Pokemon/Sailor Moon Crossover

Notes: I am guessing that the Outer and Inner Scouts are unfamiliar with
some of the capabilities of each other. For example, the Outers weren't
involved in a Sailor Teleport until Sailor Stars. Also, the Outer Senshi
don't hang out with the Inner Senshi that much during the S series. Also, I
think I've ignored Darien and Tuxedo Mask. I thought I would give him a
larger role in this part than I have in previous parts.
I thought of what Jessie and James would be like if they had to wear the
same uniforms Cassidy and Butch wear. I thought that Giovanni would
eventually have Jessie, James, Cassidy, and Butch do away with their
respective mottos. Also, Giovanni would eventually try another Mewtwo

Part Four:

The next morning, Ash and Co. left the Pokemon Center. They soon walked into
the forest.
Misty heard a noise.
"Do you hear that?" she asked.
"What is that?" asked Tracey.
They then heard cannon fire, and then the area was filled with a thick
smoke. The smoke lifted, and they found a black tank with a scarlet "R"
insignia on it.
"Oh no!" Brock said, "Team Rocket!"
Jessie and James proceeded to recite their motto.
"Prepare for trouble!"
"And make it double!"
"To protect the world from devastation!"
"To unite all peoples within our nation!"
"To denounce the evils of truth and love!"
"To extend our reach to the stars above!"
"Team Rocket blast off at the speed of light!"
"Surrender now or prepare to fight!"
"Meowth that's right!"

"We can stop them!" Ash assured everyone, "Pikachu! Thunderbolt!"
Pikachu: "PIKACHU!!!!!"
Pikachu's attack had no effect on Team Rocket's tank.
"This tank is electric resistant!" Jessie mocked, "Fire the missile!"
But, before Meowth could fire the missile…
"Neptune Deep Submerge!"
A water sphere hit the tank, and knocked it over. Jessie, James, and Meowth
spilled out.
"Who did that?" Jessie demanded
A breeze was felt, with flower petals blowing in the wind. They saw two
"More of those Sailor Twerps!" Jessie said, noticing their clothes.
"Not them again!" James whined.
Sailor Uranus introduced herself, "I am Sailor Uranus! And I am going to
stop your crime!"
Sailor Neptune followed, "I am Sailor Neptune! And I am going to end your
reign of terror!"
"Oh yeah?" Jessie questioned, "Arbok! Go!"
James followed, "Wheezing! Go!"
"We have no time for this!" said Uranus.
"Uranus World Shaking!"
The attack blasted off Team Rocket and their Pokemon.
"Looks like Team Rocket is blasting off again!" they screamed as they were
hurled into the sky.

After Jessie and James fell back to earth, they crept into a door to an
"You wanted to see us, boss?" asked Jessie.
Giovanni replied stroking his Persian, "Yes, sit down."
She noticed Cassidy and Butch sitting in the office.
"What is THAT doing here?" she asked.
"I would ask the same for you!" Cassidy replied, "I thought you fired them
by now!"
"You two have something in common." Giovanni answered. "Your schemes have
been thwarted by the Sailor Scouts."
"We almost got that Pikachu." James said, "We would have got him if it
weren't for those Sailor Scouts.
"Your still chasing after that kid's Pikachu?" questioned Butch.
He reached for a remote control, and clicked on a television. It showed a
news report of the Pokemon Convention.
The newscaster was heard, "Team Rocket's attempt at raiding the Tokyo
Pokemon Center was thwarted by the Sailor Scouts today……"
He turned the television off.
"A team of two Team Rocket operatives will not be enough."
"Enough to do what?" asked James.
"I want you to work together to investigate these 'Sailor Scouts'." He said,
"Who are they, and what is the source of their powers."
"Why them?" James asked
"If we learn the source of their powers, we could elevate Team Rocket to new
levels!" Giovanni answered.
"I could be like them!" James envisioned himself and Jessie as Sailor
"QUIET!" Meowth scratched him.
"Before we leave, I have two questions, boss." Cassidy asked.
"Go ahead."
"What about the Team Rocket Motto? And the uniforms?"
"There is no motto. The motto was often the reason our schemes failed. So,
Team Rocket members do not have a motto. And Jessie, James, Meowth, you will
have to wear the black uniforms."
Cassidy and Butch secretly cheered.
"But these uniforms make me look pretty!" Jessie said, "Not that drab!"
"Oh goody! I don't have to walk around naked!" Meowth said.
"SHUT UP!" Jessie slapped Meowth.
"Now leave." Giovanni said.
As they left, Butch said, "I can't believe we are stuck with those losers!"
"Oh yeah?" James asked, "When was the last time you caught Pokemon for the
Butch couldn't answer.
"Yeah," Jessie tried to remember, "I don't think you've successfully caught
any Pokemon since the Breeding center."
"Yeah, you were in prison until you started the Drowzee hypnosis fiasco."
continued Meowth, "And you went back to jail, and the Sailor Scouts foiled
your Pokemon Convention scheme."
"ALL RIGHT!!!!!!" Cassidy admitted, "We're losers just like you!"
"We haven't stolen any Pokemon since the breeding center!" Continued Butch,
"How do you do it?"
"We just look forward to another day." James answered, "And then we keep
persistent. Trying again, and again, and again……"

Meanwhile, Giovanni took his Persian from his lap, and then pushed a button
under his desk.
"About time those two lackeys left." He said to himself.
A secret door opened. He entered the door, and Persian followed. He went
down a flight of stairs to a secret lab. There was a tube with an orange
liquid. A silhouette of an embryonic Mewtwo was inside.
"This time, this experiment will succeed!" he said, stroking the tube. "This
Mewtwo will be loyal to me! And once we find the secret to the Sailor
Scouts' powers, you will be even more powerful than that ungrateful

Back upstairs, Cassidy, Butch, James, and Meowth have congregated in front
of a women's restroom. James and Meowth are wearing the black Team Rocket
uniforms. Meowth wore a Team Rocket beret.
James knocked on the door.
"Come out!" he yelled, "You've been there for half an hour!"
Butch knocked on the door and yelled, "Come out! James is wearing it too!
How long does it take to put that thing on?"
"But I look silly in this!" Jessie yelled back.
"I have to go to the bathroom!" Cassidy cried.
"Hey!" Meowth noticed himself in a nearby mirror, "I look good in this!"
Jessie quickly opened the door and picked up Meowth.
Jessie yelling and slapping at Meowth can be heard. She opened the door
again, and a bruised and beaten Meowth was thrown out.
"I don't think she changed." James said.
"I know what to do!" assured Cassidy.
She kicked in the door and tore Jessie's old uniform off, and put the new
one on.
Jessie then squatted in the corner and wept.
"There!" Cassidy said, "Now I gotta go!"
Cassidy went into one of the toilet stalls.
"You still look pretty." Said James.
"I do?" she asked.
"Yes." He said as he kissed her on the cheek.
Cassidy opened the door to her stall, and said, "What are you waiting for?
We got Sailor Scouts to capture!"
They then boarded a Meowth balloon, off to their next scheme.

Meanwhile, at the Scout's hotel room, Michelle and Arama arrived.
"Where's Serena?" asked Arama.
"What else?" answered Luna, "Sleeping, as usual!"
Arama peered into Serena and Darien's room.
"Where's Darien and Rini?" she asked.
Mina answered, "I think they went souvenir shopping."
"Well, we beat Team Rocket again." Mentioned Michelle.
"I wonder if there is a pattern to their attacks." Pondered Amy. "Perhaps we
can predict when they attack."
"What pattern is there to analyze?" asked Lita, "All they seem to do is
follow Ash and his friends, and find some scheme or make some trap to
capture his Pikachu with."
"Maybe we need to keep an eye on them." Suggested Mina. "Once they strike,
we can fight them."
"You think we could spy on them?" wondered Artemis.
Raye added, "If I was at my shrine, I could use my fire reading to predict
their schemes."
"No need." Said Michelle, "The Submarine Mirror can do that."
"I didn't think of that." Raye said. "I often used the fire reading to
predict things."

Meanwhile, Rini and Darien walk through a mall. Rini noticed a Pokemon
themed ice cream store.
"Darien, can we get ice cream?" she asked.
"Sure!" he answered, "But there is a long line."
"Oh, Darien…..PLEEEEZZZEEEE!!!!!!"
"OK, why don't I buy the ice cream, and you get us a table."
Rini picked a seat, and Darien went to get the ice cream. After a while,
Rini got bored.
"How long does it take to get ice cream>" She pondered, noticing the line
Darien was in.
Outside, Jessie noticed Rini.
"Isn't that the kid with the floating ball?" she asked.
Cassidy said, "Maybe she knows something about the Sailor Scouts."
Jessie sat next to Rini.
"Hey, kid!" she said.
"Gasp! You're from Team Rocket!" Rini gasped.
"That's right, and I want to ask you a few questions."
"I won't tell!"
"We have our ways!"
"Never! Luna-P Attack!"
Luna P hit Jessie in the face, Rini ran off. Darien noticed Rini running
"My makeup!" Jessie screamed, "Get that kid!"
"She's getting away!" yelled Butch.
Rini ran away from the Rockets. She looked to see if anyone would notice and
"Whew!" Rini caught her breath, "That reminds me of when the Negamoon was
chasing me. Glad that's over!"
"Moon Prism Power!"
"Where's that kid?!" Butch wondered,
"Over here!" said a voice.
"Wha?" the Rockets gasped in unison.
"I am a Sailor Scout in training! Sailor Mini-Moon!" said Mini-Moon, "In the
name of the future Moon, I punish you!"
"That little Sailor Twerp! Arbok! Go!" Jessie yelled as she threw Arbok's
Arbok: "CHARBOK!"
"Pink Sugar Heart Attack!"
"Is that the best you can do?" mocked Jessie. "Arbok! Get her!"

Back at the hotel….
Serena came into the Inner Scouts' hotel room.
"What time is it?" she groggly asked
"About time you woke up!" scolded Raye, "It's already noon!"
"Where's Rini and Darien?" she then asked.
Michelle glanced at her mirror, "Uh oh! Looks like Rini's in trouble again."
Arama said, "I don't think we could get to her in time."
Luna suggested, "Don't you remember? You can teleport!"
"Oh yeah!" Arama recalled.
"But first, you must transform." Continued Artemis.
"Moon Cosmic Power!"
"Mercury Star Power!"
"Mars Star Power!"
"Jupiter Star Power!"
"Venus Star Power!"
"Uranus Planet Power!"
"Neptune Planet Power!"
"Don't forget the keys." Reminded Sailor Mercury.
"Right." Said Sailor Moon as she grabbed the keys.
The scouts then joined hands and teleported away.
Amy's Squirtle watched the whole scene in amazement.

Arbok was about to strike at Rini, but before Arbok could do anything, it
was struck by a flying rose.
"Tuxedo Mask!" cheered Mini-Moon.
"Picking on little kids?" Tuxedo Mask saying one of his speeches, "Don't you
know it's wrong to pick on someone smaller than you?"
"Let's get him!" Cassidy commanded, "Raticate! Go!"
"I'm with you!" said Butch, "Drowzee! Go!"
"I guess I'll have to get my Pokemon out too!" James added, "Wheezing!
Victreebell! Go!"
Jessie threw out another Pokeball. "And here's Likitung!"
Tuxedo Mask and Sailor Mini-Moon were surrounded.
"Hold it right there!" yelled a familiar voice.
"Sailor Moon!" Mini-Moon cheered.
"How dare you pick on little kids! Champion of love and Justice!" Sailor
Moon lectured.
Mini-moon joined her, "We're Sailor Scouts!"
"Sailor Moon!"
"Sailor Mini-Moon!"
"In the name of the moon, we'll punish you!"
"Get 'em!" Jessie demanded.
Team Rocket's Pokemon then turned to attack the two Sailor Moons.
The other scouts jumped in one by one. Each scout introducing herself.
"More of them!" Cassidy noticed additional scouts.
"What do we do now!" Stuttered James.
"We fight of course!" said Meowth.
He jumped to fury-swipe Mercury.
"Shine Aqua Illusion!" froze Meowth.
Wheezing used its sludge attack on Jupiter.
"Jupiter Thunderclasp Zap!" electrocuted it.
Victreebell attempted a razorleaf, but "Mars Celestial Fire Surround" burned
the leaves and Victreebell.
And Arbok tried to dig under, but "Uranus World Shaking" hit Arbok.
Raticate was love chained.
Drowzee tried a Hypnotic attack.
It chanted "Drowzee. Drowzee."
"What's happening!" said Uranus.
"I can't move!" said Jupiter.
"We gotta do something!" said Mars.
"Moon Spiral Heart Attack!"
It hit Drowzee into unconsiousness.
"We're out of Pokemon!" Butch noticed.
"We gotta get out of here!" James whimpered.
They returned their Pokemon back to their Pokeballs, and ran back to the
Meowth Balloon, hoping to escape. The quartet boarded the balloon, and it
started to lift off.
"They're not getting away that easily!" Tuxedo Mask assured them, throwing a
The rose punctured the balloon, and the balloon sped off into the sky, with
Team Rocket screaming, "Looks Like Team Rocket Is Blasting Off Again!"

Back at the ice cream shop.
"So, now can we get that ice cream?" asked Rini.
"I guess we deserve some." Answered Darien.
The other girls agreed.
Darien and Michelle went off to get the ice cream.
"And I want some burgers and pizza and……" Serena said.
"We're just getting ice cream!" Raye said.
"Serena, can you really eat that much?" wondered Arama.
"I try!" Serena said.
The other girls sighed in embarrassment.
Darien and Michelle returned with ice cream in the shapes of various
pokemon, and in Pokeball dishes.
The inner scouts looked in awe, trying to choose their ice cream.
Darien picked one shaped like a Bulbasaur.
Michelle picked one shaped like a Tentacool.
Arama picked one shaped like a Geodude.
The rest of them just couldn't decide!

End Part Four
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