Pokemon Senshi
By Sailor Sirius

Disclaimer: I do not claim Pokemon or Sailor Moon as my own. Sailor Moon is a trademark of Naoko Takeuchi, Toei Animation, and Kodansha. Nintendo and 4 Kids Entertainment own Pokemon. Sailor Sirius is own creation, so please do not steal her. This story is my idea, so please do not steal this either.

AN: I don't know if anyone will notice, but I have capitalized the P in pokemon where I feel it should be. Most of the time it is lowercased. I have done the same with the S in senshi. Another thing is, in this story the Pokemon World is the future. So it occurs the same time Crystal Tokyo does.

It was a normal day in the lives of the Sailor Scouts. There was the usual fight between good and evil and nothing more. Serena had overslept, as usual, and she was yelling at Luna for not waking her up.
"I'm going to be late again! Luna, why didn't you wake me up?!"
"Not my fault Serena. You're the lazy one who never can stay awake while doing homework."

Meanwhile in the not too distant future...
"Let's go!" said our hero as he ran away from his fellow Pokemon trainer, Misty.
"Ash Ketchum you still owe me a bike!"
"Brock do you ever think Misty will stop talking about her dumb bike?"
"No Ash, after all you did break it."
So here we go again into the wonderful land of Pokemon. A trainer who wants to be a Pokemon Master, a mad orange headed girl who likes our hero, and a Pokemon Breeder, but do not forget the little loveable pokemon, Pikachu! As our heroes descend into the forest they see a hole in the ground.
"Looks like Team Rocket was here yet again," Misty said.
"Well this time they won't even succeed," Ash replied.
"Wait, listen both of you!"
Brock cupped his ear to hear the sound better. Three shadows jumped out of a tree. Ash and Misty groaned when they saw the shadows. The shadows got in their formation and began their wonderful intriguing speech. (AN: No, I am not insane.)
"Prepare for trouble!"
"Make that double!"
"To protect the world..."
"What? You don't like our speech anymore?" Jesse asked.
"We never did like it! Ash yelled
A sound like broken violins broke the tension between the groups.
"What is that noise?!" Misty screamed.
Everyone covered their ears. A gust of window came out of the hole, it surrounded Team Rocket and the Pokemon Trainers. The wind picked the two groups off the ground and carried them down the hole. Little did our heroes know that the hold was a time warp and it would take them 1,000 years into the past.

Back in the world of Sailor Moon...
After school, Serena was walking to Rei's shrine and eating some ice-cream that she bought from an ice-cream truck. She was licking the cone, when she tripped over something. She fell flat on her face and her ice-cream went flying. It plopped on the ground a few millimeters from a yellow mouse. Serena got up and looked at the creature, a lot of energy was coming from it. The creature looked back at Serena and picked up her ice-cream cone and walked away.
"Hey! Give that back!"
Serena transformed into Sailor Moon. "Give me back my ice-cream or you will be moon dust!" Sailor Moon stood in the middle of an empty street doing her pose. She sweat-dropped and detransformed. Serena sighed and headed over to the shrine. Three shadows watched the whole thing. They saw Serena transform and they decided that she was a rare pokemon.
"She'll make the boss like us again!" They said to each other. The shadows left the alley and followed the girl.

Our heroes find themselves in a strange world that looks familiar yet it seems awkward. Ash was lost, his companions and his beloved pokemon were nowhere in sight. Brock on the other hand, followed all the pretty girls he saw and he ended up at the Crown Game Center. While Misty was trying to find Ash and kill him for this great disaster.

Rei's Shrine...
Serena walked into the shrine and waved hello to her friends.
"Hi guys."
"Hi Serena, and you won't be able to find my manga today, I have put it in a secret drawer where you will never find it," stated Rei.
"Besides Serena don't we have a test tomorrow? We need to study for it," Ami said.
"Ami, please, I just figured out we have a new enemy."
"New enemy? Alright, I get to fight again!" Lita smiled.
Everyone stared at Lita.
"We just defeated the Black Moon, though," Mina said.
"What's wrong with wanting to fight? I enjoy it."
"When I was coming here, I saw a yellow mouse. It stole my ice-cream and I wasn't able to catch it," Serena continued.
"Does an enemy walk around in pure daylight radiating that much energy?" Luna wondered.
"The creature was cute, so maybe it's pretending to be on our side, so we won't hurt it," Serena said.
"That might me the case," Artemis thought out loud.
"Luna ,it could just be an ally. From my calculations, I can tell there was a small disruption the flow of time," Ami stated.
"They could be from another time," Mina added.
"Anything could be possible," Artemis said.

Crown Game Center...
Brock gawked at Rita, Andrew's girlfriend. Rita was giving him an odd look, Brock was drooling and hearts were in his eyes.
"Wow, you're really pretty! Want to go out?" the love sick Brock asked.
"Sorry I already have a boyfriend and he's over there." Rita pointed to the scowling Andrew behind the counter.
"Well do you have any sisters?!"

Downtown Tokyo...
Ash was wandering around the town looking for Pikachu. People gave him odd looks.
"Pikachu! Where are you? Pikachu!"
A police officer walked up to the young boy and tapped him on the shoulder.
"Excuse me young man shouldn't you be in school?" an officer said.
"I don't go to school. I am a Pokemon trainer, Ash Ketchum."
"Let's just go down to the station."
The man took Ash by the arm and was dragging him to his patrol car. Ash stomped on the officer's foot and managed to escape.

Another part of Downtown Tokyo...
"Okay this is weird." Misty was in the middle of Tokyo, lost. She was about to ask for directions, when she spotted Pikachu eating an ice-cream cone. She ran after him, but she couldn't see Ash or Brock anywhere. Pikachu finally saw Misty and ran up to her.
"Hey Pikachu, where's Ash and Brock?"
"Pikachu? Pika!"
"Okay, where did you get that ice-cream?"

Later after the meeting Serena left the shrine. Team Rocket quietly followed her, hoping that they could catch Serena without her friends interfering.
"Do you think we can catch it?" Jesse wondered.
"Of course! She is defenseless, the only attack she does have is a pink wand that she waves around," Meowth replied.
"I think she is kind of cute!"
"James!" Jesse and Meowth bopped him on the head.
"Why did you do that? Can't I have a crush?"
"No you can't, James!"
"Why Jesse?"
"Because it will make her jealous!"
Steam fumes out of Jesse's ears. Meowth's eyes grow big and he starts to back away. Jesse grabbed the Rocket Cat before it could escape.

Crown Game Center...
Mina, Ami, Serena, Lita, and the cats headed toward the Crown Game Center after the meeting. Mina, Serena, and Lita wanted to try out the new Sailor V game that had just come in. Lita was sprinting ahead of everyone and flew through the door. She waved at Andrew and headed toward the new video game. A certain rock pokemon trainer spotted the brunette and went up to her. Mina and Serena dashed in after her, but Andrew sidetracked them. Then Ami came in, followed by the cats, she sat down at a table and Luna jumped into her lap.
"Hi gorgeous, you seem to be very good at this game."
Lita was about to punch the guy in the face, when she tuned around and say a gushing Brock. She put her fist down and blushed. "Uh, thanks. My name is Lita Kino. What's yours?"
"My name is Brock of the Pewter City Gym."
"Pewter City? Is that north of here?"
"It's anywhere you want it to be."
Lita got up and turned away.
"Wait!" Lita turned around. "Do you want to play a game?"
"I'm paying."
They decided to play a racing game, Lita was starting to think that Brock looked like her old boyfriend and Brock was thinking Lita was the most beautiful girl he had ever seen.
Serena and Mina were playing the Sailor V game, that Lita had abandoned, and they were losing. Ami was studying and glancing up at the two blondes every once in a while. When Serena lost for the seventh time, she started to watch the couple at the racing game. She noticed that Brock had four white and red balls on his belt. Serena picked one up and accidentally hit the button and.... "ROOOOORRRRRRR!"
Brock turned around and he saw Onix, out of his ball, towering over the girl in pigtails. He jumped up and grabbed the ball out her hands and he returned the rock snake to its home.
"What was that?" Serena screamed.
"That was my school project...gotta go."
Brock raced out of the Crown Game Center. Lita stared at the door that Brock ran out of and she started to cry. The snake frightened Serena and she also started to cry. Ami sweat-dropped and left the arcade to find a quieter place to study.

Downtown Tokyo (again)...
Ash wandered around Tokyo, his companions were still missing along with his favorite pokemon. He passed by a shrine, where a girl was sweeping the sidewalk. He looked at her for a moment and fell instantly in love.
"Hi, name is Ash! I'm a Pokemon trainer will you go out with me...I mean will you help me find my friends?" Ash said as he walked up to her.
Rei looked blankly at him and she started to laugh. "Pokemon? What are those? I will help you find your friends, but what are Pokemon?" She broke down laughing causing a sweat-drop to form on top of Ash's head.
Ami passed by the shrine, hoping it would be a better place to study than the Crown Game Center. She decided against it, when she saw Rei laughing at a black haired boy. The blue haired girl sighed and headed toward the park. On her way there, she saw a girl about her age heading towards the aquarium. She noticed that the girl had a yellow mouse with her.
'That girl has a yellow mouse that fits Serena's description of a "monster". I should investigate, besides that girl seems more interested in the aquarium than the yellow mouse,' Ami thought as she followed the girl into the aquarium.

Darien's Apartment...
"And then this big rock snake came out of the ball and attacked me. Then Lita's new boyfriend took the ball from my hand and said that the snake was some school project. He then ran off."
Darien looked at the three girls in his living room. Lita had red eyes from crying and it seemed she was going to cry again. Mina nodded her head to everything that Serena said. While Serena just blabbed away, while eating her ice cream. Darien looked at the girls and laughed.
"It's no laughing matter Darien! I finally meet a guy who isn't a jerk and he runs away. What was with the snake though?" Lita wailed.
"It could have been a robot, but Ami probably would have said something," Darien pondered.
"I think it might be a new enemy," Serena said.
"How could it be an enemy when they usually attack first? This thing just came from a red and white ball," Luna spoke up.
"Besides, for all we know it could be some new ally that just wants to be friends," Artemis said to everyone.
"All I can say is that this new boyfriend of Lita's acted really strange and maybe he will come back, but I think I would have felt some kind of energy by now if there was a new enemy." Darien gazed out the window wondering.

Outside of the apartment building...
Team Rocket huddled in an alley; they were discussing their plan on how to catch "Sailmon".
"She went inside here," Jesse said. "Now all we have to do is find out what apartment she is in, then we can find and then she's our newest pokemon!"
All of them yelled out what they would do if they caught "Sailomon".
"I'll finally replace Persian and be top cat again!"
"I'll be the richest girl around!"
"And I get that beautiful girl and we then can get married!"
"Will you stop thinking about going out with our pokemon!" Both of James's bopped him on the head again.

Misty carried Pikachu on her shoulder, so that he could look for Ash and Brock. She was distracted by the aquarium and stopped there to look inside for just a few minutes. Pikachu grew impatient and ran off I the direction of the shrine.
"Pikachu! Pikachu, come back!" Misty ran after the yellow mouse, but he got lost in the crowd.
"Your pet ran away."
Misty turned around to see Ami in front of her. "I know, but I can't find him in the crowd. I think he saw his owner or something. I'm going to wait here for him."
Ami glanced over Misty's shoulder at the aquarium. "Do you like the aquarium too?"
"Yes! This reminds me of home. We have a very big one where I live and my sisters and I used to perform...Sorry, I sometimes rattle off things when anybody mentions home."
"It's okay; my parents are divorced, so I kind of know how you feel. May I ask your name?"
"My name is Misty of Cerulean City."
"I'm Ami Mizuno, it's a pleasure to meet you."
"Same here, would you show me around the aquarium since you have been here before?"
"Sure, I don't met many people who are interested in the same hobby I am," Ami smiled.
Ami and Misty walked into the aquarium comparing facts about their favorite hobby.

Rei's Shrine...
Rei finally calmed down from her laughing fit. Ash was scowling as the priestess dusted herself off and looked Ash over.
"Why did you laugh? I am a Pokemon trainer."
Rei ignored his question. "Please tell me what may I help you with?"
"I can't find my friends and I was wondering if you could help me find them."
"What are their names?"
"Misty, Brock, and my pokemon is missing also."
"Would it happen to be a big yellow mouse?"
"Yes! Have you seen it?"
"My friend was attacked by it. Why don't you come inside and I'll ask the sacred fire for help."
"Are you a priestess?"
"Yes, I am. Would you like a drink and some..."
A shadow fell on top of Rei before she could finish her sentence.
"Pikachu!" Ash cried.
Pikachu jumped off the building and landed on Rei. Rei picked the pokemon up and looked at him. Pikachu wanted to be reunited with his trainer, so he electrocuted his landing pad. Rei fell to the ground, burnt to a crisp, while Ash hugged his best friend. He apologized for what his pokemon did and helped her up into shrine.

Darien's Apartment...
Back at the apartment, Serena, Lita, Mina, Darien, and the cats were discussing the new "enemy" or ally. Three shadows appeared on the balcony, but no one noticed. All of a sudden the lights went out and the senshi heard:
"Prepare for trouble."
"Make that double."
"To protect the world from devastation."
"To unit all people within our nation."
"To denounce the evils of truth and love."
"To extend our reach to the stars above."
"Team Rocket blasts of at the speed of light."
"Surrender now or prepare to fight!"
"Meowth, that's right!"
"Hey! We are the only ones that have catch phrases here!" Mina covered Serena's mouth and pulled her away from the window.
"Alright Moon monster, you are our new Pokemon! Now we will catch you!" Jesse sneered.
"I am not a Pokemon, whatever that is," Serena yelled.
"Don't you dare harm Serena!" Darien rushed to his beloved's side to defend her.
"Arbok! Lickitung!"
"Weezing! Victreebel!"
Jesse and James released their Pokemon. Victreebel swallowed James's head again and Arbok accidentally curled around Jesse, squeezing her till she couldn't breath.
"Senshi, let's transform! Moon Crystal Power..." Before Serena could say Make-Up another shadow appeared and threw a ball on the ground.
"How dare you hurt the first girl who has ever liked me! Vulpix, Geodude, and Zubat! Go!"
Of course the shadow was Brock and Lita rejoiced.
"You can't have all of the fun Brock. Jupiter Star Power!"
"Venus Star Power!"
"Moon Crystal Power!"
The three Sailor Senshi joined in the fight. Unfortunately Sailor Moon got in the way and Lickitung wrapped his tongue around her.
"Serena, no!" The faithful cats lunged at the over grown tongue and... "Pokeball Go!"
Jesse captured Luna and Artemis in the same ball.
"Flame-thrower! Supersonic! Rock Throw!"
The attacks only harmed James's pokemon. Team Rocket escaped with their three new "pokemon". Darien ran to the window and called out his beloved's name. Sailor Venus sat down on the couch and a cute little fire fox jumped onto her lap. Sailor Jupiter looked around the apartment for Brock, he was right behind her.
"Wow, you look even better in a short skirt!"
"Why you little...Sparkling Wide Pressure!"
Brock eeped, the attack almost missed him, but it hit him in the shoulder.
"You looked up my skirt you pervert!"
Jupiter called for her Thunder Dragon and it started to chase Brock around the room. Darien finally woke up from his pining and he began to yell at Jupiter for letting her Thunder Dragon lose in his apartment.

After wandering around the aquarium for an hour, the two decided to go outside to see if Pikachu had come back. The yellow mouse was nowhere in sight when they got outside. Misty thanked Ami for showing her the aquarium and she was about to leave.
"Yes?" Misty asked Ami.
"Would you like to come to my friend's shrine? She might be able to help you find your friends."
"I wouldn't want to be any trouble."
"No, you would be welcome. Just watch out for Grandpa he will try to offer you a job."
While Misty and Ami headed toward the shrine, Rei recovered from her "shock therapy" and this time Ash was laughing. "I told you I had a pokemon."
"It seems to be the yellow mouse my friend described."
"Will you still help me find my friends?"
"Sure come on inside."

Darien's Apartment...
Venus was petting Vulpix and would not let the fire fox go. "You are so cute! Will you be my pet?"
"Vul! Vulpix! Pix! Vul!"
Sailor Jupiter was still throwing bolts of lightening at Brock.
"You pervert! How dare you look up my skirt! You had no right to do that!"
"Please Lita! I just...OW! Will you please stop shocking me!"
Lita stopped and turned away. Brock wiped the sweat form his forehead, then he noticed that his pokemon were scattered around the apartment. Geodude was banging up the TV, Zubat went into the kitchen and discovered coffee, and he then noticed his favorite pokemon in the lap of another beautiful girl. He went up to Venus and tapped her on the shoulder.
"May I please have my pokemon back?"
"No, he wants to stay with me. Don't you Vulpix?"
"Vul!" The fire fox snuggled into Venus's lap and went to sleep.
Darien was still on the balcony calling for Serena. Brock went over to Jupiter again, after he realized that Sailor Venus would not give up Vulpix.
"Lita, will you ever forgive me?"
"What did you say?"
"I said could you ever find it in your heart to forgive me?"
"I think I can as long as you don't look at my skirt any more."
"Okay, will you ever consider going on a date with me?"
"Yes, but I need to find Sailor Moon first."
"Serena, where are you!"
Venus, Brock, Jupiter, and the pokemon groaned as they yelled at Darien to shut-up.

Abandoned Warehouse...
Team Rocket huddled around Sailor Moon and a pokeball. They were happy that they finally had a pokemon and that the boss would promote them.
"What shall we do with our three new pokemon?" Meowth asked.
"I am not a pokemon! I am just an ordinary girl, who is always late for school."
"No you're not. We saw you turn into a pokemon called Sailmon. I want to hand you over to my boss and then we can get married!"
"SHUT-UP JAMES!" James's fellow teammates yelled at him as hearts formed in his eyes.
"Besides if you don't cooperate your two cat pokemon will be hurt," Jesse said as she held up a ball.
"Let us out! Please! HELP!" Muffled cries escaped from the pokeball.
"That black one is cute, maybe we can have little black Meowths running around a house with a white picket fence," Meowth said with hearts in his eyes also.
"That's it! If either one of you let these pokemon go, then I'll have the boss fire both of YOU!" Jesse screamed.
"Alright Jesse," both of her teammates said.
"That's better, now as for you," She turned to Sailor Moon, "Where are the others like you?"
"What others?"
"Your other "Pokemon" friends."
"I don't know what you are talking about."
Once more steam poured out Jesse's ears and she stomped out of the warehouse.

Rei's Shrine...
"Hello Rei." Ami waved to Rei, who just came out of the fire room.
"Hi, Ami. Who is your new friend?"
"This is my friend Misty and she wants you to..." Before Ami could finish they heard someone shout.
"MISTY! I thought I finally got rid of you and now you come back? Why?"
"Look Ash, I just met a new friend and don't you even think about getting me mad. So please just shut-up!"
"Okay wait a minute!" Everyone quieted down. Misty and Ash stared at Rei.
"Will somebody tell us what's wrong please?" Rei and Ami inquired.
"It all began when..."
Ash and Misty told of their experiences and how they got split up. They also described a spiky haired man that chased women everywhere and how the girls of Tokyo might be in trouble.
"So in other words you two; all three of you," Pikachu made a noise, "I mean all four of you and three of your enemies fell into an hole and you ended up here?" Ami asked.
"Yes, that's it Ami. I just want to go home," Ash said.

Various Places...
Finally after awhile, Brock finally let Venus keep Vulpix out of the pokeball. Luckily Sailor Moon had her communicator and they were able to track her. First off they had to stop off at the shrine and to their surprise there were Misty and Ash, but do not forget Pikachu. There was a small reunion, then rest of the senshi transformed and they are able to track down Sailor Moon to an abandoned building a few kilometers away. Thanks to Onix they made it there in half the time.
Jesse heard a sound outside, she looked around the warehouse but she didn't see anything.
"What was that sound James?"
"I don't know, now Serena or whatever your name is will you marry me?"
A love-struck Meowth moved toward Luna and said, "How about you and me get out of here and get married?"
"I will never marry a disgusting rodent like you!" Luna tried to scratch Meowth and didn't even hurt him.
"For a female Meowth you are really weak fighter."
"For the last time I am not a pokemon!"
"ALRIGHT LET SAILOR MOON OUT AND WE WON'T HURT YOU!" Tuxedo Mask yelled from the outside of the warehouse.
"You won't get my lovely dove," James cried.
"SHUT-UP JAMES!" Everyone said, including a very annoyed Serena.
"Pikachu Thundershock!"
"Onix charge!"
"Staryu go!" Instead of Staryu none other then Psyduck appeared, "Why me? Why me?"
"Misty he's not that bad. He's actually kind of cute," Sailor Mercury said.
"You can have him if you want Mercury, he's useless."
"Psyduck. Psy."
"Staryu go!" Finally Staryu came out, "Water gun!"
"Prepare for trouble."
"Make that double."
"Will all three of you shut-up! We are sick and tired of that catch phrase!" The Sailor Senshi, Pokemon trainers, and pokemon yelled.
"Alright we'll stop it. Lickitung! Arbok!"
"Victreebel! Weezing"
As usual Victreebel ate James's head, Weezing and Arbok got stuck together, and Lickitung wrapped Jesse up in his tongue.
"Meowth help!"
"Sorry, but I'm in love and will not harm my beloved Luna!"
While this was going on Brock was in short skirt heaven and asking the senshi out. Of course once he saw a mad Sailor Jupiter, he sweat-dropped and waved hello as she punched him.
"Sparkling Wide Pressure!" (This time not at Brock.)
"Burning Mandala!"
"Shine Aqua Illusion!"
"Venus Love-Me-Chain!"
"Onix and Vulpix Rock Throw and Flame Thrower!"
"Ice Beam! Confusion!"
All the attacks combined made Team Rocket blast off again and into orbit. Darien untied Sailor Moon and both of them kissed. Sailor Venus opened the pokeball and was hugged by a thankful Artemis. Luna went over to him and licked him on the head. Vulpix went to Venus and snuggled up with her, but unfortunately...
"You white Meowth!" The Rocket cat walked up to Artemis.
"Yes you. Now your girlfriend doesn't like me and now I'm going to..."
"VUL!" Everyone watched as the fire fox roasted the annoying Rocket Cat and then it blasted off into space to join its partners.
"Good job Vulpix!" Everyone cheered. Brock was pulled into an embrace and finally got a kiss from a girl.
"Whoa! Way to go Brock! You lucky dog!" Ash, of course, said that.

Two Days Later...
After two days everyone was sad. They didn't want to see their newfound friends leave.
"Lita come with me! We can settle down and raise a Pokemon farm and have kids."
"I know, but I don't belong in your time. Maybe one day we'll meet again."
"Great! Once I get a girl she's from the past and she can't come with me. Alright Vulpix time to go into your pokeball."
"Vul!" Vulpix shook his head and ran to Mina and jumped up into her arms.
"Vulpix I can't just leave you here, but if Mina promises to take good care of you I guess..."
"Please no!"
They all around turned to see a burnt Artemis. "That thing blows fire in his sleep!"
Misty and Ami hugged and said their good-byes.
"Bye Ami, you're sure you want to keep this pokemon. I mean Psyduck is annoying and..."
"I'm sure Misty and I think he and I can learn to live with one another."
Sniff...sniff. Oh excuse me. Serena used the Crystal and everyone disappears, but before they leave Pikachu shocks Rei one more time and...
And he did become a stuffed animal, a fake one to be exact. Everyone disappeared and Lita started to cry. Then a boy passed the shrine. He reminded Lita of her old boyfriend and she ran after to him. If you were on the street that say you would have seen a group of teenagers to a confused duck chasing a girl down the street.

As for our three heroes...
"Ash I still want a new bike," Misty complained.
"Maybe in this town there will be a girl that looks like Lita," Brock said to himself.
Well some things never do change...

Sailor Sirius pushed the keyboard away and gave a sigh of relief. A light flashed on her computer screen and Pikachu jumped out of the screen.
"What are you doing here?" Sirius asked him.
"Pika! Pikachu! Pika!" He zapped Sirius.
"Hey! So I didn't give you a big part that doesn't mean you have to zap me!"
Pikachu used his Thunderbolt attack. Sirius's eyes grew big and she ran out the door. Pikachu continued to zap her as she ran.
The police officer, from earlier in the story, appeared.
"Okay, there is nothing here. Just a senshi being chased by a crazed pokemon. Please leave."

Then End?

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