Pokemon/Sailor Moon Crossover part 6 by Wartortle jolau@hotmail.com

Notes: I thought I would add Mewtwo to the mix. Also, what I would think he would do after "Mewtwo Strikes Back". I thought I would also add "Friends" into the mix. Also, I thought Mew could be somewhat of a domestic type. I would guess Mewtwo would have to live amongst humans.

Part Six:

Ash, Serena, and their group walk down the street back to the hotel the scouts were staying at. A red convertible pulls up besides them. They heard a group of women chanting, "Gary! Gary!"
"Hey Ashy Boy!" said the voice.
"Oh no! Not Gary!" Ash noticed.
"Hey Ashy Boy! It's about time you found a fan club!" he yelled, "How much did you pay them to cheer for a loser like you!"
"They're not my cheerleaders!" Ash yelled back, "And I didn't pay them!"
"I kinda like him." Said Raye.
"You know, I thought you would like him," Said Serena. "He's just like you, Raye!"
"What do you mean by that?"
"That you are a hot-headed nag!"
"Well that's because I have to deal with a dim-witted meatball-head like you!"
The rest of the group had to watch the two arguments. At least until Officer Jenny came around. She blew her whistle as she rode her motorcycle.
"Break it up you!" she ordered. "Move along! Nothing to see here!"
"Yeah, I don't wanna be seen with these losers!" Gary mocked as he and his cheerleaders drove off, "See ya! Hey you! Meatball Head! Get a haircut!"
"Why you……!" growled Serena.
"Move along!" Officer Jenny then ordered.
As Officer Jenny sped off on her motorcycle, the group then walked off.
"I had a boyfriend just like him!" said Lita,
"You did?" asked Brock.
"I dumped him!" she said.
"I'm not like that, aren't I?"
"You could never be like him Brocky Wocky!"
"Here we go again." Said Misty.
"It gets worse every time!" grumbled Mina.
"They're so obsessed with each other!" remarked Amy.
Soon, the group arrived at the hotel and boarded Arama's van. Amy went up to pick up her Squirtle. When Amy came back, the van then started up and headed back to Professor Ivy's lab.

Cassidy, Butch, Jessie, and James entered a conference room.
"Sit down." Said Giovanni, "Mondo has something of use. Go ahead."
"Thank you, boss." Said Mondo. "As you know, I have been doing research into the Sailor Scouts."
"So, spill it." Said James.
"What have you discovered?" asked Jessie.
"I have discovered the source of Sailor Moon's power." He said, "It is the Silver Imperium Crystal."
He showed a slide of the silver crystal to the other rockets.
"Looks like a big gem to me." Said Cassidy.
"But it is a powerful crystal capable of harnessing incredible power." Said Mondo.
"Without the crystal, Sailor Moon will be unable to function." Said Jessie.
"And we will be able to use that crystal!" said Cassidy.
"What do we have to do?" asked Butch.
"That is what I was going to explain next." Said Mondo, "Sailor Moon keeps it in a brooch, which she transforms with. If you take the brooch, you will also know who she really is."
"I want that crystal!" said Giovanni. "No more Pokemon stealing schemes until you get that crystal!"
"What! No more Pokemon stealing!?" argued Jessie, "Pokemon stealing is what Team Rocket is all about!"
"Once we get that crystal, we'll be able to steal all the Pokemon we want!" said Giovanni.
"Even that brat's Pikachu?" asked James.
"Yes." He replied, "Now get out."

The scouts' van arrived at Professor Ivy's lab. Brock got out his key and opened the door.
"Professor Ivy, we're back!" he said.
Professor Ivy came down to the lobby and greeted the group.
"And you brought your friends too." She said. "How's your squirtle and her egg doing?"
"They're doing well." Replied Amy. "You want to check on the egg?"
"Sure." She said. "Come into my lab."
They put the egg on an ultrasound machine.
"It's coming along." She said, analyzing the data. "It should be hatching soon."
"I'd like to ask a question." Said Arama.
"Go ahead." Replied Professor Ivy.
"We would like to use your computers."
"What for?"
"We may have to do some research."
"On what?"
"We think Team Rocket may be up to something major. We would like to learn more about them."
"Will you all be staying here?"
"No just a few of us. Myself and Michelle."
"I'd like to stay as well." Said Amy, "Besides, we may need some assistance when the egg hatches."
"I'll help!" said Lita.
"You just want to stay close to Brock!" said Mina.
Brock asked, "Ash, will you be staying?"
"I can't." he said, "I've got Pokemon to capture and badges to earn!"
"Or not!" rebutted Misty.
"What is that supposed to mean?"
"When was the last time you caught a Pokemon? And when are you going to pay me for my bike?"
"You're still on that! I thought you got over that a long time ago!"
"Ummm what is this about a bike?" asked Tracey. "You never told me anything about a bike."
"When we first met, he destroyed my bike!" explained Misty. "He said he would buy me a new one, but he never did!"
Rini kicked him in the leg.
"Deadbeat!" she yelled.
"That's not nice!" said Serena.
"Good Rini!" Misty rewarded, "I've taught you well!"
"You got that right!" said Ash, "That hurt! Great, now I have to deal with another Misty!"
"You should see what it is like to have Raye here to nag you all the time!" said Serena.
"I don't nag!" rebutted Raye. "But I have to yell because you're such a meatball-head!"
"Well, since we're staying here." Said Arama, "Darien, here's the keys to the van."
"Thanks." he said. "Let's go!"
The rest of the group followed Darien out. Brock got Lita, Amy, Arama, and Michelle settled in the lab.

Outside, Jessie, James, Meowth, Cassidy, and Butch watch Darien and Co. leave Professor Ivy's lab.
"What are they doing?" asked Butch.
"Looks like they're going into a van." Jessie said. "It looks like the twerps are saying goodbye to their new friends."
Cassidy continued, "It looks like the van drove off, leaving the twerps and their Pikachu behind."
"So who do we raid? The van, the lab, or the twerps?" asked James.
"We can do more damage at the lab." Answered Cassidy. "I see no use in taking the van."
"What about the twerps?" asked Meowth. "We can get that Pikachu!"
"Remember what the boss said." Silenced Cassidy as she hit him with her binoculars, "No Pokemon stealing. We have to figure out how to get Sailor Moon's crystal."
"Well, the last few times we tried to steal Pikachu, those Sailor Twerps showed up!" said Jessie. "We can use them as bait."
"Good idea." Said Cassidy. "Let's set the trap."

Ash and Co. walk down yet another road. They find a large mound.
"That's odd." Commented Misty, "This mound is in the way."
Ash consults the map. "Well, there is no way round it. We'll have to climb over it."
The three try to climb to the top of the mound. The ground beneath them reveals a trap door..
"Hey!" yelled Ash as he fell into a cage.
They find themselves in a cage that is loaded on a truck. Jessie, James, and Meowth are inside.
"Got you now, you twerps!" said Jessie.
"Pikachu! Use your thundershock!" ordered Ash.
Pikachu: PIKACHU!!!!!
All this does is fry Ash, Misty, and Tracey. The cage is unaffected.
"This cage is Pikachu resistant!" said James. "We came prepared!"
"Back to the hideout!" says Meowth.
"Buckle up!" mocked Jessie, "Oh yeah, we didn't put seatbelts in that cage!"
The truck drives off with Ash and Co. trapped inside.

Later, Serena and Co. pass by a store with TV's in the window. The TV's suddenly changed from what they were originally showing to what looked like Cassidy and Butch disguised as news reporters.
"We interrupt this broadcast so that you can…" Cassidy announced. Then she took off her reporter's disguise and said, "Prepare for trouble!"
Butch took off his disguise and continued, "And make it double!"
"To infect the world with devastation!"
"To blight all peoples within our nation!"
"To denounce the goodness of truth and love!"
"To extend our wrath to the stars above!"
"Team Rocket circling earth day and night!"
"Surrender now or you will surely lose the fight!"
"And this message is for Sailor Moon!" Cassidy continued, "We have your friends!"
They reveal an image of Ash, Misty, Tracey, and Pikachu bound, gagged, and tied together, in a cage guarded by Jessie, James, and Meowth.
"Come to the warehouse district tonight at midnight!" said Butch, "And come alone, or your twerpy friends gets it!"
After watching Team Rocket's broadcast, Serena's group was shocked to see Team Rocket has captured Ash and Co.
Rini asked, "What are we going to do?"
"I guess we have no choice," said Serena, "I have to meet them tonight."
"But you have to go alone." Said Darien,

At Professor Ivy's lab, they too saw Team Rocket's broadcast.
"This is terrible! Aren't those your friends?" asked Professor Ivy.
"I can't believe it!" said Brock.
"What are we going to do?" asked Lita, "Sailor Moon is going to be there all alone."
"We will have to go and keep an eye on her." Said Arama. "She may need help."
"I agree." Said Amy.

Later that night, Sailor Moon arrived in the warehouse district.
"OK, I'm here!" she yelled, "So where are you Team Sleeze?!"
"Right here!" said Jessie.
She turned and saw Jessie, James, Cassidy, Butch, and Meowth, along with Ash, Misty, Tracey, and Pikachu in the cage.
"So, what do you want?" asked Sailor Moon.
"We want that crystal of yours." Said Jessie.
"My crystal? How did you know about the Silver Imperium Crystal?" asked Sailor Moon.
"Team Rocket knows everything!" said James. "We know of the power that crystal has!"
"And with that crystal in Team Rocket's hands," said Cassidy, "We'll become unstoppable!"
"Now hand it over!" ordered Butch.
"Never!" assured Sailor Moon, "The Silver Crystal is not for petty thugs like you!"
"Then we'll have to take it from you!" said Jessie, "Go Arbok!"
Jessie threw Arbok's Pokeball.
Jessie commanded, "Arbok! Underground!"
Sailor Moon was confused to where Arbok went. But then, Arbok came up from behind her and wound around her.
"That was easy! Now to get the brooch!" said Cassidy.
She walked up and grabbed Sailor Moon's brooch. Sailor Moon struggled to keep her brooch, but then, a rose flew through and landed between Sailor Moon and Cassidy.
"No! Not him!" demanded Cassidy.
She saw Tuxedo Mask standing on a roof top with Sailor Mini-Moon.
"The Silver Crystal's power does not belong in Team Rocket's hands!" he said, "
"You can't stop me!" said Cassidy as she continued struggle to take Sailor Moon's brooch off.
"No you don't!" assured Sailor Mini-Moon.
"Pink Sugar Heart Attack!"
Sailor Mini-Moon's heart stream hit Cassidy's hand.
"That hurt!" she cried.
"Your not getting the Silver Crystal!" said Sailor Mini-Moon. "In the name of the future Moon, I punish you!"
"You? Little girl?" mocked Cassidy, "How?"
"Like this!" she said as she jumped up.
"Luna-P attack!"
Luna-P bounced on Cassidy, knocking her down.
"Oh Mini-Moon!" complained Sailor Moon. "You forgot about me!"
Sailor Moon was still trapped in Arbok's wrap.
"Help me!" cried Cassidy.
"Oh……yeah." Said James.
James, Butch, and Meowth almost went to help Cassidy. But then……
"Shine Aqua Illusion!"
The cold water spray created a wall around James, Butch, Jessie, and Meowth. The silhouettes of six scouts appeared on another rooftop.
"I'm Sailor Uranus!"
"I'm Sailor Neptune!"
"I'm Sailor Mercury!"
"I'm Sailor Jupiter!"
"I'm Sailor Mars!"
"I'm Sailor Venus!"
"They're all here!" said Cassidy.
"Hello! Someone help me?" pleaded Sailor Moon.
"Mars Fire Ignite!"
Mars' attack burned Arbok and Sailor Moon. They both screamed, and Arbok let go of Sailor Moon.
"Thanks a lot pyro!" said Sailor Moon.
Mars explained, "At least I got Arbok off!"
"I'm not giving up!" yelled Cassidy, "Raticate! Go get Sailor Moon's brooch!"
"Oh no you don't!" said Sailor Moon.
"Moon Spiral Heart Attack!"
A heart crashed into Raticate and then Cassidy, blasting them off.
But then Jessie, James, Butch, and Meowth broke out of Sailor Mercury's ice barrier.
"Drowzee! Hypnotize!" ordered Butch as he threw Drowzee's Pokeball.
"We'll finish the job!" said James, "Go Victreebel! Use your vinewhip to take that brooch!"
"Oh no you don't! said Sailor Mars. "We'll defeat you like the last time!"
"Mars Celestial Fire Surround!"
Mars' fire rings burned Victreebel to a crisp.
"Wheezing! Smokescreen!"
"Jupiter Thunder-clasp Zap!"
"Go Likitung!"
"Venus Crescent Beam Smash!"
"We're out of Pokemon!" noticed Jessie.
"And now it's your turn!" said Uranus.
"Uranus World Shaking!"
"Venus Love Chain Encircle!"
"Neptune Deep Submerge!"
"Moon Spiral Heart Attack!"
The combined attacks blasted off the rest of Team Rocket.
"Looks like Team Rocket's blasting off again!" they cried as they were hurled into the air.
The scouts then went to free Ash and his friends.
"Thank you." Said Ash.
"We'll have to stick together." Said Uranus. "We will have to stay at Professor Ivy's lab."
"I agree." Said Tuxedo Mask, "If we stick together we'll be able to protect each other."
They then went back to Professor Ivy's lab.

Jessie, James, Cassidy, and Butch return to Giovanni's office, empty handed and defeated.
"You failed again." He said.
"We tried boss, to get that crystal but those other scouts got in the way!" complained Cassidy.
"Yeah, we almost got it!" agreed Jessie.
"This failure will be your last." He said, "You four are through with Team Rocket!"
"What! We are your best operatives!" defended Butch.
"Not anymore!" said Giovanni. "You are fired! Now, return your uniforms AND your Pokemon!"
"Not our Pokemon!" whined James, "What are we going to do without our Pokemon?"
"What are you going to do without us?" asked Meowth. "And what will happen to Meowth?"
"I already have a replacement for you." He said. "And you can go with your little friends!"
A door opened, apparently by itself. Behind it appeared a short Mewtwo with its "training armor".
"You summoned me, Master?" it asked in a mysterious voice.
"What is that?" asked James.
"Yes." Said Giovanni. "Get rid of these miscreants."
"As you wish, sir." Obeyed the Mewtwo.
Its eyes glowed, and Jessie, James, Cassidy, Butch, and Meowth were thrown out the ceiling and into the air. Their Team Rocket uniforms and their Pokeballs were ripped from their bodies, leaving them only in their underwear.
"Wheezing! Victreebell! Come back!" James cried as his Pokeballs dropped away from him.
"Arbok! Likitung!" cried Jessie.
"Raticate!" yelled Cassidy.
"Drowzee! No!" yelled Butch.
They cried as they were flung through the air, "Looks like Former Team Rocket is blasting off again!"

In a New York, a dark haired man enters an apartment lobby. He gets a key and opens a mailbox. Two women also enter about the same time.
"Hey, Rachel, isn't the guy that moved into Mr. Heckles' old place?" asked one.
"Yeah Phoebes, he seems kinda cute!" responded the other.
"I think he's psychic." Mentioned Phoebe.
"How can you tell?" asked Rachel.
"I sense these things. I'm going to go up to him."
"Good luck!"
Phoebe goes up to him, and notices the name on his mailbox.
She says, "Hi, I'm Phoebe! Mister uh, Mewtwo? Wow weird name."
"Are you the girl from the coffee shop?" he asked. "The one that sang the song about the cat?"
"Yeah, that's me!"
"I hated that song!"
"Why I……"
Mr. Mewtwo's eyes glowed blue.
"I'm sorry sir." She hypnotically said, "I'll won't bother you again."
Phoebe then returned to Rachel.
"That was weird!" said Rachel.
"Huh!" Phoebe said as if she came out of a trance, "Oh, Rachel!"
"What happened?"
"He hates 'Smelly Cat', so I rejected him!"
"Didn't look like it!"
"That's what happened! Really!"
Phoebe and Rachel head upstairs. Mr. Mewtwo soon went up to his apartment. His apartment had simple furnishings. In the kitchen sat a large pink cat with a long tail and large blue eyes. He closed the door and transformed back to his old self, the original Mewtwo!
Mew: "Mew!"
"Yeah, I like it here too." Said Mewtwo. "Having psychic powers sure helps when you work as a Stock Broker! Just wish they would leave Microsoft alone!"
"I'm sorry you have to act like a normal cat. Not many people have heard of, let alone seen a Mew or a Mewtwo before. To them you're just a large cat, so we have to keep these disguises."
"The noisy people upstairs? Yeah, it seems like they hang out there all the time. Don't these people have jobs?"
"You made dinner?"
Mew then served a dish of spaghetti to Mewtwo.
"Spaghetti again?"
Before Mewtwo can take a bite of his spaghetti, he senses second Mewtwo.
"He couldn't have!" he said, "I must stop him!"
He soon leaves, about to fly off to search for Giovanni's lab.
"You're right. Great, that means I'll have to spend money on plane fares! Oh well, I guess I'll go hit Vegas on my way over."
He then transforms into his human disguise, and leaves through the door. Mew picks up a fork and sits in front of the plate intended for Mewtwo. Mew gleefully smiles as he eats the spaghetti.

In a foggy realm, Sailor Pluto stood alone.
"Something's wrong." She sensed, "I must rejoin Sailor Moon and the others."
She raised her time staff, and the door of time appeared and opened. She entered the door. She appeared at the beach where the Scouts had their picnic a few days earlier.

End Part Six

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