Star Power!"
"Mars Star Power!"
"Venus Star Power!"
"Jupiter Star Power!"
Five multi-colored auras filled the shrine's garden for a split second before they faded into serafukus.
"Luna. Artemis, come on!" Sailor Moon ordered.
"Vulpix come here," Venus cooed at her pokemon.
"Psyduck," Mercury sighed.
The cats and pokemon walked into the circle the Inner Senshi made. The Senshi yelled out their transformation phrases once more to boast their power for the teleport.
Five beams of light shot towards the sky, but they disappeared as quickly as they appeared.

In the not too distant future...
Ash, Misty, Brock, and their Pokemon were sleeping under the starry sky. Ash was lightly snoring in his sleep. Brock murmured quietly about beautiful girls in his dreams. Misty was still awake, she was still thinking of her friend, Ami and her Pokemon, Psyduck.
'I wonder how Ami is coping with Psyduck. I hope he hasn't done anything to ruin her studies.' She sighed and looked at the stars once more before she rolled over on her stomach.
Just as her eyes were about to close, a scream broke the silence of the night.
Ash and Brock sat up quickly.
"What's going on?" Ash asked looking around.
"Pika pika!" Pikachu was pointing to the sky.
The group looked up to see the shadow of an object falling from the sky. Ash pulled a pokeball from his belt.
"Bulbasaur go!"
The ball bounced once before it popped open to reveal the plant monster known as Bulbasaur.
"Bulbasaur use your vine whip to catch that shadow!" Ash commanded
Vines shot from the bulb on the Pokemon's back. They shot toward the sky and carefully the vines wrapped around the shadow's owner. Slowly as possible Bulbasaur brought the vines down the ground. The three friends gawked at the young aqua haired woman who was sitting on the ground.
"Whose that?!" Ash asked.
Misty noticed that she was wearing a serafuku.
"A Sailor Senshi!" Misty gasped.
The aqua haired woman looked at Misty. "My name is Sailor Neptune. Thank you for saving my life." Sailor Neptune gave a polite bow to her rescuers.
"Actually I was your rescuer! You can reward me with a kiss," Brock chimed.
Misty sweat dropped as she hit Brock on the head and carried him away.
"My name is Ash, Bulbasaur is the one who saved you."
Neptune smiled and kneeled down to pet Bulbasaur on the head.
"I'm Misty and he's Brock," Misty pointed to her bruised friend, "Pikachu is the one on Ash's head. How did you get here?"
Neptune got up and looked at everyone. "I fell into something, possibly a time warp. My friends and I were checking out an area near Mt. Fuji, I tripped and the next thing I remember was falling from sky."
"By any chance do you know any other Sailor Senshi?" Ash asked.
"I do, why?"
"That's a long story," Misty and Ash both said.
"It started about two weeks ago, while we were walking. There was this hole in the ground and...." Ash told the story, with help from Misty and Brock, about their
adventure with the Inner Senshi. He told her how Sailor Moon was mistaken for a Pokemon by Team Rocket and how Brock and Lita fell in love.
Once he was finished, Sailor Neptune's mouth was in a big O.
"That's how it all happened," Ash finished. "We never saw you in Tokyo, were you somewhere else?"
"So you know the identities of the other Sailor Senshi. Have you told anyone?"
"No, we haven't. They told us not to tell anyone," Misty said.
"Then if they trust you I can as well. No, I was not in Tokyo, my other self was on tour in another country when you came to the past."
Sailor Neptune's serafuku melted away, her civilian clothes appeared once more on her body. "In this form I am known as Michiru Kaioh. I play the violin professionally and I enjoy swimming. Can you explain this whole Pokemon thing to me? It doesn't make much sense."
"Can we tell you in the morning?" Ash complained.
Michiru looked at the sky. "Sorry! I didn't realize that it was so late for you. I can wait till morning. Good night."
Everyone settled back down, Brock was able to find a spare sleeping bag in his backpack. He tossed it to Michiru. "You can use this tonight."
"Thank you."
A few minutes later everyone was asleep, except for Michiru.

Near Mt. Fuji...
Sailor Uranus and Sailor Saturn heard Sailor Neptune scream, they rushed to where she was searching for the strange energy, but they couldn't find anything.
"Where could she have gone?" Saturn asked.
"The energy we felt may have something to do with it," Uranus replied.
"There's something coming toward us, I think it's the Inner Senshi," Saturn cried.
"Why are they here?"
""Probably the same reason as us."
Five glowing figures materialized into the grove. The figures held hands, the glowing ceased after a few seconds. The Inner Senshi dropped the circle, then they looked around at their surroundings. Sailor Moon caught sight of Saturn and Uranus.
"Hi, I thought you were on tour with Michiru," Sailor Moon walked towards them.
Uranus gave a small smile. "We just got back a few hours ago."
"Sorry to interrupt you two," Mars spoke up, "But we need to find the time warp and close it."
"Time warp? So that was the energy I felt," Saturn said.
"Neptune must have fallen into it!" Uranus exclaimed.
Mercury looked at Uranus. "If she fell into the time warp anything could happen to her. She could be in another time or even another dimension." Sailor Mercury touched her light blue earring. Her VR visor appeared over her eyes. "I think I can find it, that way we can get her back."
"No, I can't feed you right now."
Saturn and Uranus stared at the giant duck in Mercury's arms.
"What is that thing?" Saturn asked.
"That's Psyduck. We had a little adventure with his former owner," Mercury sighed.
"Adventure?" Uranus raised an eyebrow.
"Too make a long story short," Jupiter began, "Three people came from the future bearing monsters that they capture in balls and train them. Their enemy, Team Rocket, captured Sailor Moon mistaking her for one of these monsters known as Pokemon. We were able to save her with the help of the Pokemon trainers Ash, Misty, and Brock. I finally found a boy I liked and Mercury and Venus got Pokemon."
"Where's Venus's pokemon?" Vulpix answered Uranus's question by jumping into her arms.
"I forgot to mention that they can only say their names,' Jupiter added.
"He's kind of cute."
"Mercury have you found the warp hole yet?" Venus asked.
"Yes, if you go ten steps from where you are standing, Venus, you will find the time warp," Mercury stated.
The Senshi watched Venus as she walked ten steps, just before the tenth step Venus tripped on a tree branch and disappeared before she could fall over.
"Where did she go?!" Sailor Moon asked everyone.
Mercury scanned the area once more, she touched her earring once more and the visor disappeared. "She fell into the time warp, the only way to get her back is to follow her."
"VUL!" Before anyone could stop him, Vulpix dived headfirst into the invisible time warp.
"If that pokemon isn't afraid neither am I!"
Sailor Uranus ran towards the warp, following Vulpix's example she dived headfirst into it. Saturn just shrugged and carefully walked straight into the warp. One by one all of the senshi, cats, and pokemon went into the hole leaving the past behind.

In the not too distant future...
Once more a scream broke the silence of the night. Ash was the first one to hear it this time and he looked up. His eye grew wide as a figure landed on top of him.
"Get off me!" Ash yelled.
"What is it this time?" Misty yawned.
"Something fell from the sky and landed on me!"
"Are you alright?" Michiru awoke to the yelling.
"What's happening?" Brock muttered.
"Michiru?" a voice asked.
Michiru threw off her sleeping bag, so she could help her fallen friend. She embraced Sailor Venus in a hug. "I'm so glad you're here. Does Haruka know I'm here? How did I get here? And most important what is going on?" Michiru slurred her words together from her excitement.
"Mina?" Brock repeated the name. "Sailor Venus!"
"I got here by a time warp and don't ask me how that appeared."
As everyone looked up another shadow fell from the sky. This one landed in Venus's arms and began to lick her face.
"Vulpix stop that," Venus laughed.
"Uh, guys I don't think that's the last of the shadows," Ash said.
"What do you mean?" Misty looked up the sky. "I think it's raining Sailor Senshi."
The Senshi fell from the sky one by one. When Uranus saw Michiru they embraced one another. Ash used Bulbasaur's vine whip to grab the senshi before they hit the ground. After the chaos died down, introductions and greetings were shared. Misty was glad to see Sailor Mercury and Psyduck again. Brock and Jupiter exchanged secret smiles with one another. Ash was drooling over Sailor Mars, who was petting Bulbasaur.
The night was slowly giving away to the dawn. The sun burst over the camp, blinding everyone. The Senshi changed back into their civilian clothes, to be more comfortable.
"Since the day has already begun, I'll make breakfast!" Brock cheerfully said.
He began to dig things out of his backpack, throwing everything he needed over his shoulder. Lita watched wide-eyed as her supposed boyfriend completed his task.
"Do you mind if I help?" she asked.
"Let her help Brock," Rei said. "She's a whiz in the kitchen and can make nearly anything."
The two went off into their own world full of cooking supplies and food.
"We should figure out what to do. Now that you guys are here that kind of changes everything. We should try to find a way to get you back home," Misty said.
"We're in no hurry to get home," Hotaru chimed.
"We are heading towards Pallet Town, my home town. We were going to stay with my mom. I don't think she would mind the extra company," Ash smiled at everyone.
"Are you sure? We don't want to be a bother," Serena replied.
"Breakfast is ready!" Brock and Lita yelled before Ash could reply.

5 hours later...
Serena and Rei nearly collapsed from the heat. For the past five hours they had been walking toward Pallet town, where they would be staying until they could find a way home. Lita and Brock were talking nonstop about cooking and Pokemon. Artemis and Luna rode in Misty's backpack, escaping the long grueling walk. Michiru and Haruka whispered between themselves about the strange place they were in. Hotaru was carrying Pikachu and talking to Ash.
"Are we there yet?" Serena complained for the millionth time.
"Nope, we still have a few more kilometers to go," Ash explained to her.
"Why did we agree to even go with you?" Serena grumbled.
"Well you could have stayed in the woods, where there are wild pokemon. There's Caterpies, Weedles, Butterfrees, Kakunas, and any other bug pokemon you can think off," Misty explained.
Ami, who was carrying Psyduck, put her pokemon down and got out her mini computer. "According to my calculations, we only have a half an hour before we arrive at Pallet Town."
"How do you know that?" Mina peered over Ami's shoulder.
"When Ash, Misty, and Brock came to our time, Misty showed me a map of her time. I was able to download it into my computer."
"Hopefully we won't run into Team Rocket again," Rei said.
"Don't say that!" Brock yelled.
Rei looked at him. "What? Don't say Team Rocket?"
"We have gone two weeks without having to deal with Team Rocket. If you say their names that will jinx everything!" Brock was taking deep breaths to calm down.
They continued to walk toward Pallet Town. Three figures in trench coats were hiding in the trees along the path. Yes, it was Team Rocket; recently they just came from orbit around planet Earth and were once more trying to get Pikachu. One of them held up three fingers to count down till they attacked the travelers.
"Are we there yet?" Serena complained again.
Serena nearly jumped out of her skin when everybody yelled. The three figures in trench coats jumped in front of the travelers and threw the trench coats to the ground.
"Prepare for trouble!"
"Make that double!"
"To protect the world from devastation."
"To unit all people with our nation."
"To denounce the evils of truth and love."
"We haven't even gotten to the good part yet," James whined.
"Hand over your Pokemon or suffer the consequences!" Jesse ordered.
"Can I take care of these idiots?" Mina asked.
"Be my guest," Ash told her.
"Mina, let me do it," Hotaru smiled.
Jesse, James, and Meowth looked at Ash and his friends.
"It's them!" Jesse hissed.
"My sweet lovely black Luna is here!" Meowth began to dance around with hearts in his eyes.
"Serena is here was well!" James ran toward Serena, but before he could get there Lita and Haruka blocked his way.
"Silence Glaive Surprise!"
The attack was aimed at Team Rocket, before they could even counterattack they were flying over the horizon yelling their usual motto about revenge.
Hotaru changed back into her regular clothes and smiled at Ash. "That is the easiest enemy I have ever fought."
"You should have used your forbidden attack to get rid of them," Rei grinned.
"That would also destroy this time and place," Hotaru walked on as Ash gaped at her.
The half an hour passed by quickly; Pikachu was asleep on Hotaru's shoulder. Vulpix had also fallen asleep in Mina's arms. Psyduck was dreaming and every few minutes he let out a content "psy". Pikachu woke up from his nap still tired. He looked down the path; his little black eyes lit up when they saw what was before him.
"PIKA! Pike pika pikachu!"
Ash looked to where his pokemon was pointing. "Hey we're here. I'm home!"
Everyone looked up at their excited friend. "Come on, my mom will make us something to eat and then I can show you my other pokemon at Professor Oak's!"
Ash ran down the path, leaving everyone else in his dust.
"Someone seems to be a little too excited," Rei mumbled.
"He always gets like this when he's home," Misty answered.
The Senshi and Pokemon trainers entered Pallet Town with very little enthusiasm. Misty and Brock led the way to Ash's house. When they got to there, Ash was no where in sight. A clown was wearing an apron and sweeping the front walk, it was singing "Mime, mime, mime, mime, mime." It saw everyone and dropped its broom with a loud clatter.
"Is there someone out here Mimey?"
A women with light brown hair in a ponytail opened the screen door. She was holding a yellow dishcloth, when she saw everyone she gave them a smile.
"Misty and Brock! It's so good to see you again; Ash is inside eating some lunch. Why don't you join him? Who are your new friends?"
"Hi Mrs. Ketchum. The girls are Serena, Ami, Rei, Mina, Lita, Michiru, Haruka, and Hotaru," Misty said in one breath. "The two cats in my backpack are Luna and Artemis."
"I'm so glad to meet you. If you are friends of Ash you are welcome to join us. Please come in." Mrs. Ketchum opened the screen door for them and one by one the walked inside. Misty led them to the kitchen, where Ash was eating a hot dog and salad.
"Hi guys, what took you so long?"
"Maybe if you hadn't run off like that we would have gotten here faster!" Misty yelled at Ash.
Mr. Mime came into the room carrying plates of food for the guests. He placed them down on the table and everyone began to eat.
"Why do they call him Mr. Mime?" Haruka asked.
"Mr. Mime!" The pokemon made an invisible box around Haruka.
"That's cute," She rose out of chair and hit the top of the box. "OW! Get me out of this thing."
Ash stifled giggle, "Mom can you tell Mr. Mime to let Haruka go?"
"Mimey let Haruka out of the box. It's not very nice to do that."
They ate in silence for a few minutes; Michiru gazed around the room till her eyes met with Misty's. She gave small smile at the orange haired girl, and then she glanced over at Haruka who was still rubbing the bump on her head.
"Are all pokemon like this?" Michiru asked Misty.
"No, there are tons of different types. Mr. Mime is a psychic pokemon, other pokemon have different types of elemental influences. Some trainers like to stick with a certain element, for instance I specialize in water pokemon, Brock is an expert in ground and rock pokemon. Ash, well he is uh..."
"I'm an expert at all pokemon!"
"No, you're not! You just have experience with different types of pokemon, if it weren't for your PokeDex you wouldn't know what to do half the time!"
The two began to quarrel; the subject changed from Misty's bicycle to Ash being lazy and stupid.
"Are they always like this?" Lita asked.
Brock sighed, "They can be a whole lot worse."
"I was wondering who this Professor Oak is," Ami questioned.
"He is a very renowned professor in Pokemon. He gives local beginner trainers their first pokemon to start them out in the Pokemon League. He owns quite a large amount of pokemon and he studies them with great care," Ash's mom said.
This time Rei had a question, "What is the Pokemon League?"
"Certain trainers who are the best in their field of Pokemon are chosen be leader of gyms. I myself am the gym leader of Pewter City; my father has taken on my role as gym leader for awhile. You have to beat the gym leader to earn a badge, which means that you can go onto the next level. There are usually eight badges in one league and you have to collect all eight to challenge the Elite Four, who the best of the best and are the masters of the Pokemon League. If you are able to beat the Elite Four you are the Pokemon Champion of the world. Only a few people have been able to do it though," Brock finished.
"Sound like fun. How many badges do you have Ash?" Hotaru asked.
Ash stopped fighting with Misty and opened his vest to reveal eight shiny badges.
"Wow, are you going to challenge the Elite Four?" Hotaru gaped.
"I will, but I am taking a vacation first, besides I want to train my Pokemon before I challenge them."
Serena pushed her plate away, "When are we going to go meet him?"
"Right now if you want to," Ash said.
Everyone got up and pushed their chairs in. Mr. Mime came out of the kitchen and cleared away all of the plates, he stuck his tongue out at Haruka.
Ash led them to house on that looked normal enough. Ash ran the doorbell, the tone chimed inside the house. While they waited for someone to answer the door, a two- headed bird appeared behind on of the trees. No one noticed it, but it did notice Serena's hair. It's eyes lit up and it made a dash for the odangos.
"Doduo!" it squawked.
One of the bird's beaks had Serena' s hair in it, the other had was trying to make beeline back for its tree.
"Let go you dumb bird!"
Brock and Haruka began to pull Serena, but Doduo's clamped its other beak on her hair and it seemed to be winning, until the door opened revealing an old man in a white lab coat.
"Doduo let that girl go at once!" the man yelled.
"Doduo!" The bird let go and ran off before it got into anymore trouble.
"Sorry about that miss. That bird has been acting quite strange for awhile. Is your hair alright?"
"Yes, it's fine. I just lost a few strands, that's all."
The man scanned the group on his doorstep. He noticed that Ash, Misty, and Brock were among them. Two of them were carrying pokemon, which he recognized as Brock's and Misty's pokemon.
"Hello, Ash, Misty, and Brock. It's nice to see you all again, but who are your friends?"
Once more Misty introduced everyone in single breath. Professor Oak greeted all of them and invited them inside. He showed them to a sitting room, where he motioned for them to take a sit.
"Let me guess, Ash, you came here to see how Krabby, Muk, and your Tauros are doing, correct?"
"Yeah, also my friends wanted to meet you as well."
"They're kind of new to the concept of Pokemon training," Misty added.
"New? Two of them seem to have pokemon already."
"I don't exactly train Psyduck, he is more of a companion," Ami said.
"More like a mistake," Mina whispered to Rei.
"I gave Vulpix to Mina, because Vulpix wouldn't leave her," Brock stated.
"I thought you would never part with Vulpix, Brock, after all a girl gave her to you," Prof. Oak replied.
"WHAT?!" Lita glared at Brock. "Do you still have something going on with this girl?"
"No, nothing. She just couldn't take care of Vulpix, so she gave him to me. Really that's the truth," Brock stammered.
"It better be."
Prof. Oak just stared blankly at Lita and Brock. "Okay. Ash, if you and your friends follow me I will show you my facilities.

After the tour, everyone found an area, which they liked most. Michiru, Ami, and Misty loved the artificial lake with the aquatic pokemon. Haruka was taught how to groom a Ponyta and Rapidash without getting scorched. Lita fell in love with a Jolteon, while Rei was interested in a stray Gastly. Somehow a Clefairy was among Prof. Oak's collection and Serena took a quick liking to it. Mina found a Ninetails and instantly Vulpix began to play with it. Hotaru and a Cubone became friends as well.
Soon the day grew into night and the Senshi and Pokemon trainers had to leave Prof. Oak's. He invited them to come the next day. As they left the house and walked back to Ash's place, they talked of about the pokemon, who befriended them.
Little to their knowledge, they were being watched by three figures in trench coats.
(AN: Suspense builds. I wonder who they could be? ::gasp::)

Next Morning...
Our heroes woke up ready to see the pokemon again. After breakfast with Mr. Mime, who didn't encase Haruka in an invisible box, they set off to Prof. Oak's Pokemon Research Center. Just as they arrived at the Research Center a red convertible pulled up in front of the house. Haruka's jaw dropped as she saw the beautiful machine. A boy with semi-spiky brown hair jumped out of the car, four girls in cheerleading uniforms began to cheer. "Gary, Gary, he's our man if he can't do it. No one can!"
The Senshi and Pokemon trainers sweat-dropped.
"Who is that?" Mina asked. Vulpix began to growl.
"That would be Gary, Ash's rival. He's always where we least want him to be," Misty said.
Pikachu's cheeks sparked from anger, when he saw Gary. The boy noticed Ash and his friends, but he didn't recognize the eight girls with him. He walked over to Ash with a smug look on his face.
"Hey Ash, did you finally decide to resign form the Pokemon League and make space for the winners like me?" Gary sneered.
"What are you doing here?" Ash snapped.
"Why shouldn't I be here?" After all Prof. Oak is my grandfather." He noticed Michiru. "Who are your friends? Are they here to give you tips on Pokemon training?"
"What an idiot," Rei whispered to Ami.
"Just who do you think you are?!" Serena stepped forward. "What gives you the right to insult us and Ash like that?!"
"It's a free country. What's with your hair?" Gary looked at Serena. "It looks like you have a bunch of odangos on your head."
"Let me at him!"
Rei and Hotaru restrained Serena from attacking Gary.
Gary turned to Michiru, "Why don't you come with me and I'll show you my pokemon. All you need to do is ditch these losers."
Michiru's face turned into a scowl, she then slapped Gary across the face. "How dare you insult my friends like that! I would never abandon my friends for a jerk like you."
Gary was in shock, "How could a girl resist me? I am the best Pokemon trainer in the world." He walked back to the crowd of girls who were giving Michiru the death glare.
"What an ego maniac," Lita said.
"Shall we go now?" Brock held his arm out to Lita.
"That would be a good idea," Ami replied.
Ash turned to Michiru with a smile of triumphant on his face. "You are one of the first people to tell Gary off. Now he won't bug me for awhile! Michiru you rule!"
The aqua haired senshi smiled at him and took Haruka's arm. Everyone walked up the steps that led to the Research Center. Once more they rang the door bell and instead of Prof. Oak answering a giant mud puddle answered it. The mud puddle saw Ash and quickly covered him in a slimy hug.
"Muk get off me!"
"Is that another pokemon?" Serena inquired.
"Yeah, this is my Muk. I don't use him very often, but he is one of my best Pokemon."
Prof. Oak then came to the door followed by a very giant crab.
"Krabby!" The crab pokemon joined the slimy hug, which resulted in the pokemon fainting from the stench.
"Krabby are you okay?" Ash picked up Krabby and gently shook it.
"He'll be okay Ash, he always does that. Are all of you here to see the pokemon again or are you just here to train?" Prof. Oak looked at the crowd before him.
"Probably a little of both. I think my friends want to see more of the pokemon, right?"
Ash looked at everyone.
"That would be great! I want to see more of the electric pokemon," Lita smiled.
Once more Prof. Oak led them through his house to the Pokemon units in his backyard. "Remember not to annoy the pokemon, if you do they will attack, which might cause a chain reaction of different pokemon to attack."
The Pokemon Professor walked back into his house to finish his morning meal.
"Should we go our separate ways?" Hotaru asked.
"Why not? Let's meet back here around lunchtime," Brock said cheerfully.
"Okay, come on Brock!" Lita dragged Brock, who had hearts in his eyes, away from the group and they headed toward the electric pokemon area.
"I am going to check on my Tauros. Hotaru do you want to come?" Ash turned to the purple haired girl.
"Sure, but first can we search for the Cubone I met yesterday?"
"Fine, come one."
Ash and Hotaru wandered away in search of Hotaru's Cubone. Pikachu followed behind them yelling his name. Misty scowled as she watched them leave.
"Dumb Ash. He still owed me a bike, dumb trainer thinks he's better than me," Misty muttered under her breath.
"Did you say something Misty?" Ami looked quizzically at her friend.
"No, nothing. Want to go to the lake again?"
"Psyduck! Psy psy duck duck psy."
"I think Psyduck is eager to go to the lake as well," Ami smiled.
Haruka and Michiru were quietly whispering between themselves. Haruka kissed Michiru on the cheek, and then she walked off toward the stables. Michiru watched her lover's back as she walked away.
"Michiru would you like to come with us?" Misty asked.
She turned around to look at Ami and Misty, "I was about to ask you that. Haruka seems to have fallen in love with the fire horses. I think she wants to try and ride one. That girl really loves speed."
Rei's Gastly appeared and began to make funny faces behind Rei's back.
"Rei, I think you have a guest," Serena giggled.
"What?" She turned around, but Gastly disappeared. She raised one of her eyebrows. She pulled one of her ofudas out her pocket and began to chant. The ofuda snapped out of her hand and stuck to the invisible Gastly's face.
The pokemon dropped from the air and fell to the ground. Rei knelt down beside it.
"Never ever sneak up on a priestess." Rei picked up the ghost pokemon; she disappeared as she walked off toward the physic unit.
"What happened?" Mina stuttered.
Misty turned around, "That happens sometimes, Gastly's powers effected Rei and they made her invisible. We're going to they lake want to come?"
"No thanks. I'm just going to look around, maybe find that Ninetales again," Mina said.
"I am going to look for the Clefairy." Serena waved good-bye to her friends as she went in search for the moon pokemon. The trio of water lovers left before Mina could say good-bye to them.
"Well Vulpix, it looks like we're on our own again. I just hope Mrs. Ketchum doesn't spoil Artemis and Luna."
Just as Mina left the three figures in trench coats appeared.
"Prepare for trouble!"
"Make that double!"
"To protect the world from devastation."
"To unit all people within our nation."
"Hey you guys?" Meowth began.
"What is it this time you little rodent?! Can't you see we're in the middle of our speech?" Jesse bopped her mascot on the head.
"There's no one here."
"What?" James and Jesse looked around.
"Where did my darling Salimon go?"
Jesse bopped James in the head. "Will you stop pining for that dumb blonde?!"
Team Rocket turned their heads to look at Mina's fire fox.
"Hey, isn't that Brock's Vulpix?" James asked.
"No, he gave it to Sailor Venus, remember?" Jesse snapped.
"Well it's ours now." Meowth tried to grab the little pokemon.
The fire fox threw his flame-thrower at Team Rocket; it blasted them out of the Research Center. Vulpix gave a satisfied nod and trotted back to Mina.

While Team Rocket was being blasted into orbit, Serena had found her Clefairy, but it wouldn't stop long enough for her to catch it. Every time it did stop, it would wait for Serena to be a few steps from it; then Serena would lunge at the Clefairy. It would jump away and laugh at its friend. Serena was fed up after the tenth mouth full dirt, she dusted her shorts off and she began to walk away, but the Clefairy stood in her way.
"Clefairy, clefairy clefairy." It motioned for her to follow. Serena just shrugged her shoulders and followed the bouncing moon pokemon.
After a little hiking, the moon pokemon led her into a glen surrounded by trees. A small brook danced in the mid-morning sun, Serena took off her shoes and put her feet in the cool water.
"Is this what you wanted to show me?" she asked.
The pokemon shook its head, it began to chant its name and move from side to side. Pink faces began to appear from behind the trees and rocks. The Clefairys danced around Serena; a few carried a small green rock in their hands.
"This must be your family," Serena smiled.
The Clefairy that led Serena to the glen put a daisy chain on her head. Then it handed her one of the green rocks and it began to glow as soon as Serena touched it.
"What is this? It feels familiar somehow," she turned to her Clefairy. "Is there anyway you can tell me where this is from?"
The pokemon nodded and pointed to the sky. As Serena looked up the stone in her hand glowed once more, her civilian clothes melted away from her body to her blue and red serafuku.
"It comes from the moon, doesn't it?"
All of the pokemon nodded and the danced around her, Sailor Moon sighed in happiness.

At the lake, Misty was able to find three bathing suits in her bag. She handed one to Michiru and Ami. "I hope these fit. I think that one will fit you Michiru, my sister gave it to me, but it's too big. Also you'll probably the same size as me Ami, so one of mine will fit you."
The girls were able to change in a nearby storage shed. After they changed Misty took her pokeballs from her bag and let all of her pokemon out. Psyduck was overjoyed to see his companions again.
"Sometimes I wonder if I made the right decision in taking him," Ami sighed.
"Believe me you did," Misty supported her. "He may be a hand full, but he is a wonderful pokemon.
"Then why did you give him to me?"
Before Misty could reply Michiru tripped over something in the water, she went under. When she came back up again, she held a something over her head.
"What is it Michiru?" Ami asked.
"Some kind of clam, I think." Michiru peered into the creature's face. Black ink squirted out of the creature's mouth dyeing her face black. The Senshi of the Sea threw the object back in to the water, so she could wipe her eyes.
"What the heck is that thing?!" Michiru's snapped.
"That is a Shellder, it was scared of you, so it sprayed you with ink," Misty stifled a giggle.
Michiru got a smug look on her face and she dove under the water. Misty suddenly went under the water, leaving a confused Ami behind.
"She'll be up in a minute," Ami sweat-dropped.
Misty came up out of the water spiting water out of her mouth. Michiru came up after her laughing.
"Ha ha ha," Misty said as her eye twitched.
"That's what you get for laughing at me," Michiru gave an evil grin.
"Horsea water gun!"
Misty's pokemon shot out of the water and aimed its attack at Michiru. Ami sweat-dropped once more and swam away from her feuding friends.
The fight quickly died down and the three began to relax in the water.
"How long do you think you will be in this time?" Misty asked.
"I don't know, probably until we are able to persuade Serena to use the crystal, but I am not in a hurry," Michiru murmured.
"I have some schoolwork to finish, but nothing to serious," Ami said.
A Seel popped out of the water and swam over to Michiru.
"Seel seel." It clapped its fins together and it swam under Michiru's arm.
"What are you doing, little guy?" Michiru smiled.
"I think it likes to," Ami said.
"Go ahead and swim with it. Prof. Oak won't mind," Misty stated.
The Seel allowed Michiru to grasp its horn, then it plunged into the water. Psyduck grabbed Ami's arm, to her surprise, and he led her out to Prof. Oak's other water pokemon. Misty followed Ami with her pokemon. The water pokemon were very interested Ami and Michiru. The pokemon led the trio of water lovers around the lake. The Shellder, that had sprayed Michiru earlier on, floated to the surface and attached itself to Michiru's leg.
"I think it loves you," Ami laughed.
Michiru splashed her fellow senshi, which stunned Ami for a minute. The blue haired girl quickly splashed her friend back. A water fight soon broke out, and the pokemon gave each other odd looks as the human girls fought with one another.

While the water fight was taking place at the lake, Haruka was enjoying her time at the stables. Haruka was grooming a Rapidash, when Prof. Oak came up behind her.
"I see you have taken a liking to one of the fastest pokemon on Earth."
The masculine female looked at him; "You race these pokemon?"
"Only one or two of the Ponyta and Rapidash have raced, but that doesn't mean they are slow. The one you are grooming right now is the fastest one in the stable."
"Interesting. Do you mind if I ride her?" Haruka patted the fire pokemon's nose.
"Sure, as long as she allows you to. Rapidash won't even let me ride her. Have you ever ridden before?"
"Once or twice."
"It is your choice, let me help you saddle her."
Prof. Oak showed Haruka how to the saddle and bridle Rapidash. Prof. Oak put a lead rope on her bridle and led her outside.
"Try to stay around the stable, until you two get used to each other. If you can't handle her I'll help you find another one to ride. Be careful," Prof. Oak warned.
"I'll be fine, if she is built for speed I can handle her," Haruka stated.
She put her right foot into the stirrup and she swung her left leg over Rapidash's side. Haruka picked up the reins and gently tugged on them. She put pressure on Rapidash's side to take her into a light walk. The fire horse snorted as it went into a steady pace. The Senshi of the Sky smiled to herself, pokemon and rider walked around the stables a few times.
"That was good for a warm-up," she said to her mount, "but let's go a little faster."
She motioned for Rapidash to go into a light trot, but the fire horse would not obey her command. Instead it shot into canter and left the safety of the stable and ran out into the meadow.
"Rapdiash! Stop!" Haruka dug her heels into the fire horse's side from the excitement. Rapidash bucked and kicked as she tried to get Haruka off her back. Haruka was staying on her bucking mount, but the reins were slipping from her grasp.
Rapidash had enough of her rider; once more she bucked and clawed at the sky. "Oh-no!" Haruka flew over the horse's head and landed in grass making a flock of Pidgeys take to the sky.
The fire pokemon galloped around the field a few times before it stopped. Haruka was flat on the ground; she got up and dusted herself off. She and her rival exchanged glances from across the field.
"No one. I mean no one makes a fool of me. Rapidash I will ride you if it is the last thing I do!"
Haruka walked over to the fire horse and mounted her once more; Rapidash remained calm for a moment. Then she shot off into a canter, this time Haruka was prepared.
"Not this time!" Haruka grasped the reins tight enough, so that they wouldn't get on her mount's nerves. For the next twenty minutes Rapidash tried to throw Haruka off her back. She finally grew tired of bucking and running around in circles.
"Rapidash," the fire horse nickered.
"You're tired, I am going to get off you so you can get a drink and cool down. Do you promise not to run off?"
Rapidash reluctantly nickered. "Good." Haruka got off Rapidash and led her to a small pond full of Magikarp and Goldeens.
After the fire horse drank her fill of water and rested a bit, she allowed Haruka to mount her again. "Your muscles are already warmed up, but let's take it slow at first."
After then minutes of trotting in a small circle around the pond, Rapidash snorted in disgust about the slow pace. "So you want to go faster?" Haruka smiled. "As long as you don't throw me off again you can run till your heart is content."
Haruka braced herself for sudden speed, not a moment later the fire horse shot off like a bullet. She galloped away from the pond and through the fields, startling quite a few pokemon.
Rapidash was beginning to glow from the excitement. A red aura surrounded her and Haruka making her mane and tail blaze from the energy surging through her body. Haruka had never felt such speed in her life, even when she was on the race track going as fast as her car could handle, she had never felt like she was actually flying. But this, this was pure freedom and energy. It felt like they would break the sound barrier any minute. Rapidash circle back and headed back to stables. The red aura began to fade as they neared Rapidash's home.
Prof. Oak saw them coming and went out to greet them. "I see you were able to ride Rapidash. How was it?"
Haruka dismounted and took a deep breath. Everything felt heavy; her bones felt like lead plates and she nearly fell over. "I can't describe it," she said to Prof. Oak.

Hotaru and Ash walked down a path that led to the paddock where Ash's Tauros were kept. Hotaru's Cubone had found them, so they didn't have to look long. Cubone and Pikachu walked behind the couple talking in the pokemon language that only they could understand.
Hotaru looked over her shoulder to look at the pokemon. "Is there anyway people can understand them?" she asked Ash.
"Meowth, that pokemon you blasted into orbit, can speak the human language and translate for other pokemon. Here we are!"
A bunch of bulls with three tails were in a paddock. Some of them were munching on grass, while others just stared at each other.
"You caught all of these?" Hotaru looked at Ash.
"Yeah, I got them in the Safari Zone in Fuchsia City."
She gave him an odd look, "Safari Zone? What is that?"
"It's a Pokemon preserve, where trainers can go and catch wild pokemon."
"Did you get Pikachu at the Safari Zone?"
"No, Prof. Oak gave him to me. Every trainer has a pokemon they start out with."
"Wow," she gazed at the Tauros once more. "Do they do anything else?"
"They stampede if they feel like they are in danger."
The stillness around the paddock was shattered by three screams coming from the sky.
"What is that?" Ash looked up.
The screams were coming from a black dot, which was heading in their direction.
"For some reason that dot looks familiar," Hotaru squinted at the medium sized dot.
A few seconds later the dot turned into three figures, they landed in the Tauros paddock. One of them looked up and saw a Tauros munching grass in front of her face. The figure screamed again. Ash, Hotaru, Pikachu, and Cubone sweat-dropped.
"It looks like Team Rocket is back again," Hotaru sighed.
James helped Jesse to her feet, "Is it just me or do these pokemon seem familiar?" James said.
Jesse turned around and saw Hotaru in front of her. "You! You'll pay for sending us into orbit." She pulled two balls from her pocket. "Now you'll pay! Arbok! Lickitung! Go!"
A giant cobra and a pink monster with a big tongue shot out of the balls.
"James you too!"
"Victreebel! Weezing! Go!"
A craggy ball jointed with two other balls came out and a huge yellow Venus Fly Trap joined it. Victreebel immediately swallowed James's head. This time Meowth and Jesse sweat-dropped.
"Okay you little brat, it's time to meet you doom!"
Hotaru whispered to Ash, "Should I transform?"
"No, if they want to fight we'll do it the their way. Piakchu tundershock!"
The yellow mouse's red cheeks began to sputter with electricity. A huge volt of yellow lightening bolts shot from his cheeks and at the enemy. Cubone didn't want Pikachu to have all of the fun, so he threw his bone club at Weezing.
"Arbok poison sting! Lickitung use your wrap attack!"
James ordered Weezing to do something, but his voice was too muffled inside of Victreebel.
"Finish them off Pikachu! Thunderbolt!"
Cubone threw his bone club like a boomerang and finished off Weezing. Arbok and Lickitung fainted from the sudden shock of electricity. Jesse held out her two balls and ordered her pokemon to return. Victreebel finally let go of James's head, so he was able to command his pokemon to return to their balls.
"Now its time for a real pokemon to show these twerps how it's done! Scratch attack!"
Meowth jumped into the air as he extended his claws, Pikachu and Cubone both hit him with their attacks before he was even close enough to harm Hotaru and Ash.
"You'll pay for attacking me, you brats!" Meowth held a paw to his eye.
"Cubone!" Hotaru's Cubone jumped into the air. His bone club glowed from the energy surrounding; he then threw the bone at Team Rocket. When the energy from the bone touched the ground it exploded making Tem Rocket blast off again.
"Looks like Team Rocket is blasting off again!"
"That's the second time we have had to deal with them," Ash sighed.
"They're like a mosquito you can never seem to get rid of," Hotaru said.
The Cubone jumped into her arms and gave her a small hug.
"I think you made a new friend Hotaru," Ash exclaimed.
The two walked off leaving the Tauros behind.

"Hey, Brock over here!" Lita yelled at the rock Pokemon trainer.
"What is it this time?" He ran over to the girl who actually liked him.
She held a pokeball shaped pokemon in her hands.
"Lita put that down! It's a Voltorb! If it gets annoyed it will shock you."
"It seems to like me," Lita grinned.
"Nearly every pokemon we have met today has liked you," Brock said.
Lita put the Voltorb on the ground and it rolled away into the bushes. Lita dusted her hands off and she turned to face Brock.
"We have been over the entire electric pokemon area, correct?"
"Yes, do you want to go back to meet the others or do you want to look around the Research Center some more?"
"I don't care, you decide."
Brock thought for a moment as Lita sat down on a rock. The rock moved startling Lita. She jumped and Brock caught her, grinning because she was startled.
"Geodude," the rock said as it disappeared into the bushes.
"Don't you have the pokemon?" Lita said to Brock.
"Yeah, it's right here." He pulled out a pokeball and threw it to the ground. Another Geodude popped out of the ball.
"Do you still have that giant rock snake and the blue bat?"
"Zubat and Onix, they're right here." Brock pulled out two more pokeballs and Onix and Zubat came out.
Onix remembered Lita; he lowered his head down, so she could pet it. Zubat flew over to Lita's shoulder. Geodude got bored, so he began to pound on a tree.
"Hey I have an idea!" Brock said.
"It's nearly noon, so we should head back to the meeting spot. But you don't want to walk do you?"
"Not really, my feet are starting to hurt and wouldn't mind if we did have a ride," Lita gave Brock a queer look.
Brock climbed onto Onix's head and held a hand out to Lita. "Come one, it's perfectly safe. I've done it a million times."
"If you say so..."
Lita grasped Brock's hand and he pulled her up. Onix raised his head and waited for Geodude and Zubat to get on his back. Lita grew a little dizzy from the height. Suddenly Onix jerked to a start and he was off on the path to the Research Center.
Lita held onto Brock's arm, which made Brock blush.
"At least it's not an airplane..." Lita muttered.
"What?" Brock looked at her.
"Oh, sorry. My parents died in a plane crash, so ever since then I have been afraid of airplanes. Since we are up high it kind of reminded me of an airplane, but at least we are on the ground."
Brock motioned for Onix to keep going straight; Lita leaned her head against his shoulder. Brock blushed once more, he put his arm around her, but Lita quickly pushed it off.
"Don't even think about doing that again," she threatened.
Brock nodded and Lita put her head against his shoulder again. Lita's looked up at the sky and she pointed to a small black dot in the distance.
"What is that?" she asked.
"Probably a bird pokemon."

Rei walked down the path that led to the psychic pokemon facility. She was still invisible to anyone who walked by, including Ash's rival, Gary, who was looking for his grandfather. Gastly finally reawakened and he pulled the ofuda off his face.
"Right, I'm taking you back to your friends and after that I am leaving you alone," Rei said with a hint of annoyance in her voice.
"Gastly! Gastly gastly."
"Why are pokemon only able to say their names?"
Rei finally saw the psychic pokemon area not too far ahead of her. As they neared the abandoned building, where the ghost pokemon liked to dwell, Gastly floated out of Rei's arms and went through a wall.
"He's gone, now I can see some of the fire pokemon," she said to herself.
Before she went back to on the main path, Rei sat down under a tree to rest. The day was growing humid and cicadas buzzed all around her. Her eyes slowly drooped from the heat and soon she fell asleep.
Gastly came out of the building with another Gastly, two Haunters, and a Gengar. All of them had evil grins on their faces. Gastly floated over to the sleeping Rei and said something to his friends. Gengar's grin grew even eviler, he put a hand on Rei's head and he brought her spirit out of her body.
"What?" She looked around and noticed that her hands were transparent.
The ghost pokemon began to laugh. "What did you do to me?" They just laughed even harder. "You removed my spirit from my body and now I am a ghost, right?"
They stopped laughing, but their grins remained. Her Gastly nodded and floated over to her.
"Gastly gastly gastly."
He motioned for Rei to follow him as he went through the wall of the building. Rei was reluctant at first, but she put a single hand through. She then went through the wall, the other ghost pokemon followed.
Gastly was waiting for her when she entered the building. She felt a little weird, then she looked down. She was eight meters above the ground, floating; she gave a small shriek and the pokemon just laughed. Gastly came up behind her with a concerned look on his face.
"I'm fine. May I go back into my body now?"
The pokemon shook his head. Once more he motioned for Rei to follow him, this time he went through the roof of the building. As Rei followed Gastly, the other pokemon laughed and grabbed her pulling her through the roof.
"Let go of me!"
The ghost pokemon wouldn't listen and they flew, with Rei, over the grounds of the Research Center. They passed through a flock of Spearows, which made the bird pokemon go nuts, because they couldn't see their attacker.
Finally the pokemon let go of Rei and she was able to fly on her own. Gastly flew around her and gave her a large smile. Rei saw someone walking below them. She squinted her eyes and saw that it was Gary. An evil grin spread across her face this time.
"Gastly, do you mind if I do something?" The pokemon shook his head. "Good."
She floated down until she was hovering over Gary's head. She looked around her and noticed that a small pond.
"Help me lift him up," she told the ghosts.
Rei and her newfound friends lifted the unsuspecting pokemon trainer and they threw him into the pond.
"What?! How did this happen?" Gary's clothes were drenched. He had a scowl on his face as he turned in every direction to see who put him into the pond. One of the Haunters put a lily pad on his head.
They flew off again. They played a tricks on flying pokemon and they were able to confuse a few Ratattas. The ghosts were laughing so hard, that they didn't notice Team Rocket flying past them. Rei's stomach growled and the pokemon gave her an odd look.
"I'm hungry, it must be almost time for lunch. I think I better go back."
They ghost pokemon gave her a sad look as she flew back to their home. Her body was just as she had left it. When she returned to her physical form, she noticed that her body was very heavy. Her friends gave her a sad look as she turned and walked away. She turned around and saw Gastly behind her.
"Alright you can come," she smiled.

Mina and Vulpix were resting under a tree. They had explored most of the Research Center's grounds and they were waiting for the sun to rise in the sky, to tell them that it was noon. Vulpix was starting to fall asleep by his mistress' side, when his ears pricked up to the sound of screaming in the distance.
"What is it little guy?" Mina asked.
She then heard the screaming and she watched as a little black dot came closer to her and Vulpix. Her eyes grew round as the dot was heading in her direction. She quickly got up just as the black dot landed.
"How many more times are we going to have to blast off?" James complained.
"Shut-up! You know very well that there are rare pokemon here and if it weren't for the brat and his friends we would have stolen some pokemon by now!" Jesse yelled.
"Uh guys? We have some company," Meowth stated.
The human members of Team Rocket to see Mina and Vulpix staring at them.
"I thought Sailor Saturn took care of you guys this morning," Mina said.
"Well we came back, but your Vulpix blasted us into orbit again. Then Pikachu and a Cubone sent us here. Now we will take our revenge on you!" Meowth finished with a smile. He extended his claws and hissed at Vulpix, who scorched his face.
"I don't think so. Just give me a minute to change. Venus Star Power! MAKE-UP!"
Mina transformed into Sailor Venus; her transformation fascinated Team Rocket, who were hypnotized by the orange and yellow lights.
"Shall we finish them off Vulpix?" Mina asked her pokemon.
The fire fox barked in delight and he wagged his tales.
"Crescent Beam Shower! Vulpix do your flame-thrower attack!"
"Here we go again," James sighed.
The three were shot into the sky once more. Sailor Venus was able to hear them say their exiting speech. She detransformed and looked at the sun.
"Well it is around noon now. Let's go meet the others," she smiled.
Vulpix trotted along beside her as they went to meet their friends.

Everyone met at the meeting spot just as the clock struck noon. Haruka was the first one to arrive; she rode Rapidash at a slow gait. She patiently waited for the others arrive. Lita and Brock came next, riding in top of Onix's head. Ash and Hotaru came at the same time Michiru, Misty, and Ami did. The trio of water lovers were still wet from the water fight. Rei appeared with her Gastly, then Mina and Vulpix ran up to meet the assembled crowd. Lastly Serena came, a group of Clefairys tagged along with her.
Prof. Oak came out of his house and spoke to the group.
"I see that everyone has found something that interested them to today." He looked at Haruka. "There has been a sighting of Team Rocket in the area and I was wondering if any of you have seen them today."
"Hotaru and I were able to get rid of them, when we were checking on my Tauros," Ash said.
"And I dealt with them before I came here," Mina spoke up.
"Vulpix vul pix pix vul!"
Prof. Oak raised an eyebrow. "I think your Vulpix saw Team Rocket too."
"When I was with the ghost pokemon today, they may have been in the sky," Rei added.
"The question is, where are they now?" Brock wondered.
Before anyone could answer Gary stomped up to the group. His hair was dripping wet and his clothes were soaked. Rei and Gastly looked at each, and then they put on their best innocent acts.
"I have been insulted, smacked, and thrown into a pond. And it is all because of these people!"
"Gary, these are my guests. Don't blame them for getting you wet," Prof. Oak defended.
"I did smack him, sir. But he was acting very rude towards us," Michiru said.
"Ahem..." Everyone looked at Rei who was staring at the ground. "Gastly and I threw Gary into the pond. We didn't mean any harm, but we do not regret doing it either."
"See grandpa! Because of them I have had a bad day!"
"Gary, I think you deserved what you got."
The snotty pokemon trainer's mouth dropped open. "But but..."
"No buts, you may be my grandson, but that does not give you right to think you are better than everyone else. Now go inside and change your clothes, I want to talk to my guests some more."
Gary muttered under his breath and went inside. Prof. Oak looked at the group again with a scowl on his face.
"Thank you for humbling my grandson today. He has too much of an ego for someone his age. Now back to Team Rocket, so some of you have seen them today and now they could be anywhere."
"How about right here," Serena said.
They all turned around and she pointed to a black dot in the sky. The dot was coming closer and closer to the group.
"Not them again," Misty muttered.
"Should we transform?" Ami whispered to Haruka.
"No, I think we should handle this as it is."
Finally the dot landed, Jesse ran up to Mina, Ash, and Hotaru. Her hair was messy and out of place and her uniform was dirty and burnt form all of the attacks.
"You! All three of you and your pokemon have ruined our chances to get on the boss' good side! I'll make you pay!"
"And you never let us finish our speech!" James whined.
"Meowth is going to show you who the better pokemon is!" he said to Vulpix and Pikachu.
Jesse saw Haruka on Rapidash and went up to her. Jesse grabbed the reins from Haruka and tried to drag the fire horse back to her teammates. Rapidash's eyes began to glow and steam poured from her nostrils.
"Jesse I think you should let go of the horse," James said.
"No, this pokemon is a very hard one to catch and I will personally give it to the boss. Grab one of the Clefairys!"
James sighed he was about to take on of the Clefairys, when he saw Serena.
"Oh-no!" Serena put a hand to her head.
The moon pokemon looked at Serena and saw her discomfort. They began to move side to side saying their names.
"I think we're in trouble now," Meowth mumbled.
Suddenly all of them pokemon attacked Team Rocket. Psyduck used confusion, while Pikachu and Cubone combined their attacks. Rapidash broke free of Jesse's grip; the fire horse then used ember to heat things up. Vulpix used his flame-thrower move once more. Onix did his rock throw maneuver, causing Lita to hold onto Brock again. And Gastly caused chaos by using nightshade.
Team Rocket was badly beaten, but the Clefairys still needed to do their attack. Team Rocket began to float in the air. The teammates hugged one another as they got ready for the blow. They suddenly shot into the air and flew out of the Pokemon Research Center.
"They're finally gone!" Mina sang.

Two days later...
Sailor Pluto appeared before the Senshi and told them it was time to go home. The Senshi were getting used to life in the Pokemon world and a few of them were reluctant to leave. Some of the pokemon the Senshi had befriended didn't want to see they're friends leave either.
"Please Michiru-mama, let me keep him," Hotaru begged. She gave her adopted mother the big eye treatment, which was hard for Michiru to resist.
"No and that is final! Where would we keep Cubone? And it would be hard to pass him off as a toy."
"But Haruka-papa is keeping Rapidash."
"She is, is she." Michiru's eye twitched as she marched off to the stables.
Rei's Gastly was crying and moaning.
"I am not taking you with me Gastly." She pushed the ghost away.
"You should take him with you Rei," Lita said. "Aren't shrines supposed to be haunted?"
"Some are, but mine is not. Get off me Gastly!"
"Gastly! Gastly!"
Lita and Brock were off in their own little world. They were whispering to each other and no one could make out what they were saying.
"Serena, are you taking Clefairy with you?" Ami asked.
"Yes, I can pass him off as a stuffed animal and Luna doesn't seem to mind him at all."
"Everyone we must leave now," Sailor Pluto said.
"Michiru let me go!"
Michiru was dragging Haruka by the ear. Rapidash was following behind them; she seemed to be laughing at Haruka's humiliation.
"You are not keeping that horse, we have no place to put it. I would rather keep Hotaru's Cubone!"
"I can keep him?"
"No, Sailor Pluto can we please go home now?" Michiru looked at her friend.
Sailor Pluto held back her laughter, she raised her time staff and a time warp appeared. Brock and Lita held hands as they walked up to the time warp. First Serena went through and she waved good-bye to Ash and Misty. Mina went in next with Vulpix.
"Could you hold Gastly back?" Rei asked Ash.
"Sure," Ash smiled.
Rei patted Pikachu on the head and smiled at Misty and Ash. She waved good-bye to Brock, who didn't notice. She went through the portal as Gastly moaned some more.
"Gastly!" The ghost pokemon went through Ash's grasp and floated after Rei into the warp hole, before anyone could catch him.
"It looks like the shrine is going to be haunted now," Lita said.
"Good-bye Misty." Ami hugged her friend. "Maybe we will meet again, hopefully Team Rocket won't interfere next time."
Ami went through the time warp with Psyduck under her arm. Luna and Artemis jumped into the warp after she went through.
"I'm tired of this!" Hotaru said. She grabbed Cubone and dashed for the warp. Michiru ran after her, but she made it through.
"Is there anyway we can get that pokemon back here?" Michiru asked Pluto.
"Once someone goes through they are stuck on the other side."
Haruka was about to take Rapidash through the time warp, but Michiru plucked the reins from her hands and pushed her through.
"Bye everyone!" Michiru followed her lover.
Lita was the only one left. She kissed Brock and ran through the warp without looking back. Pluto smiled at the three Pokemon trainers and walked through the warp, sealing it.
"She's gone again," Brock cried.
"Don't worry you'll probably meet her again sooner or later," Misty patted him on the back.
"What do we do now?" Ash asked.
"You still owe me a bike, so you can buy me a new one," Misty smiled sweetly.
"Not on your life. Brock run!"
Ash ran away from Misty. Pikachu shook his head as Brock and Misty ran after Ash.
"Come back her Ash Ketchum! I want my bike!"
"Pikachu," the yellow mouse sighed. He ran after Ash as well.
Some things never change.

The End

Sailor Sirius, minus her tranquilizer gun, sat at her desk.
"Finally it's done! I can relax and be my own narrator."
As she sat back in her chair, someone knocked on the door.
"What are they doing back? I thought they all decided I was mentally insane and they never wanted to see me again."
Sirius opened the door and looked around. No one was there, she then looked down and saw a pink balloon.
Jigglypuff sat on her doorstep with his marker/microphone. His face was rumpled with anger.
"Jigglypuff! Jigglypuff! Jiggly..."
"Wait, just a minute," Sirius smiled. She walked over to her laptop and pressed a button. "Okay now you can yell at me."
"You didn't put me in the story! Team Rocket got a part and I didn't...Wait! I am talking! I am actually speaking the human language." His voice sounded like a person who had just sucked in a huge tank full of helium.
"Will you shut-up now, since I gave you the power of speech?"
"No! I want you to write the story all over again and this time..."
Sirius went over to Laptop and pressed a few more buttons. Laptop began to shake and spin. The pink balloon gave a small "eep" and he tried to run out the door.
"This is what happens, when my characters get unruly." Sirius gave an evil smile.
A whirlpool of color appeared on the screen and Jigglypuff was sucked into it. Laptop sat itself back on the desk. Jigglypuff appeared on the screen.
"Hey, let me out!" He banged on the screen and tried break his way out of cyberspace.
"I don't think so!"
Sirius pressed the save button. The pink balloon yelled as he was saved on A drive of Laptop. Sirius popped the disk out of her faithful computer and put it in her deep space pocket.
"That will come in handy when someone wants a really special Christmas present. As for you!" She turned to the readers. "You have read the story and I thank you if you have made it this far. Now I must depart! As AOL says..."

No pokemon were harmed during the making of this story. One annoying pokemon will not be bothering Ash and his friends for a very long time. I do not think anyone will miss it. Meowth did have to stay in the Pokemon Center for quite awhile; he was diagnosed with jet lag and a few minor burn marks. Jesse and James are now in jail, waiting for their boss to bust them out.

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