'The Return of Sailor V'-Part 3 (Conclusion)

The girls gasped when they saw Jen's ultimate weapon. Serena, Amy, Raye, and Lita, who were in a cage suspended 10 feet high, all said, "It's Sailor V!" "Close," said Jen. "It's a clone of Sailor V." This monster looked exactly like Sailor V, except that this Sailor V's uniform was multicolored, and its tiara had a black jewel on it. "This Sailor V can do anything you Scouts can do, only better," Jen said. "No, it can't," said the girls. "Yes it can," replied Jen. "No, it can't," the girls said again. "Yes it can, yes it can, yes it can!", Jen said angrily, jumping up and down. Jack was laughing, until Niles stepped on his foot saying, "Will you be quiet!" The 4 tele-tubbies, who were locked in an isolation booth, but within view of everything, also started jumping up and down, and saying "No, it can't; yes it can."

"It can, and I'll show you," Jen spoke, as Niles and Jack brought out a wax dummy of Sailor V. "This is the real Sailor V," Jen said, as she took out a remote control. She pushed a button. The Sailor V clone's eyes began to glow a dark shade of red. It targeted the dummy, then as it locked on, it put its hands together, with its pointer fingers held out. "Fire... Ignite!", it said, as a stream of fire hit the dummy, setting it on fire. It then quickly put its arms in a V-formation, and said, "Bubbles... Blast!" A steady flow of bubbles surrounded the dummy, which then turned into ice, freezing it. Then the clone crossed its arms in an X-formation, with its pinky and pointer fingers up. An antenna emerged from the clone's tiara. "Thunder.. Crash!", it said, as a lightning bolt went into the antenna, and shot out of the clone's fingers, as the clone spread its arms out. The lightning bolt hit the dummy of Sailor V, melting the ice, and doing more damage to it, or what was left of it. The dummy's clothes were burned, and the face was a little worse for wear. But the Sailor V clone was still in one piece, not breaking a sweat. Finally, the clone threw its tiara at the dummy. "Tiara Magic!" The tiara flew, and cut off the dummy's head. Luna said to the girls, "My goodness! That clone's got all your powers!"

Jen then pushed a button to deactivate the clone. "This is the real Sailor V, after our ultimate monster gets through with her." The wax dummy had been ultimately demolished, and melted wax was all over the floor. All three C.I.H.I.s then said, "Any questions?"

While Jack cleaned up the mess, Niles added, "After tonight, Sailor V will be history! Evil and C.I.H.I. will reign supreme, and the Dark Agency will be avenged. Crime will rise again, and nothing will stop us!" Niles looked at his watch. It was 9:50. "Sailor V will be here any minute now, boss." Jen said to the girls, "We must leave you now, but we will return shortly. In 10 minutes, we will finally be rid of the so called 'sailor-suited champion of justice', Sailor V!!!"

Serena yelled, "Hey, hold on a minute! I'm the champion of justice!" Niles, Jack, and Jen replied, "Yeah, whatever," and left. All the while, the tubbies were saying and repeating the attack phrases. "Fiya... eegnite!", said the purple tubby. "Ba-bas... blass!", said the green one. "Tun-dah... crass!", said the yellow one. "Tee-ahh-rah... mah-gic!", said the red one.

The girls couldn't help but giggle. "Say, they've got our attack phrases down pat," said Serena. The girls clapped, as the tubbies hugged and said, "Big-hug." Then Serena asked Amy, "Say, Amy, how did you end up here, anyway?" "It's a long story," Amy replied. "I was here in London to do that charity benefit; the one I told you about in my letter. At the benefit, I was about to do a speech, when all of a sudden, smoke filled the room and everyone passed out. Some guy picked me up with his huge muscular arm. I struggled to break free, but he hit me with one blow, and I lost consciousness. When I came to, I was in a cage." "But how were you able to get a signal through with your communicator? Our communicators are all solar-powered, and it's dark here," asked Raye. "You'll never guess how I did it," Amy replied. "They transferred me to the room with the tubbies. I noticed that the antennas on their heads received signals, which went into those TVs on their tummies. I then thought those antennas could also send signals as well. So I used all 4 of the tubbies's antennas to send a signal, and it worked." The tubbies in the booth waved and said "Eh-oh!" again. Serena replied, "Eh-oh again, little tubbies." The other girls just looked at Serena, with a dull look on their faces. Luna said to Amy, "Your message was faint, but we were able to understand the important parts. We were about to look for you, when a man busted in, detonated a smoke bomb, and we all passed out. When we woke up, we found ourselves here with you."

Lita then said, "Well, at least we're all together again." Raye added, "Yeah, everyone except Mina, wherever she is." Luna replied, "Artemis is also not here. I haven't seen him since we were kidnapped." Amy said, "I just hope they're okay." Serena finally added, "I wish she was here to rescue us."

Then, all of a sudden, someone yelled, "Crescent Beam... Smash!" A crescent beam then snapped the support cables. The cage fell 10 feet to the ground, with the girls and Luna still inside. But they were all okay. They looked up to see Sailor V jump down. "Sailor Venus, is that you?", Serena asked. Sailor V took off her mask. "It's me, Sailor V. You girls should be happy to see me." Serena was surprised to see her in a different uniform, and asked, "Hey, isn't that my uniform?" "No, this is an original. Haven't you noticed it, Serena, from playing all those Sailor V video games at the game center?", V said, as she put her mask back on. Raye said, "Uh, Sailor Venus, Sailor V, Mina, whoever you are, could you please release us now?" Sailor V replied, "Just hold on..."

"Hold it right there, Sailor V." It was Jen, Jack, and Niles, and they had returned. Sailor V said, "The Cunning, Insidious, and Heartless Industry; at last we meet face to face." Niles was clenching his fists. "We've been waiting a long time for this." Jack said, "We're going to have a lot of fun tonight."

Jen then added in, "You know why we're here. You were the one that destroyed the Dark Agency years ago. Flourite, the Dark Guys, and the Twin Dark were all top grade criminals. They could have taken over London if you weren't always around to stop them. Dozens of bad guys looked up to them. Now Jack, Niles, and myself have formed a new, even more powerful organization. And our primary goal is..." They all added, "...To get rid of you, Sailor V, once and for all!" Jen then took out the remote control. "You're going to wish you never met the C.I.H.I.s. And now you're going down. For I have created an ultimate weapon. It is 3 times stronger, and possesses all of your friends' powers. Prepare to meet your doom." She then pushed the button. "Hasta la vista, Sailor V!!!", they all said, as the monster clone came to life.

Its eyes glowed red, as it targeted and locked onto Sailor V. It charged at her, but she jumped out of the way just before it was about to hit her. Sailor V then kicked the clone on the head with a "Sailor V Kick", but that didn't faze the clone. The clone began targeting again, and got a lock on her. "Fire... Ignite!", said the monster clone, as a stream of fire shot out, towards Sailor V. She was able to get out of the way, but one fireball did manage to graze her left shoulder. She was slightly burned, but not too badly. The clone was gaining the upper hand, freezing Sailor V with a "Bubble Blast" attack. "Uh-oh!", said Serena. "Uh-oh!", said the tubbies, after Serena.

Sailor V tried to focus her energy on the ice. She yelled, "Crescent Beam... Smash!", and was able to break free from the ice. The fight went on for 10 minutes, and neither Sailor showed any sign of fatigue. Raye was watching the fight, along with the girls. "I wish there was something we could do," said Raye. Then she saw the clone about to use a "Thunder Crash" attack. Raye yelled, "Sailor V, look out!" But the lightning bolt was too fast for Sailor V to dodge. It hit her, and she fell to the ground. She was unable to move, as she lost consciousness. The evil trio was laughing. "Yes! She's down!", said Jen. "Now, clone, use your tiara and finish her off!" The clone pulled out its tiara.

Suddenly, Artemis came out of nowhere, jumped at the clone's head, and covered its eyes with his paw, so the clone couldn't track Sailor V. He then used his other paw to slowly open its head. Niles shouted, "Grab that cat!" The clone tried to shake Artemis off. Artemis reached into the clone's brain to get the items. Just then, the clone grabbed Artemis, and threw him over. He landed near the cage. Luna said, "Artemis! Are you all right?" Artemis looked like he was unconscious, or was he? He winked to the girls, and to Luna. In his paw... were the Sailor Scouts' transformation items.

Meanwhile, Sailor V was still unconscious as the clone locked onto her, and was about to throw the tiara at her head. "Tiara... Magic!", the clone said, as it threw the tiara. But all of a sudden, the tiara stopped in mid-flight, just short of cutting Sailor V's throat. It made a clanking sound, as it hit the ground. Niles was shocked. "Boss, something's gone bloody wrong. It just stopped!" Jen was also surprised. "What happened? The tiara should've finished her off!"

"Maybe it's fate," said a somewhat familiar voice. The C.I.H.I.s saw that the cage was empty. Outside the cage was Sailor Moon, Sailor Mercury, Sailor Mars, and Sailor Jupiter. Niles and Jen said, "Impossible! How did you girls escape?" "Let's say that a certain cat reached into a certain monster's brain and took out a certain number of transformation items, and returned them to their certain rightful owners," said Sailor Moon. Jack replied, "A certain cat reached into a certain monster's brain and..." Niles and Jen hit Jack again, upside the head, before he could finish. "So, if it's a fight you want, then a fight you'll get," said Niles. "Jack, get them!", he said to Jack. "Uh, Niles, isn't it wrong to lay a hand on a girl?" Jack said. Niles said, "They're not girls, you nitwit, they're Sailor Scouts! Now destroy them!" Jack replied, "Well, that's different." He then charged at the Scouts. "Let's get it on!", the Scouts said, as they charged at Jack. When they collided, all 4 Scouts put their right fists in Jack's gut. Jack fell to the ground, and keeled over. "Mercury, you go rescue the tele-tubbies. Jupiter, go see if you can help Sailor V, and Mars and I will take care of the strong man," said Sailor Moon. Jupiter went to V, who finally regained consciousness. "Are you all right?", Jupiter asked. V said, "I'm okay. Now let's take this clone down!" They went after the clone, who was a lot weaker now without its attack capabilities. Jupiter shouted, "Let's see if it can take better than it dishes out! Jupiter Thunder... Crash!" Sailor V added, "Crescent Beam... Smash!" The thunderbolt beam hit the clone dead-on, doing some major damage to it.

Meanwhile, Mercury tried to open the door to free the tubbies, but it was locked. "I need to find the key," she said. She then saw that Niles had the keys in his back pocket. She went up to Niles, who wasn't looking. "Mercury Bubbles... Blast!" Niles turned around, and no one was there except for a cloudy mist, which surrounded him. He then felt a 'bump', as the mist cleared. He reached into his back pocket, and the keys were gone. He looked to see Mercury unlocking the door, freeing the tele-tubbies. The tubbies all waved 'bye-bye' to Niles, who was furious.

Jack had gotten up and grabbed Sailor Moon, then tried to squeeze her in a bear hug. Sailor Moon was gasping for air. Mars said, "Hey pal, did you forget about me?" She then kicked him in the rear. Jack couldn't hold on to Sailor Moon anymore, so he let her go. Then Mars saw Jack rushing towards her. She yelled, "Mars Fire... Ignite!" Instantly Jack was on fire, and was running around. Then he remembered something. He then stopped, dropped to the ground, and then rolled over a few times to smother the fire. When the fire was out, he ran outside... into the hands of Wakagi the policeman. "My goodness," Wakagi said. "That's Jack from the Cunning, Insidious, and Heartless Industry." Jack said, "You got to arrest me, copper! These girls are dangerous! One of them set me on fire, and... " Wakagi said to the other policemen, "Bobbies, get him out of here!" They handcuffed Jack, and took him away.

Meanwhile, Jupiter and Sailor V were still fighting the clone. "How do we stop the clone?", Jupiter asked. "There's only one way," Sailor V said. She took out her compact, and opened it. The clone looked at its image in the mirror that was inside it. Suddenly, the clone began to short out. Niles said to Jen, "What's going on?" Jen replied, "I don't know. The circuits are overloading. It's going to blow!" The other scouts all joined together, and put their hands on Sailor V's shoulders. Sailor V was still holding the open compact. The clone was covering its eyes, as it dropped to its knees. It couldn't stand the nature of seeing its own true image in the compact. Sailor V then closed the compact, and all of them turned around, facing away from the clone. The clone then exploded. All that was left of the clone was a pile of junk, and the clone's tiara.

The scouts turned back around. Niles pulled out his transmogrifying ray-gun. "You may have destroyed the boss's creation, but in the end, you Sailor Scouts have sealed your own fate. This transmogrifying ray-gun will turn you all into those stupid tubbies! Surrender now, or I'll pull the trigger, turning you all into 2-year olds!!!"

The scouts stood still. They couldn't do anything; otherwise Niles would pull the trigger, and the C.I.H.I.s would have their sweet revenge, and then some. Unbeknownst to everyone, the red tubby picked up the tiara that was still on the ground. And then, somehow, the red tubby threw it at Niles and Jen, saying, "Tee-ahh-rah... mah-gic!" The tiara flew towards them, and knocked the ray-gun out of Niles's hand. Before Niles could pick it up, the green and purple tubbies pushed Niles and Jen down. The yellow tubby picked up the ray, and threw it to Sailor V.

"Good job, tubbies," Sailor V said. She then pointed the ray gun at Niles and Jen. Sailor V said, "Don't you dare make a move. You thought you could turn some net surfers into trolls, kidnap my friends, and try to destroy me, all in one night? I don't think so. Haven't you people figured out that evil will never win? And let me tell you something, C.I.H.I. When you mess with one Scout, you better be ready to take on the whole team." Then all the Scouts said, "We are the Sailor Scouts, Champions of Justice! And you 2 are busted!" Sailor V opened her compact again, and Niles and Jen became blinded by the visions of their true images. When they came to, they had forgotten any knowledge of Sailor V's or the other Scouts' true identities.

The police made their way into the warehouse. Wakagi the policeman was there, too, as he and the other policemen arrested the two criminals. "Well, Sailor V, looks like you've caught yourself some big fish today," said Wakagi. "I'll let that slide, since I also caught one of the other C.I.H.I. members. He says you set him on fire, Sailor V." "That was me, officer," said Sailor Mars. Wakagi turned to Sailor V. "That figures. You and your friends still have a lot to learn about catching criminals." As Wakagi and the other policemen took Niles and Jen away, the Scouts all laughed. Sailor V said something to the others, which wasn't as funny. "You know, it's strange, but they did this just to get revenge on me for destroying the Dark Agency." Moon replied, "But you know, Venus, as they say, revenge only keeps the hurt alive."

The chief arrived on the scene, and said, "V-chan, Wakagi is taking the remaining C.I.H.I.s into custody. Say, are these the ladies you told me about?" "Yes," said Sailor V. "Chief, meet Sailor Moon, Sailor Mercury, Sailor Mars, Sailor Jupiter, and our cats, Luna and Artemis." "Pleased to meet you," the chief said, as she shook all the Scouts' hands, and then petted Luna and Artemis across their backs, making them purr. Then Sailor V had something to say. First she took out her regular transformation stick and said, "Venus Star Power!" She transformed from Sailor V to Sailor Venus, with her normal orange uniform. "Now that's more like it," said Sailor Moon. "Chief, this is who I am now. I am Sailor Venus, and I belong with my friends, the Sailor Scouts. We'll all be returning to Japan tomorrow," said Sailor Venus. "We'll all miss you, Sailor V... I mean, Sailor Venus," the chief said, as they shook hands and hugged. The other Scouts watched in awe. The chief then said, "I guess now I'll have to change the poster in my office."

Wakagi then saw the 4 tele-tubbies. "Eh-oh!", the tubbies said to Wakagi. He said, "Boy, I'm glad I'm not a 2-year old anymore." The girls all laughed. Sailor Venus then took out the transmogrifying ray-gun. "Say bye-bye, tubbies," she said, in a non-threatening way. "Bye-bye," said the tubbies, as Sailor Venus activated the ray. Sailor Moon waved and said, "Bye-bye, little tubbies," with a tear in her eye. Instantly the tubbies changed from 2-year olds to normal Internet-surfing adults. It was Darren Schivo as the green one, She-Hawk as the yellow one, and Sakura18 as the red one. The purple one recognized Sailor Venus quickly. "Mina, is that you?", he said. "Allen!", Venus said, as she ran to him. Allen was Mina's boyfriend, the one that she broke up with one year ago. But he knew something else... that Mina was Sailor V.

"Mina, thank God you're still alive. Hikaru and I thought you were killed in that burning building a year ago." Allen and Mina hugged. Before Mina could say anything, Allen had something else to say. "Mina, I want to tell you something. I suppose you already know about Hikaru and myself. Let me say that I am so sorry, Mina. I was young then, and I realize that it was real stupid of me to cheat on you like that. After I found out that you had presumably perished, I realized that it may have been partially my fault. Because of that, I broke up with Hikaru a long time ago. Mina, can you ever forgive me?", he said, as he was sobbing. Venus replied, "Allen, I forgive you, but when I saw you with her, that really hurt me. That is why I left London. Don't ever do that to me again. I admire your courage to say that you were sorry, and I know now that you still care for me. I want us to have a close relationship again, but I must go back to Japan with my friends tomorrow. But I'll write to you every week."

"That's great. I will write too... Sailor Venus," said Allen, as he gave her a picture of both of them, with Hikaru. "Here. I want you to have this, as a peace offering." "Thank you," Mina said, as they hugged again. She then gave the picture to the other Scouts for them to look at, while she and Allen continued to reconcile their relationship. Sailor Jupiter said, "That's a nice picture of Mina with her 2 best friends." "Say, doesn't that one girl look familiar? She looks like you, Amy!", said Sailor Mars. Sailor Mercury replied, "Me?" She looked again. Hikaru did bear a striking resemblance to 'Miss Sailor Senshi'. "No way!" she said.

Meanwhile, the other surfers were still oblivious to what had just happened. "Whoa, dudes," said Darren. "What happened? How did we get here?" Sailor Moon came to them. "It's hard for you to believe, but you 3 were turned into strange-looking trolls with antennas on your heads, and televisions on your bellies." "Tele-tubbies?", said She-Hawk. "Yes," Sailor Moon replied. She-Hawk and Sakura18 looked at each other with strange looks on their faces, like they were so happy to be themselves, and not some weird-looking trolls. Darren said, "All I remember is working on the Internet one Monday night, then all of a sudden, the screen was flashing, and I was sucked into the computer, and out of another one. I then found myself here with the others." "Before we could do anything, a guy pointed a ray-gun at us, which he activated. It emitted a strange light at us, and we don't remember anything up to that point, until you saved us. Thanks, Sailor Moon," said She-Hawk. Sailor Moon replied, "Just goes to show you: Never use the net on a school night. Sailor Moon says." She then added, "And you," pointing to Sakura18, who was the red tubby, "you were the one that threw a tiara and saved us." Sakura18 said, "I did? Wow, cool."

She-Hawk then said, "Sailor Moon, we heard about that tape you got from the Moonlight Knight; the one with the fast lyrics you couldn't understand? The day before we got kidnapped, we found the lyrics to that song on the net. You'll never believe this; there's a part about you in it! It goes a little something like this..." Darren, She-Hawk and Sakura18 all sang, slowly, "get in tune with Sailor Moon cause that cartoon has got the boom, anime babes that make me think the wrong thing."

"Cool!", Sailor Moon said. "A song with me in it! I'm honored. Oh, and by the way, Darren, thanks for giving me and the Scouts all those cool awards. You are a really nice guy." She and the Scouts all shook Darren's hand. Sakura18 and She-Hawk then said, "Hey, what about us? What are we, chopped liver?" Sailor Moon said, "Absolutely not. You ladies did a fantastic job helping us out there." She then shook their hands, as well.

Sailor Moon, Sailor Mars, Sailor Jupiter, and Sailor Venus also wanted to say something very special to Sailor Mercury. Sailor Mars said, "Amy, we all just want you to know that we are absolutely not jealous of you for winning the Miss Sailor Senshi pageant." Sailor Jupiter added, "Yeah, Ames. You're a special person, and it doesn't take an award, a title, or a trip to anywhere in the world to know that." Sailor Venus said, "I'll admit; when you were away, I did feel a bit jealous at first, but after we all won those awards at Darren's award ceremony, that feeling was gone, and never resurfaced. I don't want anything to destroy our friendship." Sailor Moon replied, "Venus is right. Amy, I want you to know that we'll always be your friends..." Moon, Mars, Venus and Jupiter all added, "...for life." Mercury started to cry a little. She then said, "Thank you. You girls are the best." Then all the Scouts gave each other a "Big Hug." Luna said to Artemis, as they were looking on, "Well, Artemis, isn't that a lovely sight?" Artemis replied, "Sure is, Luna. It sure is," as they hugged each other as well.

So in the end, everyone got what they wanted, except for C.I.H.I., of course. Those criminals would spend the next 25 years in prison. The chief of police got to meet all of the Scouts, Wakagi finally caught a criminal, and Serena got her pictures developed. Most of the pictures were of Serena and the girls in the limo, plus some of the sites that Serena took pictures of. Amy was able to spend some more time with her friends, although it was just for unexpected 'Sailor Business'. Later, she got a call from her agent that this was the last place out of Japan she was to be going. After that, the rest of her reign as Miss Sailor Senshi would remain in Juban. To Amy, that was good news! Mina made amends with her boyfriend, all the Scouts made amends with Amy, and the Internet surfers were put on flights back to their homes. The next day, the girls, Luna, and Artemis, flew back to Japan, where the Outer Senshi and Tuxedo Mask were waiting. Sailor Pluto told them a small monster attacked the city, but Uranus, Neptune, Saturn, and herself were able to destroy it... well, with a little assist from Tuxedo Mask. Moon said, "Well, you never know what to expect, because...

All of the Scouts added, "A Sailor Scout's work is never done."

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