'The Return of Sailor V' -Part 1 by Eric F

"I tell you, Mina, there are times I wish we didn't have to be so occupied," Serena said to Mina, as they were having their lunch at a nearby restaurant, along with Raye and Lita. It had been about 3 weeks, and the Scouts had been constantly busy.

"No kidding. A few weeks ago, we saved the town from Godzilla," Raye replied. "Then, 2 days later, we had an interview with the Moonlight Knight, which Serena got the tape she wanted," Lita added. "Oh, yeah," Serena said, as she took the tape out of her pocket. "This song is quite hard to listen to. All the words go by so fast, and the song itself is short. The only words I can remember are, 'get in tune... the cartoon's got the boom... babes that make me think the wrong thing'. I like this song, but, man." Mina laughed, then said, "Where were we? Oh, now I remember. Just recently after the interview, we all flew to New York to attend a special award ceremony." "That was an adventure within itself," Raye added. "All those strange guests, like those wrestlers from Degeneration X and the New World Order. We put those people in their place. And I thought wrestling was fake." "And you got to admit, the late Queen Beryl having a daughter? Totally beyond belief," Lita replied. Mina said, "You know, I heard that she had twins, one good and one evil. Now that is beyond belief." Lita added, "Well, in the end we all got a ton of awards. If Darren Schivo hadn't thought of having us win a variety of those awards, we could've inadvertently felt jealous of Amy winning the Miss Sailor Senshi pageant last April. But I'm not jealous of Amy one bit." "Amy must be having a wonderful time being Miss Sailor Senshi," said Serena. "She gets to go everywhere and see the world. I'm surprised you two, Mina and Raye, aren't jealous of her." Raye and Mina were placed first and second runners-up, respectively. "I'm definitely not jealous of Amy," said Raye. "Neither am I. Amy deserved to win the pageant," added Mina. "I wish we could go anywhere and see the world, like Amy," Serena thought. "I also wish we could go on a vacation, away from it all. But you know Luna and Artemis. They'd probably never let us go on one." Lita then asked, "We never get a chance to rest, do we?" Raye responded, "Not at all, because..." They all added, "...a Sailor Scout's work is never done." All the girls sighed, as they finished their lunch.

After they paid for their lunch and left the restaurant, Luna was waiting for them outside. "Girls, I have something to show you all," she said to them. "Meet me at Serena's house." When they all got to Serena's house, Luna showed them all a letter from Amy. "Dear Serena, Raye, Lita, and Mina. How are things going? You know, it must have been so cool for us to get all those awards a few weeks ago, and also see our boyfriends, don't you think?" "Yeah, definitely," said the girls. The letter continued. "You girls never get to go on vacation, do you? Probably because Luna doesn't let you. Since I won that trip to anywhere in the world, which I won in the Miss Sailor Senshi pageant, I won some tickets to London, England; round-trip, all-expenses paid. I'm letting you have them, so you girls can have your own vacation. The tickets are enclosed with this letter. I just hope Luna and Artemis will let you all go. Right now, I have to go do another charity benefit, so I'll see you later. Love, Amy."

Serena saw the tickets, and then she looked at Luna. "Luna," Serena said, "We haven't been on a vacation in a long time. We have been constantly busy with fighting monsters, and going on interviews and to awards ceremonies. Don't you think we deserve a vacation? Please, Luna, can we go to London? Pretty pleeease?"

"That's not the problem," Luna answered. "The problem is that we'll be leaving Japan defenseless. And who'll watch over Juban while we're out, hmm?" Lita then thought of something, "We can call the Outer Senshi; Sailors Saturn, Uranus, Pluto, and Neptune. They can do just as well as us, fighting monsters while we're away. Plus, Tuxedo Mask will still be here to assist them." Luna thought it over, then said, "Well... if you all want to go, then all right, we can go to London. Artemis and I will go with you."

Serena, Raye, and Lita all jumped for joy, but Mina was feeling sad. Serena asked, "What's wrong, Mina? Isn't it great that we're all going on a vacation to London?" Mina said, "It's not that. It's just that London brings back all these memories of me when I was known as Sailor V." Mina began to tell Serena her story. Mina used to be a gymnast in high school, when one day, she was practicing on the uneven bars, and accidentally landed on a white cat with a crescent moon on his forehead. The cat's name was Artemis (as if we didn't know already). She then found out from Artemis that she was Sailor Venus, a.k.a. 'Sailor V'. Mina originally resided in Japan, but moved to London for awhile, where she fought monsters and caught bad guys from a secret organization known as the 'Dark Agency'. A lot of the police persons didn't really like Sailor V, because she could catch more criminals in one day than they could catch in a week.

When she was 13, she had a boyfriend, but a year later, they broke up. The reason is that Sailor V tried to rescue her boyfriend from a burning building one fateful day. When she got to the room that he was trapped in, she was surprised to see him with another girl. That other girl was Hikaru, Mina's best friend. Mina was very upset. She left London because of that incident, and never became Sailor V again. She went back to Japan, where she met Sailor Moon, and the other Sailor Scouts. So as you can see, Mina wasn't always a happy-go-lucky girl that we know her as now.

After hearing her story, Serena said, "Come now, Mina. That was then. You have us now, and you still have Artemis. We're going to have fun, and soon you'll forget all about what happened in the past." Serena gave Mina a big hug, as the others looked on with awe. The next day, Artemis called the Outer Senshi, who met up with Serena and the others before they left. "Don't worry about a thing," Sailor Pluto said. "You can count on us and Tuxedo Mask to fill in for you while you're away. We'll keep an eye on Japan for you." All the girls said their good-byes, packed their things, put Luna and Artemis in a cage-like carry-all, and left for the airport, and on their way to London, England.

Meanwhile, somewhere in London, in an abandoned warehouse, some form of evil was brewing. 3 people: 2 men and 1 woman, looked down at a girl, whom they had kidnapped and put into a cell. These 3 people formed an evil organization, known as the Cunning, Insidious, and Heartless Industry, or C.I.H.I. for short. Niles was the brains of the group; a computer hacker who could easily hack into any government system, and was an expert in electronics and technology. Then there was Jack, the brawn of the lot, who was very strong and had big muscles, but didn't have much of a brain as Niles. Jack could rob 5 banks in an hour, and could lift 3 times his own weight. Finally, there was Jen, the leader. Jen was an intern who dropped out of college, and turned to a life of crime. All 3 of them were ruthless, insensitive criminals who had one goal: To destroy the one known as 'Sailor V'.

"This is the one?" Niles asked Jack, who were both looking at the girl. "Yeah," Jack replied. "She put up one bloody fight, but I knocked her down with one blow." "Dolt! You were supposed to bring her in good condition!", Niles said, quite angrily. "Sorry, Niles," Jack answered. "Did you get what the boss asked for?" Niles replied. Jack replied, "Yeah. I got her transformation stick. She also had a calculator with her, but I didn't take that." Niles added, "To think, that this kid is Miss Sailor Senshi, 1998." It was Amy, who was inside the cell. "Excellent," Jen said, taking the stick. "We now have Miss Sailor Senshi. Now Sailor V will have to come back to London to save her." "And when she gets here, can I be the first to kick her gut?", said Jack, laughing. Niles then hit Jack upside the head. "That's 'butt', you idiot! Kick her 'butt'." "Now, now, gentlemen, you'll get your chance when the time comes. Plus, you don't want to forget about our 4 other prisoners," Jen said, as she put Amy's stick in a safe. Earlier, 4 internet surfers were also snatched, but the C.I.H.I.s did something even worse to them. With a transmogrifying ray-gun that Niles created, he was able to turn them into strange-looking creatures, that resembled trolls. Each one had an antenna-like thing on its head, and a television-like apparatus on their bellies. And each one now had a brain of a 2-year old. Jen asked Niles, "How are our 'tele-tubbies' doing?" "They're right where they should be. All they do is say things over and over again, plus now that they're all 2 years old, they'll be easy pickings. They're not going anywhere." "Good," said Jen. "Everything is set. I've waited a long time for this. Sailor V caught and destroyed those from the 'Dark Agency.' And they were criminals that even Scotland Yard couldn't nab." "Boss, you never told us about the 'Dark Agency'," said Niles. "Who were they?" "A really powerful bunch. Many criminals looked up to them. There was Flourite, the leader. She could make monsters at will. Then there were the Dark Guys and the Twin Dark, a brothers and sisters act. They were popular singers by day; ruthless criminals by night. They could sing and make more hits than even the Spice Girls." "Hey Niles, aren't there only 4 of them Spice Girls now?" Jack asked. Niles replied, "Quiet, Jack. And for your information, yes. Ginger bailed out. I'll have to admit, she was my favorite."

Jen continued. "The Dark Agency could have ruled all of London... but no. Sailor V had to come along and destroy them all. She melted Flourite with her 'crescent beams', and defeated the singers by showing them their true images. But that, my friends, will all change. I have since studied the Dark Agency. Now, because of what I know, we will destroy Sailor V, and the Dark Agency will be avenged. How, you ask? I have created... the ultimate weapon." Jen showed them a monster that she was creating. "A monster?", asked Niles. "What's so 'ultimate' about it?" Jen replied, "Sailor V will have some company with her; the Sailor Scouts. Their powers come from transformation items. We already have one from our Miss Sailor Senshi prisoner. Once we get the other 3 items, and place them all inside the monster's head here (pointing to the monster's brain), it will have all the abilities of Sailor V's sailor friends, thus making my monster almost invincible to any of Sailor V's 'inferior' attacks. She will be no match against my creation. Gentlemen, by tomorrow, Sailor V will be nothing more than a memory." All of them laughed, then Jack said, "I don't get it. What's the joke?" Niles and Jen both hit him upside the head. "What? What did I say?" said Jack, as the 3 of them left the room.

Little did they know that Amy was awake the whole time. She was alone, helpless, and scared. She couldn't transform, since they took her stick, and she didn't know what to do. "C.I.H.I. means business. Good thing they didn't take my communicator. That dumb guy thought it was just a calculator. Too bad I can't use it now; it's dark, and the communicator is solar-powered. I just hope the Sailor Scouts can find me soon."

-End of Part 1-

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