Sailormoon/Pokemon Crossover

Notes: Characters I've left out so far: Nurse Joy, Officer Jenny, Gary, Mondo, Ash Misty Brock and Tracey's other Pokemon. I'm going to let Ash and Co. save the day this time. I also thought Team Rocket should have a connection to one of the Sailor Moon villians.

Part Five: Jessie's New Toy

Jessie, James, Cassidy, and Butch returned to Giovanni's office.
"Back so soon?" he asked.
"We were defeated by the Sailor Twerps again!" said Jessie.
"Our Pokemon aren't enough to fight them!" pleaded Cassidy.
"What are we to do?" whined James.
"Have you heard of a company called Tomoe Industries or a school called Infinity Academy?" Giovanni asked.
"No, why?" answered Butch.
"They had some dealings with the Sailor Scouts." Giovanni answered, "They were a front for something called the Death Busters."
"Who are they?" asked James.
"What they are is irrelevant, but they developed some technology used against the Sailor Scouts." He continued, "We have come across some of the surviving records. They may be useful against them. I've assigned Mondo to help you with them."
"Yes, Boss." They all replied.
"Now, get out." He ordered.

The foursome later arrived in Mondo's lab.
"Ahh, you're here." He said noticing them.
"So what do you have so far?" questioned Jessie.
"I've just started." He answered, "Why don't you help me out."
They soon filed through the files of Daimon Machines and odd contraptions. Being the intellectual giants they were, they were mainly confused by the complicated information.
"I have no idea of what these things are!" Jessie said, "I'm no scientist!"
James and Meowth were asleep at their computer consoles.
Cassidy and Butch were going through the files, apparently with better luck.
However, Mondo came up with something interesting.
"Here's something we can use!" he said.
"What is it?" James exitetly asked.
"The Fire Buster." Mondo replied.
They saw an image of Eudial's fire buster, and its schematics. To most of them, it was still an assemblage of complicated information.
"It looks like a bunch of kitchen appliances." Noticed James.
"It's a super flame-thrower!" said Mondo.
"We have to make it!" responded Jessie.

Meanwhile, the scouts after finishing their ice cream, walk down a street. They pass by a Pokemon Center.
"I wonder if Ash and his friends are still here." wondered Serena.
"We'll wait out here." Said Rini.
Serena entered the Pokemon Center, and met Nurse Joy and Chansey at the front desk.
"May I help you?" she asked, "Do you have any sick or injured Pokemon?"
"I was wondering if Ash Ketchum, Misty Williams, Brock Harrison, or Tracey Sketchit are still checked in?" Serena replied.
Nurse Joy checked her computer.
"I'm sorry, they checked out a few hours ago." Nurse Joy replied, "Are you a friend of theirs?"
"Yes, you could say that." Serena answered, "I guess we could try somewhere else."
She went back outside.
"They're not here." She said.
"I was hoping to see them again." Said Rini.
"I'm sure we'll see them again." Promised Darien.
Rini noticed a toy store.
"Can I go in there?" she asked.
"I'll come with you." Said Darien.
"Can't I come with you?" asked Serena.
"I guess its OK." Replied Darien.
The three went into the store Rini wanted to go into.
"We'll meet you at the hotel room!" Serena said to the other scouts.
"Hey! Wait up!" she then yelled trying to catch up with Darien and Rini.

In another part of town, Jessie, James, and Meowth watched Ash and Co. from a rooftop.
"Still following that kid and his Pikachu?" asked Cassidy.
"I thought we were supposed to be looking for the Sailor Scouts." Continued Butch.
"We think these twerps could be connected to the Sailor Twerps" Explained Jessie.
"Your just trying to get an opportunity to get that Pikachu again," rebutted Cassidy, "Come on Butch, we have more important things to do."
Butch and Cassidy left Jessie, James, and Meowth.
"Now that they're gone, let's set the trap!" said Jessie.

Down on the street, Ash and Co. are lost, again.
"So, where are we going?" wondered Misty.
"Aren't we taking Brock back to Professor Ivy's lab?" asked Ash.
"I've got some work to do." Said Brock "I'm sure Professor Ivy has lots for me to do since I left."
"Isn't the lab that way?" asked Tracey.
"I think you're right." Said Ash.
But then, a cage dropped down and entrapped the four.
"Oh no! Not again!" said Ash.
"Hey, I wonder what Team Rocket did with their clothes?" wondered Tracey.
"We have more important things to worry about!" nagged Misty,
"We got you now! Prepare for trouble!" said Jessie.
"And make it double!" continued James. "Didn't the boss tell us to not do the motto?"
"Butch and Cassidy aren't here!" said Jessie, "Let's do it!"
"I miss our motto!" cheered James.
Jessie and James continued their motto.
"To protect the world from devastation!"
"To unite all peoples within our nation!"
"To denounce the evils of truth and love!"
"To extend our reach to the stars above!"
"Team Rocket blast off at the speed of light!"
"Surrender now or prepare to fight!"
"Meowth that's right!"
"Pikachu! Try your thunder-shock!" Ash commanded.
Pikachu: "PIKACHUUUU!"
Pikachu's attack was useless against the cage, but fried Ash and his friends.
"I knew they would have used a Pikachu resistant cage." Groaned Brock.
"When will I ever learn?" groaned Ash.
"That Pikachu is ours!" said Jessie.
Pikachu stuttered in fear.
The scouts from a distance, noticed Ash and Co in the cage, along with Jessie and James.
"Team Rocket!" said Raye,
"I bet they're going to try to get that Pikachu again!" said Mina.
"I gotta save Brock!" said Lita. Let's transform!"
"Mars Star Power!"
"Venus Star Power!"
"Jupiter Star Power!"
"Mercury Star Power!"
"Uranus Planet Power!"
"Neptune Planet Power!"

"Come with us Pikachu, we won't hurt you!" said Jessie. "We promise!"
Pikachu hid behind Ash's leg.
"Uranus Space Sword Blaster!"
The attack broke the cage open.
A breeze blew some flower petals.
"Great! The Sailor Twerps!" noticed Meowth.
"I am the guardian of the skies, I'm Sailor Uranus!" said Uranus.
"I am the guardian of the seas, I'm Sailor Neptune!" said Neptune.
"I am the guardian of water, I'm Sailor Mercury!" said Mercury.
"I am the guardian of thunder, I'm Sailor Jupiter!" said Jupiter
"I am the guardian of love, I'm Sailor Venus!" said Venus
"I am the guardian of fire, I'm Sailor Mars!" said Mars.
"Ahh, you're all here." Said Jessie, "We came prepared."
Jessie revealed a device that seemed like an assemblage of kitchen appliances. One of them had a "No Smoking" sign on it.
"That's one of Eudial's Fire Busters!" noticed Mars, "I thought we got rid of the Witches 5!"
"They must have found the Death Busters' records!" continued Neptune. "Copied Death Buster technology!"
"So, you are familiar with our new toy!" James Mocked.
"Take that!" yelled Jessie, "FIRE!!!!"
Jessie fired her Fire-Buster
Soon, the scouts were trapped in fire.
"Shine Aqua Illusion!"
"Neptune Deep Submerge!"
Mercury and Neptune tried their water attacks to put out the fires, but of no use. The fires continued.
"What are we going to do now?" yelled Uranus.
"We can put out the flames! Squirtle! I choose you!" said Ash. "Use your water-gun to put out the fire!"
Squirtle: "Squirtle! Squirtle!"
"I can use Marrill!" said Tracey. "Go Marrill! Use your water gun too!"
Marrill: "Marrill! Marrill!"
"Good idea!" said Misty, "Go Staryu!"
Psyduck: "Psi?"
"I said Staryu! Not Psyduck! Psyduck! Don't you even know your own name!" scolded Misty, "I said S-T-A-R-Y-U not P-S-Y-D-U-C-K! Now back into your ball!"
Misty returned Psyduck into its ball, and released Staryu.
"Staryu! Put out the flames!" she ordered.
Staryu joined Squirtle and Marril in putting out the flames. Water shot out of three of its arms.
"Maybe we can try our attacks again." Said Mercury.
Neptune nodded in agreement.
"Shine Aqua Illusion!"
"Neptune Deep Submerge!"
The fires subsided with the combination of Squirtle's, Marril's, Staryu's, Mercury's and Neptune's attacks.
"Now your turn!" Jessie turned to attack Ash and Co. "If I can't capture that Pikachu, then I'll destroy it! FIRE!"
"Oh no you don't!" assured Ash, "Pikachu! Thundershock!"
Pikachu: "PIKACHU!!!!!!!"
Pikachu attacked Jessie. Jessie fell on her face.
"Now to return the favor!" said Mars.
"Mars Celestial Fire Surround!"
The attack burned Jessie, James, and Meowth. It caused the Fire Buster to explode. Jessie, James, and Meowth were flung into the air by the explosion.
"Looks like Team Rocket's blasting off again!" they cried.
Said Uranus noticed what was left of the Fire Buster.
"This is bad." She said.
"What do you mean?" asked Sailor Venus.
"They got their hands on Death Buster technology." Replied Neptune, "They could revive the Death Busters or worse!"
"How did they get their hands on Death Buster technology?" pondered Mercury. "I thought every trace of the Death Busters was destroyed, along with Infinity Academy!"
"Some records survived." Said Uranus. "That Fire Buster is proof that Team Rocket has the Death Busters' records."
"And with those records, who knows what they could bring back!" said Neptune, "Daimons, Witches 5, Mistress 9, they could even bring back Master Pharoah 90!"
"I agree." Said Mars, "We have no idea of what Team Rocket can be up to."
"I'll need to research Team Rocket and its activities." Said Mercury. "That could be a clue to what their real goals are."
"Your right." Agreed Neptune.

The scouts transformed back to human form, and then went back to the toy store to pick up Serena, Darien, and Rini. The three walked out the door.
"Did I miss anything?" Serena wondered, "You all look so serious."
"We saw Team Rocket using a Fire Buster." Replied Amy.
"A Fire Buster?" asked Serena, "Isn't that Eudial's weapon?"
"Yes," replied Arama. "We think that Team Rocket got their hands on Death Buster technology."
"That means……"stuttered Rini.
"It means that they could revive the Death Busters!" replied Michelle.
"That means Hotaru could be in trouble!" Rini replied.
"I think Hotaru's safe for now." Said Arama. "We shouldn't worry about her."
"I have to do some research." Said Amy. "It could be a clue to Team Rocket's motivations. I'll probably need help too. I'll have to go to the library."
"A library?" asked Serena, "Why would you want to go to a library? We're on vacation!"
"This is a scout matter now!" rebutted Arama, "We have to stop Team Rocket before they do real damage."
Ash and Co. soon arrived.
"So what's up?" Ash asked.
"Ash! Misty! Brock! Tracey!" Rini cheered, "You're here!"
"Hi Rini." They all replied.
"I have to do some research." Said Amy.
"On what?" wondered Misty.
"Team Rocket." Arama replied, "We think they might be up to something."
"Other than capturing Pikachu?" asked Ash.
"They may be planning something major!" said Raye.
"Since we're going there anyway, why don't you come with us to Professor Ivy's lab?" asked Tracey. "I'm sure her lab has access to lots of records."
Convinced, the group agrees.
"Why don't we take the van?" asked Arama. "It's still at the hotel."
"Sure! It's a long walk from here to Professor Ivy's lab." Said Misty.
The group then walked back to the hotel, all but two.
"Where's Brock and Lita?" wondered Serena.
They turned around, seeing Brock and Lita again staring at each other.
"Coming Brock?" asked Ash.
"Coming Lita?" asked Mina.
Lita and Brock ignored them, still staring at each other.
"Maybe we can come back and pick them up later." said Michelle.
"Good idea." Replied Misty. "But I have a better idea! Staryu! Water-gun!"
Staryu splashed Brock and Lita.
"Coming you two?" Misty asked.
"I guess." They both said.

In another part of town, Cassidy and Butch walked down a lonely street.
"I wonder how Jessie and James are doing." Wondered Butch.
"Do we care?" asked Cassidy.
As if almost on cue, Jessie, James, and Meowth fell in front of them. Cassidy and Butch found them a smoldering mess.
"About time you three showed up." said Cassidy, "No more twerp stalking for you three."
"Yeah, now we have to find a way to get those Sailor Twerps." Butch continued.
Cassidy grabbed Jessie, and Butch grabbed James.
"You're coming with us!" Cassidy said as Cassidy and Butch dragged their teammates along.

Elsewhere, A door opened in a darkened lab. Giovanni opens a door, followed by his Persian. He walks down a flight of stairs, and to the tube with the embryonic Mewtwo. Now a little bigger than the last time he saw it.
"My plan is working perfectly." He said to his Persian, "With this technology, I can create a better and loyal Mewtwo."
He strokes the tube.
"And soon, I can create stronger Pokemon with this technology, and Team Rocket will be unstoppable! Team Rocket's days as a laughing stock will soon be over!"
The Persian purred in agreement.

End Part Five

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