Love and Trust SM/RW crossover part one (G)
by Anna of Star Wildfire

Author's note: They say Mina and Cye are a nice couple because Cye is trust and Mina is love. If you  want to read more of my Ronin Warriors stories, they're in Theria's web. The address is
Slince Wyvern told me write it because she don't know much about RW. I got an e-mail from her, it said, "Why don't you just write it?". (laughing) She is the best e-mail pal I never had. Enjoy!

Finally, I made it. Thought Mina, almost late for school.
"Class, we have a new student, meet Cye Mouri." said Mrs. Rose.
A redheaded boy stood. His clothes were all white. ('cause of the school uniform) Mina looked at his blue-green eyes. Since Mina is love goddess, everybody is in love. She is jealous but until today.
"Mina? Will you show him around?" said Mrs. Rose.
"Yeah. Sure." said Mina, watching him sit down at the desk next to her. Cye looked at her and smiled. Mina blushed a little.
"Open your textbook to page 145." said Mrs. Rose.
Mina took her book out of her bag and accidentally dropped it. The book landed. Mina put her hand on it and was about to pick it up. Before she did, a warm hand lay on her hand. She looked up. Her blue eyes lay on Cye's eyes. He still smiled. Mina let it go.
"Here you go." said Cye, handing it to her.
"Thanks." said Mina.
"No problem." said Cye. His voice sounded like am English accent.
"Mina, is there a problem?" said Mrs. Rose.
"Oh, no." said Mina, turn the pages.
"Rick, will you read this part?"
"Sure." said Rick, beginning.
Mina can't take her eyes off him.

After school.
Mina was on her way to home. She saw Cye walking on the same sidewalk. Cye stopped and turned his head. Nobody. He swore he heard something. He turned his head and kept walking. Mina's head peeked out of a pole, watching Cye walking away.

It was almost as if he walking forever. Thought Mina, surprised. They're at a bridge. Cye stopped walking and looked at the ocean. The wind blew his hair. He may love to watch the ocean. Thought Mina. Cye crossed his arms to hold his skirt. Mina knew what he was doing now, shocked. He took his shirt off slowly. Mina looked at his arms and his bare chest. He turned his head. Nobody.
"Crazy day." muttered Cye, taking his pants off. Mina's head pop out of a bush and was shocked. He was wearing his bathing suit inside his school uniform all the time! He dove in. Mina looked down. Cye wipped water off his face. Mina took a breath.
"Hey, Mina!" said Cye.
"AAAHHH!!!!" said Mina.
"Do you want to swim with me? Is that why you followed me?" said Cye.
"Ummm....." said Mina, sweatdrops.
"Come down! The water's great! There is a path over here!" said Cye, pointing at the path.
"Coming!" said Mina, running to path and coming down. Cye was floating, waiting.
"Mina?" said Cye.
"Sorry! Good thing I have a bathing suit! It will take awhile." said Mina.
Oh, boy! Now what? Thought Mina. She had idea. She would use her pen.
"Power of Venus, give me a hot bathing suit!" said Mina. The orange light is getter brighter and it stopped. She wore an orange two piece swimming suit. Hmmm.... Not bad for a love goddess. Thought Mina.
"Ok. I'm ready!" said Mina, popping out and giving a peace sign.
"Wow. You look great." said Cye, stand on the beach.
"Thanks." said Mina, blushing a little.
They both walked to the ocean. Mina tripped over to rock. Cye caught her. Mina lay her face on his chest. She look up. Their eyes met.
"I- I'm sorry." said Mina.
"That's ok." said Cye.
"I hurt my toe while playing volleyball."
The girl stood in front of Mina. The ball was coming. Mina and the girl was ready hit it. The girl jumped before Mina, hit it. She was coming down and accidentally stepped on Mina's toes.
"AAAHHH!!" said Mina.
"So that's how I hurt my toes." said Mina. She felt somebody pick her up.
"Then I'll carry you." said Cye.
"Thanks." said Mina, resting her head on him. Cye felt something inside his heart. Does it  mean I found my soulmate? Thought Cye.
"Ok. Here we are." said Cye.
Mina open her eyes. Cye put her down. They were swimming together, splashing the water and each other in the water. Mina saw a black fin in the ocean.
"AAAAAHH!!!! Shark!!" said Mina, swimming away but Cye stopped her.
"Don't worry. It is my friend, Orab." said Cye. Mina saw a white spot around his eyes.
"Is it a killer whale?" said Mina.
"Yes. Want to ride?" said Cye.
"If he don't mind, yes."
Cye helped her sit on his back behind his fin. Cye sat down.
"Hang on." said Cye. Orab was swimming around.
"I enjoy it." said Mina.
"I'm glad." said Cye.

They watched the sunset.
"Do you want to do this tomorrow?" said Cye.
"Yes." said Mina.
Cye put his arm around her.
"Thank you so much. Sometimes when I'm new, I never make friends but you changed it." said Cye.
"I'm glad. I-....." said Mina. Cye's lip close to her lips. They kissed. Cye put his arms around her. She put her arms around him. They let go. Mina lay her head on his bare chest. She can hear his heart beat. His arms are warm. Cye stroked her hair. They both were happy.

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