Sailor Moon/Pokemon Crossover, Part Seven by Wartortle

Notes: This is the last part of my fanfic.

Part Seven: Mewtwo Vs. Mewtwo

Jessie, James, Cassidy, Butch, and Meowth sit on a street corner.
"What are we going to do?" asked James. "We have no money, no home, no nothing! I can't go home or I'll be forced into marrying Jessiebelle again!"
"I don't know." Replied Jessie, "Even in the worst of times, we've always figured out something."
"But that was when we were in Team Rocket." Continued Cassidy, "We were always able to bounce back because of Team Rocket."
"Yeah, when we were with Team Rocket, we were failures with a safety net." Said Butch, "Without Team Rocket, we're just plain failures."
Meowth said sadly, "Back to panhandling and rummaging through garbage for me."
Meowth picked up a shopping cart and started rummaging through a garbage can.
"GET OUT OF THERE!" ordered Jessie.
"Yeah, you're embarrassing yourself!" continued James.
They started to pull Meowth out of the garbage can.
"I'm stuck!" cried Meowth.
"Come help us!" ordered Jessie.
Cassidy and Butch helped Jessie and James get Meowth out of the can. They went back to sitting on the street corner.
Ash, Misty, Tracey, and Pikachu came across that same corner.
"Hey, isn't that Team Rocket?" asked Ash.
"They seem depressed." Replied Misty, "And what happened to their clothes?"
"Yeah, I don't think I've seen them this depressed." Said Tracey.
Pikachu: Pika?
The four came up to the ex-Rockets.
"Hey, what's wrong?" asked Ash.
"We were just fired from Team Rocket." Said Jessie.
"They took our Pokemon and everything!" whimpered James, "Right now, we have nothing!"
"Wow, they even took your Pokemon?" said Misty, "Wow, I'm glad I'm not in Team Rocket!"
Pikachu sat next to Meowth.
"If I were still in Team Rocket, I would have nabbed you, Pikachu." He said, "But now, I'm too depressed to do anything."
Pikachu patted him on the back.
"I thought we were the top of Team Rocket." Said Cassidy. "Now we're rock bottom."
"Maybe this is a sign for you to change." Said Misty, "Without Team Rocket, maybe this is a sign that you could do some good for a change."
"Come with us!" said Ash, "Maybe we can help."
They stood up and followed Ash.

Meanwhile, a doorbell is rung at Professor Ivy's lab. Mina answered the door.
"Hey, Setsuna!" she said excitedly. "Hey guys! It's Setsuna!"
"Setsuna! I've missed you!" greeted Rini.
"Thank you Rini!" she said.
"Is there something wrong?" asked Serena.
"Very." Replied Setsuna, "I sense a great danger coming."
"Well, we have been harassed by Team Rocket lately." Said Michelle.
"I think they are up to something dangerous." Said Setsuna.
"That is what we've been thinking." Said Arama, "We've already seen them copy Death Buster technology."
"I can help in any way I can." Said Setsuna.
"We are already researching Team Rocket's activities." Said Michelle.
In another room, Professor Ivy is helping Amy in her research.
"What have you found?" asked Professor Ivy.
"The most I've found are articles on Team Rocket heists." Said Amy, "All they seem to be interested in is capturing or stealing unique or powerful Pokemon. Although there are some heists where large groups of Pokemon are stolen. But there is one thing."
"What is it?"
"It seems that the Viridian City Gym was associated in some way with Team Rocket."
"That gym was destroyed by an explosion. Wasn't it? I heard the gym leader there was rather reclusive."
"Yes, but during the check of the ruins, they found out that the gym leader was in fact a member of Team Rocket. And, many of the trainers that went there claimed they saw some new super-Pokemon. But they didn't know what it was because they never really saw it, and their Pokedex had no information on it. And during the explosion, people saw something flying away from the building as it exploded. That may have clues to what Team Rocket is really up to."
"Hmmm, they closed off the area after the explosion. Noone's allowed there."
Amy went out to the entryway.
"We'll have to go to Viridian City." announced Amy. "That may give us clues to what Team Rocket is up to."
"Why?" asked Serena.
"I've come up with articles that links the Viridian City Gym with Team Rocket." Said Amy.
"Hmmm, Viridian City Gym. Team Rocket took that gym over." Pondered Brock, "From what I heard, that gym was destroyed by an explosion."
"We have to go there, there might be clues that may help us." Said Amy.
"Then we'll have to go!" said Raye.
"I agree." Said Arama, "That is the first place we should look. Let's go to the jet."
Setsuna and Michelle nodded in agreement.
"Do I have to leave?" asked Lita, "I don't want to leave Brock."
"Why don't I come with you?" asked Brock. "Can I, Professor Ivy?"
"Sure, go with your friends." She replied.

On the way back to the Airport, the scouts found Ash and Co, as well as the Ex-Rockets.
"Hey there's Ash!" noticed Brock. "Hmmm, Team Rocket is with them. Let's see what they want."
The van pulled over,
"Hey Ash!" said Brock, "What are you doing with Team Rocket?"
"They were just fired from Team Rocket." Said Ash, "We were going back to Pallet so that we could get Professor Oak to help them."
"We're on our way to Viridian City," said Arama. "Since Pallet is near Viridian, why don't you come with us? You'll have to cram into the van, but there's plenty of room in the plane."
Ash, his friends, and the Ex-Rockets squeezed themselves into the van, and they returned to the airport, and boarded the plane. The plane took off to Viridian City.

While the Scouts went to the Viridian City Gym Ruins, Ash and Co took the bus to Pallet Town.

Ash and his friends go to Professor Oak's lab. Professor Oak opens the door, and finds Misty, Tracey, Jessie, James, Cassidy, and Butch.
"Oh, hello Ash." He said, "Oh, you brought more of your friends."
"Professor, This is Jessie, James, and Meowth, and Cassidy and Butch." He introduced the Ex-Rockets. "They were just fired from Team Rocket, and their Pokemon were taken. I'd like to know if you can give them new Pokemon, and they could be regular Pokemon trainers."
"Well, all they have to do is sigh the proper forms, and I can give them new Pokemon." He replied. "Unfortunately, I won't get any starter Pokemon until tomorrow. You will have to stay here until then."
"You can stay at my Mom's place." Said Ash. "I'm sure she can give you some room."

Meanwhile, the Scouts survey the ruins of the Viridian City Gym.
"So, what are we looking for?" asked Serena.
"Anything out of the ordinary." Replied Amy as she analyzed her computer.
Unbeknownst to the Scouts, they were being watched by a video camera.

Meanwhile, Giovanni watched the Scouts survey the Viridian City Gym rubble.
"Those girls are meddling too close." he said. "Mewtwo, come in."
"You asked for me, Master?" the Mewtwo asked.
"Bring those girls to me." He said.
"As you wish, Master." It replied.

"I don't know what we are looking for!" said Rini, "This is getting boring!"
All of a sudden, a trap door opened, and the second Mewtwo flew out of it."
"Is this what you are looking for?" he then asked.
"What is that!" many of the Inner scouts gasped.
The Mewtwo then used its Confusion attack on the girls, knocking them back. They then transformed.
"Mercury Star Power!"
"Mars Star Power!"
"Jupiter Star Power!"
"Venus Star Power!"
"Uranus Planet Power!"
"Neptune Planet Power!"
"Pluto Planet Power!"
"Moon Prism Power!"
"Moon Cosmic Power!"
"So you are the Sailor Scouts!" the Pokemon said, "Take your best shot!"
"OK!" said Uranus. "Who's with me?"
"Yeah!" the other scouts replied.
"Uranus World Shaking!"
"Neptune Deep Submerge!"
"Pluto Deadly Scream!"
"Jupiter Thunderclasp Zap!"
"Mars Celestial Fire Surround!"
"Venus Love Chain Encircle!"
"Shine Aqua Illusion!"
"Moon Spiral Heart Attack!"
The Mewtwo deflected the attacks easily.
"We got to find a weakness!" said Mercury.
She pulled out her visor and computer.
Mercury gasped, "I can't get a reading!"
Neptune assured her, "I'll find its weakness!"
"Submarine Reflection!"
The attack revealed nothing. Neptune gasped.
"It's no use!" Mewtwo mocked as it gave another blast.
The blast knocked the scouts unconscious. It then used its powers to pick up the Scouts and Tuxedo Mask, and then brought them into the trap door the second Mewtwo came out earlier.

The scouts woke up at one end of a Pokemon Stadium. The other end had a darkened balcony.
"Where are we?" asked Sailor Moon.
"Looks like some kind of stadium." Said Arama.
"It reminds me of one of those courts used for Pokemon battles." Noticed Venus.

"There is no room on this Earth for the likes of Team Rocket!" she lectured. "Pokemon should be used for good, not evil!"
"We're Sailor Scouts!" continued Mini-Moon.
"Champions of justice! I am Sailor Moon!"
"I'm Sailor Mini-Moon!"
"In the name of the Moon, we'll punish you!"
"We'll see about that." Said Giovanni. "My Mewtwo is resting, but first you will have to deal with my other Pokemon!"
A door opened under Giovanni's balcony. A group of Pokemon came out.
"How will we beat all of them?" asked Venus, "There's so many!"
Amy consulted her computer, "Each Pokemon has a certain weakness to certain kinds of attacks!"
A Charizard came flying towards the Scouts. It then shot a fire-blast at them.
"This one is weak to water attacks!" said Mercury, "Neptune and I can do this one!"
The Charizard came back and swooped down towards the scouts.
"Neptune Deep Submerge!"
"Shine Aqua Illusion!"
The Charizard quickly fainted from the water attacks.
The other scouts then proceeded to attack Giovanni's other Pokemon until the last of Giovanni's Pokemon fainted.
"So, you are strong." He said, "But not strong enough!"
The door under Giovanni's balcony opened, and his Mewtwo emerged.
"Take your best shot!"
The scouts tried again to attack the Mewtwo, but again it was no use. The Mewtwo started another attack, but a rose flew through the air.
"Tuxedo Mask!" Sailor Moon and Mini-moon cheered.
"Your plans will never succeed!" he lectured. "The Sailor Scouts and I will make sure you won't win!"
He then leaped up and attempted to hit Mewtwo with his cane.
"Your nothing!" the Mewtwo said as he blasted Tuxedo Mask. Tuxedo Mask then fell to the ground.
Sailor Moon gasped, "Are you all right?"
"I'll be OK." Tuxedo Mask reassured her.
"The more the merrier!" said Giovanni, "Finish them off!"
"I won't let you win!" said Sailor Moon as she held her hands over her chest.
Her brooch opened, revealing the silver crystal. It floated in her hands and glowed brilliantly.
"Not the Silver Crystal!" screamed Sailor Venus, "You'll die if you use it!"
"That must be the silver crystal!" said Giovanni in amazement, "Get it!"
Mewtwo then flew at Sailor Moon at high speed.
"Moon Crystal Power!"
A pink energy sphere surrounded Sailor Moon, and Mewtwo was bounced back.
"You're not going to win, and your not getting the Silver Crystal!" she yelled. "And in the name of the Moon, I will vanquish you!"
She raised her crystal to fight the Mewtwo.
"It's too powerful!" said Uranus, "It will take all of your strength to fight the thing!"
"Then let's even the odds a little!" said a voice.
"Who is that?" asked the Mewtwo.
"It can't be!" said Giovanni.
The Scouts turned around and found another Mewtwo!
"So, you return." said Giovanni, "Will you return to work for Team Rocket? I'm sure you and my new creation will make a great team."
"Never! I won't join you again!" Mewtwo said, he turned to Sailor Moon, "I'm here to help you."
"Traitor!" said the other Mewtwo, "Where is your loyalty to your master?"
"Loyalty? This man and his organization used me, and is loyal only to himself! He is using you, and is not loyal to you!"
"We're Pokemon, the only way to better ourselves is through our master. Pokemon cannot better themselves on their own."
"You're wrong. I've lived amongst humans. I've learned the goodness people have to offer. I've experienced and learned more about the world than what you would have with this tyrant!"
"Enough talk! I'll show you who's more powerful!"
The other Mewtwo blasted the older Mewtwo. They then started to fight.
"We've got to help him!" said Sailor Moon, "Are you with me?"
"Right!" agreed the other scouts.
She transformed into the Moon Princess, and raised her crystal at the younger Mewtwo.
"Mercury Star Power!"
"Mars Star Power!"
"Jupiter Star Power!"
"Venus Star Power!"
"Uranus Planet Power!"
"Neptune Planet Power!"
"Pluto Planet Power!"
"Moon Prism Power!"
"Moon Cosmic Power!"
The combined powers of the Scouts, the older Mewtwo, and the Silver Crystal combined, the power was too much for Giovanni's Mewtwo, destroying him.
With the fight over, The Moon Princess returned to her Sailor Moon form, and collapsed. The other scouts converged around her.
"I'm OK! Really!" said Sailor Moon, "Just a little tired."
"That's good." Said Tuxedo Mask.
Mewtwo also came and said, "Thanks for the help."
"No problem." She replied.
"And now, I have to do something I should have done a long time ago." Said Mewtwo. "But I'm afraid you will never see me again."
He teleported the Scouts back to the Viridian City street.
"And now for you!" Mewtwo said to Giovanni. "I'll end your reign of terror!"
"I'm sure you are a reasonsable Pokemon." Begged Giovanni, "I'm sure we can strike a deal!"
"No deals!" said Mewtwo. "And Team Rocket is no more!"
Mewtwo's eyes glowed, and Giovanni screamed as his body was torn apart by Mewtwo's telekinetic attack.

The next day, Ash went to the spare room in his mother's house.
"Hey! Wake up!" he said "It's time to pick up your Pokemon from Professor Oak!"
The Ex-Rockets stayed asleep.
"Okay! I'll have to get reinforcements!" He then threatened, "Okay! You asked for it! Your turn Misty!"
Misty came into the room with her mallet.
"WAKE UP!" she yelled as she hit them with her mallet.
The Ex-Rockets panicked as Misty run amuck. Downstairs, Ash's Mom opened the door to find the Scouts there.
"Hi, we're friends of Ash." Said Serena. "We're going to take him and his other friends to Professor Oak's lab."
Ash came downstairs and noticed the Scouts at the door.
"So, you're here to see Jessie, James, Cassidy, and Butch off?" he greeted.
"That's right." Said Serena.

They arrived at Professor Oak's lab.
"Ahh, your back." He said, "Your Pokemon have just arrived. Come into my lab."
Jessie, James, Cassidy, Butch, and Meowth entered the lab.
"Here are your new Pokemon." He said, "Now choose one each."
Jessie picked Charmander, James picked Pikachu, Cassidy picked Bulbasaur, and Butch picked Squirtle.
"We finally have a Pikachu!" said Jessie.
"And it's mine for the keeping!" said James.
They then came outside, followed by their new Pokemon. Ash's Pikachu and James' Pikachu then started to converse.
"So, I guess this means it will be a while until we see you guys again." Said Ash.
"I guess so." Said James. "We'll meet again, I promise you."
"And now that Team Rocket's out of the way, maybe we can be friends!" said Misty.
"We can keep in touch." Said Jessie. "And we have a new beginning."
"So let's get going!" said Cassidy, "Put your Pokemon back in their Pokeballs, and let's go!"
Jessie, Cassidy, and Butch returned their Pokemon to their balls. James' Pikachu however would not go back in its' ball.
"It's just like my Pikachu." Noticed Ash. "Now you have to take care of it! Don't worry, you will be best friends in no time. Trust me."
"Then I guess I have no choice but to trust you." Said James. "Come along, little Pikachu."
James' Pikachu: "Pika!"
They went to the Pallet Town city limits and watched as Jessie, James, Cassidy, Butch, and Meowth head towards Viridian City.
"Ahh, I guess back to the Orange Islands." Said Ash.
"We'll fly you back." Said Arama, "We have some vacationing to catch up on!"
"Yippie!" cheered the others.

Meanwhile, as Jessie, James, Cassidy, Butch, walk towards Viridian City, Meowth is instructing James' Pikachu
"Remember, I am top Pokemon around here! If you want to catch up with Meowth, you have to learn how to talk." Said Meowth. "Repeat after me: "She sells sea shells down by the seashore."
James' Pikachu: "Pi-ka Pi-ka Pi-ka Pika-chu."
"This will be a while." groaned Meowth.
"You know Jessie, I just noticed something." Said Cassidy.
"What is that?" asked Jessie.
"We can be rivals again!" she replied as she slapped Jessie on the back of the head,
"Why didn't I notice this sooner?" asked Butch as he mussed James' hair.
Cassidy and Butch ran off in front of Jessie, James.
Jessie and James run after Cassidy and Butch, followed by Meowth and James' Pikachu.

Mr. Mewtwo arrived to his New York home, and saw Phoebe at Café Perk.
"You again!" she said.
"I'm sorry about how I treated you the other day." He apologized. "You're a good singer, but I just have a thing about cats. I have a cat that is really sensitive about these things."
"I guess I understand."
"Can we be friends?"
Phoebe then went to where Rachel was sitting and said, "I told you I dumped him, now he's sorry he dissed "Smelly Cat"!"

The End

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