'The Return of Sailor V'-Part 2

The girls finally arrived in London, 5 hours after they left from Japan. It was night-time when they got there. After they got their luggage, including Luna and Artemis in the carry-all cage, they went to a hotel to unpack their stuff. Of course, no pets were allowed in the hotel, so the girls had to sneak Luna and Artemis in. When they got to their hotel room, they let Luna and Artemis out. "I tell you, after being in a carry-all for 5 hours, I'm so glad to get out of there," Artemis said. "Likewise," added Luna. The girls set their watches 8 hours back, and since it was dark, they all decided to go to bed.

The next day (which is actually the same day they left Japan), as all the other girls woke up, Serena said, "Hey, why don't we order room service and get some breakfast?" Everyone agreed, since it was all-expenses paid. Raye and Lita had pancakes, Mina had English muffins with jam, and Serena had waffles with maple-syrup. Serena gave Luna and Artemis some milk to drink. Then, after breakfast, the girls all freshened up.

After that, Serena decided to watch some television. Lita and Raye stopped to look at what she was watching. "What in the world are you watching, Serena?", asked Lita. Serena was watching 'Tele-tubbies', 4 little creatures with antenna-like things on their heads, and gray squares on their tummies. (Oddly enough, those are the same type of things the 4 kidnapped net surfers were turned into, but we'll get into that later.) Serena said, "Might as well, since there's nothing else good on. Aw, look, there are 4 of them. A purple one, a green one, a yellow one, and a red one." "Eh-oh!", said the little tubbies. "Eh-oh, little tubbies," Serena replied back. Raye couldn't stand Serena watching that stuff, so she snatched the remote control away from Serena, and changed the channel to a BBC newscast. "Raye, what did you do that for?", asked Serena. "You should be watching something more your generation, like the news," Raye responded. They were just about to argue, when Luna stepped in. "Girls, we're supposed to be on vacation, remember?"

Lita was still watching the news on television. The reporter said that crime in London had gone up 10%, thanks to a new organization going by the acronym C.I.H.I. "Whoa. And I thought we had it bad," thought Lita. The BBC reporter then questioned a police officer about the sudden increase. "I can't explain it. Before, catching criminals was easy. But not anymore. They've gotten more and more clever." Mina was watching. "Hey, that's Wakagi. I didn't know he worked the beat in London." Then the reporter questioned the chief of police. "It's so strange. We try to catch them, and they have always managed to slip away. You know, these are times I wish Sailor V was still around." Mina thought, "I'm here, you guys, but I'm not Sailor V anymore. Just plain old Mina." She took the remote, and turned the television set off. "Hey, let's forget about this. We should be having a good time. Maybe we can get a limo ride around London! That would be cool!" Lita added, "Uh, Mina, that is a fine idea, but how are we going to pay for it?" "Simple," Mina replied. "We don't. Amy's letter said it was all-expenses paid, remember? Come on, what are we waiting for? Let's go!" So the girls were able to get a limousine ride to see the sites. Of course Luna and Artemis had to be left behind. The girls saw Big Ben, Parliament, Buckingham Palace; just to name a few, and Serena took pictures.

Meanwhile, Niles and Jen took Amy out of the cell she was in, and placed her in the room with the 4 transformed tele-tubbies. Niles said to Amy, "We're getting ready for the arrival of your Sailor friends. In the meantime, we're leaving you here with the tele-tubbies." Jen asked Niles, "Are you sure about this?" Niles replied, "Nothing to worry about, boss. No one can stand being in a room with these tubbies. After a few minutes, she'll wish she was back in the dark cell." Then Niles and Jen left, locking the door.

Amy looked at the 4 tubbies. Amy said "Hello" to them, which they replied, "Eh-oh!", and waved. "Great," Amy thought to herself. "They've locked me in a room with a bunch of 2-year olds." The red tubby looked at Amy's Miss Sailor Senshi tiara, which she was still wearing, and asked, "Ooh. What's that? What's that?" Amy reluctantly replied, "It's my tiara." The little tubby replied, "Tee-ahh-rah. Is eye tee-ahh-rah." Amy then took out her communicator. One of the other tubbies, the green one, asked, "What's that?" Amy replied, "It's a communicator." The tubby then said, "Co-mun-ica-tah.", repeating it a few times. Finally the tubbies all hugged each other, and said, "Big-hug." Amy let the tubbies play around with her tiara, while she tried to contact the girls with her communicator. Unfortunately, the communicator still wasn't working. Then she saw something happen. The tubbies' antennas were glowing, and then the TV's on their tummies were sparkling. "Those things on their heads can receive signals," Amy thought. She then had an idea. "I wonder if they can send as well as receive. Maybe I can use them to contact the girls. If I can figure out a way to send a strong-enough signal through those antennas on their heads, it just might work." After Amy got back her tiara, she took the purple tubby, and aimed her communicator at the tubby's antenna. The antenna on the tubby's head was glowing, but on Amy's communicator, there was only static and no picture. "I need more power," she thought. Amy then took the other 3, arranged them in a line, and tried again. All of the tubbies' antennas were glowing, and this time, Amy was able to get a signal through. "All-right!", Amy said. "All-right!", the tubbies said, after her.

Meanwhile, Jack was outside the room. Niles came up to him and said, "Well? Hear any cries to get out?" "Uh, no," replied Jack. "Sounds like they're having fun in there." Niles sighed. "Well, no matter. The boss has almost finished her ultimate weapon, and now she just needs the transformation items to put into its brain." Then suddenly, Jen came to them. "I just received a call from an informant. Sailor V and her friends are here in London. They're staying at a local hotel on Baker Street. Jack, you go to that hotel and bring Sailor V's friends here. I don't want our friend to get lonely with those tubbies." "Right, boss," Jack said, as he ran off. "Oh, and by the way, Jack… make sure you get me those transformation items!", Jen added. "Right," Jack replied. When Jack was gone, Niles asked, "So boss, what can this ultimate monster do?" Jen replied, "Patience, my friend. All will be revealed in time." She then looked at her watch. "Oh, dear, look at the time. Care for some tea?" "Definitely," Niles said, as he and Jen went out for some tea and biscuits.

Meanwhile, Serena and the girls came back to their hotel room, after a few hours worth of sightseeing. Serena had her camera, and a bag filled with souvenirs. Luna was waiting for them, with Serena's communicator. "I'm glad you girls are finally here. There's a recorded distress call on the communicator, received about 15 minutes ago." Raye asked Serena, "Why didn't you bring your communicator on the tour, Serena?" "Hey, I thought we were on a vacation," Serena said. Luna played back the message. It was weak, but the girls were able to decipher most of the message.

"Anyone listening… This is Amy… I've been kidnapped… abandoned warehouse near… station… C.I.H.I… please help…"

"Amy's here in London?", said a startled Serena. "And she's been kidnapped? My goodness. And I thought we were on a vacation." "I don't get it. Why didn't she just transform and get out of there?", asked Raye. Luna replied, "Her transformation stick must have been stolen. This C.I.H.I. organization Amy mentioned must be the same organization we saw on television. We don't know who they are or what they're up to, but we need to find their hideout, and… wait a minute. Where's Mina and Artemis?" There was a knock at the door. "That must be her. She must have stepped out for awhile," Lita said, as she opened the door, with the others behind her. "Mina, we thought…" But it wasn't Mina at the door. "Who are you?", Lita asked. Jack answered, "You'll find out soon enough." Lita tried to close the door, but Jack grabbed it and pulled it off of its hinges. He then threw a smoke bomb into the room, filling the room with smoke. Instantly the girls and Luna lost consciousness. Jack put on a gas mask, took the girls and Luna under his right arm, and left a note addressed to a 'Sailor V' at the door.

Meanwhile, Mina and Artemis were somewhere far away, not knowing what had just happened. "I know what I must do, Artemis," she said. "And what's that?", Artemis asked. She took out a special pen, and thought, "I didn't want to do this, but I must." She then shouted, "Moon Power, Make Up!" Instantly, she transformed into another Scout; the mysterious Sailor 'V'. Her uniform was almost identical to what Sailor Moon wears, except Sailor V also wore a mask. "I have to go to the police station, Artemis. I need to know more about this C.I.H.I. organization, and where they're holding Amy."

Artemis went back to the hotel, while Mina took a taxi to the local police station. When she got there, all the policemen were looking at her. Wakagi, the policeman who was on TV, was one of them. He said, "So it's you, Sailor V." He wasn't at all happy to see her. "You know, it's been a few years, and I still don't like you. You've been sticking your nose in my business, and catching way too many criminals by yourself. When are you ever gonna learn to leave the crook catching to the professionals, huh?" "Look, Wakagi. I'm not here to start an argument with you," V replied, a bit irritated. "A friend of mine's been kidnapped by some new evil organization. I need to see your boss, right now." "Maybe she don't want to see you," Wakagi replied, sternly. "Now get lost." "Just who do you think you are?" Sailor V said, as she tried to bust through, but the other cops held her back. From an office window, the chief of police saw what was going on, and as she came out of her office, she asked, "What's going on here?" She then saw Sailor V. "She's okay, let her go," she said. The cops did so. "V-chan! It's great to see you." They shook hands and hugged. Wakagi and the other policemen were still staring. The chief said to them, "What are you all looking at? Get back to work!" The chief then took V into her office, where they started talking about the past. The chief had a poster of Sailor V on the wall behind her desk. "How long have you had that poster up there?", V asked. The chief replied, "Oh, I've had it for awhile." Then Sailor V told her what was going on. "Yes, we know all about them. The Cunning, Insidious, and Heartless Industry; that's them, all right. They're a trio of ruthless criminals." She then gave her a folder containing information about C.I.H.I. "Brainy Niles, Brawny Jack, and the leader, 'Intern' Jen. What a pernicious pack of people," V said, as she gave the chief the folder back. The chief continued. "I believe they have but one goal, V-chan. To get revenge on the one who disbanded and destroyed the Dark Agency years ago. I believe you're the one they seek." "Not to worry," replied V. "I have the Sailor Scouts, 4 friends of mine, to back me up. There's Sailor Moon, Sailor Mercury, Sailor Mars, and Sailor Jupiter." "Wow, I'd like to meet these friends of yours someday. Now I think you better get going, V-chan. C.I.H.I. will stop at nothing to get you," said the chief, as they shook hands. As Sailor V was leaving, she 'accidentally' gave Wakagi a 'hertz doughnut'. And boy, did it hurt, especially since Sailor V had on high heels. "Hurts, don't it, Wakagi?", she said, and then giggled. The other policemen laughed quietly along with her.

When she left the station, Sailor V transformed back into Mina. She was surprised to see Artemis waiting for her outside. "Mina! The other girls have been kidnapped!" "When?", Mina asked. "Right after you left. I went back to the hotel, and the front-desk clerk and a few bellhops were laying on the ground; apparently all of them had been 'choke-slammed'. When I got to the room, I saw that the door was dislodged, and there were traces of smoke, from a smoke bomb. The girls and Luna were gone, and I found this note on the door. I think you better read it." Artemis gave her the note.

"Dear Sailor V: We have kidnapped your 4 Sailor friends. If you want to see them again, come to the abandoned warehouse near Waterloo Station at 10:00 tonight. We'll be waiting, with a big surprise. Sincerely, C.I.H.I." "Oh, no, the chief was right," Mina said. "They're after me. They want revenge on me for destroying the Dark Agency a few years ago; that's what this is all about. They kidnapped the others just to get to me. This is bad, Artemis. Really bad."

"So, Mina, what are you going to do?", asked Artemis. Mina responded, "I am going over there and fight it out. No one kidnaps my friends and gets away with it! For I am the sailor suited soldier of justice. I am Sailor V!!!" Artemis said, "Yup, you've still got it." "Do you still have my special weapon?", Mina asked. "Yes," Artemis said, giving her a compact with a crescent moon on it. "I'm going to need this in order to defeat whoever or whatever their 'surprise' is." Mina then looked at her watch. It was 9:30. "We've got 30 minutes to get to Waterloo Station. Let's go!", she said, as they left.

At the warehouse, Serena, Amy, Raye, Lita, and Luna were all put in a cage, suspended 10 feet high. Serena and the girls were happy to see Amy, as they hugged each other. Unfortunately, their reunion would have to wait. All of their transformation items were taken. As for the tele-tubbies, they were placed in an isolation booth. Both facilities were in a big part of the warehouse, within view of something else. Jen and Niles were working on that 'something else'; the monster that awaited Sailor V. It was covered with a green cloth to conceal it from view. Jack arrived. "Here are the transformation items you requested, boss," he said. "Good. We now have all 4 items. We can proceed," Jen replied, as she took the other transformation item out of the safe and gave it to Jack. Niles then opened the monster's head. Jack carefully put in the 3 transformation sticks, belonging to Sailor Mercury, Sailor Jupiter, and Sailor Mars. Jack was about to put Sailor Moon's locket inside, but he dropped it. Niles was able to catch it, before it fell to the ground. "Jack, you moron! You should be more careful," Niles shouted, as he gave the locket back to Jack. "Sorry, Niles," Jack replied, as he put the last item in the monster's brain, and closed up the head. Niles and Jack stood back, as Jen flipped a switch. Electricity and lightning crackled, and sparks flew everywhere. The tele-tubbies all closed their eyes. The girls watched in utter bewilderment.

Serena asked the other girls, "What's happening? What's going on?" Amy replied, "I don't know, but it can't be anything good." Raye added, "I hope Sailor Venus can find us and rescue us soon." Lita then said, "Some vacation we're having, huh?" Luna responded, "Yeah right. One crazy adventure after another." All of the girls agreed, and said, "A Sailor Scout's work is never done."

Meanwhile, Jen, Niles, and Jack were laughing. "Live, my creation, live!!!", Jen shouted. She then turned the machine off, and pulled off the cover. The girls all gasped. But what was this hideous creation? Will Sailor V be able to defeat this monster, rescue the girls, and change the tubbies back, before it's too late?

-End of Part 2-

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