You hated her. You were glad the series was over so you didn't have to see her anymore. Your sleep was tortured with nightmares of the evil pink-haired devil.


You loved her. You were sad that the series ended because you wanted to watch her grow up. You thought her pink hair was cute.

Well folks, I have good news and bad news...
(depending on how you look at it)

She's BAAACK!!!

Not willing to wait for the rumored sequal to the popular series Sailor Moon in which she is supposed to star. Chibiusa has been making her own way onto the screen by sneaking into other series. As the instances occur and are discovered, we will post and track them here at the CSP.

Sighting number1.

Chibiusa is seen here with Ghorry in the eyecatch sequence from the first episode of Slayers Try.As you can see it is just a small appearance but we here at the CSP believe that this is conclusive evidence of our belief that she is attempting her own comeback.

We here at the CSP will continue to watch for appearances of the pink-haired persistant one.
If you have a Chibiusa sighting to report email us at and let us know where or when the pink-moptop munchkin has appeared and we'll post it here for all to see!


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