Pokemon /Sailor Moon Crossover

Notes: I know Lita has a fear of flying. However, in the Super-S Manga, Lita
thinks of the Outer Scouts whenever she hears a helicopter, and even
suggests that the Inner Scouts use helicopters as well. This may indicate
that she got over her fear of flying, and perhaps the Outer Scouts had
something to do with it.

Part Two: The Picnic

Mina, Amy, Raye, Lita and Artemis met at Arama and Michelle's Private Jet.
The door was open.
Arama came out and said, "You made it!"
Mina said, "Yeah, but it was pretty hard to convince my parents that I'm
going on vacation alone.
"You had to beg your mom to go!" said Artemis.
Amy continued, "And it was pretty hard to put my studying aside. But, I
brought lots of books to read,"
Raye responded, "That's our Amy. Hey, where's your Squirtle?"
"Right here." Amy said, as she brought out her Pokeball. She opened it, and
out came her Squirtle, wearing a gold Mercury pendant.
Lita then said, "It wasn't very hard for me, I live alone anyway."
Mina leaned on Lita and said, "Sometimes I envy you."
Michelle wondered, "Where's Serena, Rini, and Darien?"
"Late as always." Said Raye, "Serena's probably holding them behind!"
Soon, arguing can be heard. Serena and Rini's arguing of course.
"There they are!" said Artemis
The scouts turned towards their direction, and saw Serena and Rini arguing,
with Darien carrying all of their stuff. The Luna-P ball was floating behind
"About time you showed up!" said Raye.
"We had to pack all of our stuff and load them into Darien's car!" Serena
"You brought most of the stuff!" Rini said, "Darien and I have two suitcases
each! The rest is all yours Serena!"
"Yes, and they had a big argument on what to leave behind!" said Luna.
Darien, tired from carrying all of the stuff, yelled, "Can someone help me?"
Soon, he dropped them all.
The other scouts proceeded to pick up some of Darien, Serena, and Rini's
"Cool looking plane!" said Serena.
Arama replied, "It gets better inside!"
The scouts loaded their things into the plane, and Serena and Rini noticed
it's plush interior.
Rini said, "Way cool!"
"Wow! I just looove these seats!" said Serena.
Amy remarked, "A perfect seat for reading! Is that right, Squirtle?"
Squirtle: "Squritle!"
Lita noticed the galley; it had a fully stocked refrigerator, a sink, and a
little stove.
"No airline food on this flight!" said Lita. "We're going to have gourmet
meals here!"
Serena sat with Darien, Rini sat next to Raye, Mina sat next to Lita, and
Amy sat next to Squirtle, Luna, and Artemis, whom fit in one seat.
The plane took off, and soon, Raye, Serena, and Rini were arguing.
Arama yelled back, "Quit arguing or I'm going to turn this plane around and
kick the three of you out!"
Serena, Rini, and Raye looked at her, with sweat-drops on their foreheads.
They stayed quiet for most of the trip.
Amy began to read, and Squirtle saw her doing this and opened one of her
books and tried to read.
"Isn't that cute!" said Mina, "Amy's Squirtle is trying to imitate Amy!"
Amy patted Squirtle on the head.
"What a good Squirtle!" she said as she handed Squirtle a Poke-treat.
"Squirtle!" Squirtle cheered, as Amy gave him the treat. Squirtle continued
"reading" as it nibbled on its treat.

The plane later landed, and the plane's door opened. First, Serena ran out.
"I can't believe we're finally here!" She said, "I can't wait to hit those
Next came Lita as she said, "I can't wait to snag a guy!"
"Me too!" said Mina as she followed Lita.
Raye came out and said, "I would be happy with a quiet place to meditate."
"Or a place to read." Agreed Amy.
"Perhaps we can find a place to be together." Said Arama.
Michelle nodded in agreement.

Later on, the Scouts were walking along a beach. They found a place with
picnic tables and a barbecue.
"This looks like a good place for a picnic." Said Mina.
"I guess we can set something up here." As Lita set down a picnic basket in
agreement. "I'll start the burgers and the chicken!"
She opened it, revealing burger patties, hot dogs, chicken parts, and
hamburger/hotdog buns.
Michelle also had a basket, "I brought salad! It's Arama's favorite!"
"Thanks!" said Arama.
"Salad!" Serena cringed "Yech!"
"And I brought some cookies and chips."
"YAY!" Rini and Serena cheered.
"Ruffles! My favorite!" said Mina.
"BBQ!" said Raye, "My favorite!"
Raye and Mina started on a discussion on what is the best brand of potato
Luna remarked, "Only they could have a heated discussion on potato chips!"
Rini noticed something.
"What is that?" Rini pointed at a purple shelled Pokemon. It had a tongue
sticking out.
Pokemon: "Kookee!"
Amy opened her computer, "Good thing I downloaded a Pokedex program into my
She analyzed the Pokemon on her computer.
"A Krabby………" Amy said, "Wait! Rini!"
Again, Rini tried to pet the Krabby, but it pinched Rini's finger.
"OW! OW! OW! OW!" Rini cried, "Get it off! Get it off!"
Darien and Serena tried to pull it off. After they pulled the poor Krabby
off of Rini's finger,
"No more Pokemon for you!" scolded Serena.
"It's for your own good." Agreed Darien.
"Aaawwww!" Rini moaned.
"Burgers are ready!" said Lita.
"Alright! Food!" cheered Serena.
"I sure am hungry." Said Raye.
"I could eat" said Arama.
Amy prepared a plate for Squirtle.
"Here you go." She said as she passed the plate to Squirtle
Squirtle: "Squirtle Squirtle!"
"Your welcome."
Serena and Rini however were already pigging out.
"Hey! Save some for us!" pleaded Darien.
"We saved some for the rest of you" Serena explained.
Rini continued, "I'm a growing kid! I should get more food!"

From a distance, a familiar round, light pink Pokemon watched the scouts.
Pokemon: "Jiggly!"
It walked in front of the Scouts, hoping for a new audience.
"What is that?" asked Rini.
"Not again!" said Serena.
"This one's safe. It's a Jigglypuff." Said Amy as she consulted her
computer, "It is said that it has a nice song."
"Please sing for us!" said Rini.
Jigglypuff: "Jiggly!"
The Jigglypuff began singing, and the Scouts started to get drowsy. Serena
immediately fell asleep.
"Wow, Serena's already asleep!" said Rini, but, she too fell to Jigglypuff's
spell. "Woah! I think I'm about to join her!"
Arama remarked, "I'm starting to feel tired."
Mina dozed, "I can barely keep my eyes open."
"Maybe I can lie down a little" said Lita. "I deserve to have a break after
all of this cooking."
Raye started to doze off, "Maybe this is the feeling Serena gets when she's
in class….."
"Or anywhere else" Luna said as they both began to fall asleep.
"Luna?" Artemis said, "Ooh, Time for a catnap"
The last to fall asleep were Amy, Darien, and Michelle.
Jigglypuff stopped singing to realize all of the scouts fell asleep.
Jigglypuff: "PUFFFF!"
Jigglypuff unscrewed the cap to her marker/microphone, and proceeded to
scribble on the scouts' faces. It then ran back into the woods.

Ash, Misty, and Tracey walk through the woods.
"I can't wait to get to the next gym!" he said. "Is that right Pikachu?"
Pikachu: "Pika!"
Misty remarked, "Hey, you smell something?"
Tracy answered, "Come to think of it, yeah. Smells like something's
They followed the scent, and found the sleeping Sailor Scouts.
"Looks like Jigglypuff struck again." Said Misty, noting the scribbling on
their faces.
"Here's where the smell is coming from!" said Tracey, "These burgers are
"Hey! Wake up!" Ash said as he nudged Serena.
"Oh Darien!" Serena mumbled as she came to.
Lita came to and noticed her reflection in a spoon.
"What happened to my face!" screamed Lita,
Then she noticed the burning burgers.
"Oh no! the burgers!" she screamed, "This is the first time my food's
Raye woke up and said, "Hey Serena! What happened to your face?"
"My face!?" Serena replied, "What about yours?"
They both brought out small mirrors and screamed.
The other scouts woke up and a round of "What happened your face!" came
"That's what you get when you let Jigglypuff sing." Said Misty, "Its song
puts people to sleep, and when Jigglypuff finds out you are sleeping, it
scribbles on your face."
After the scouts cleaned their faces of the Jigglypuff scribble, the scouts
and Ash and Co. introduced themselves to each other. Ash gave his usual "I'm
going to be a Pokemon master" speech. And Tracey gave his "Pokemon Watcher"
Ash asked, "Can we join you?"
"Sure!" Lita said, "Even though Serena and Rini pigged out, and the burgers
burning, we still have plenty!"
"Great! I'm starved!" said Misty.
Ash and Co. then started to help themselves to Lita's food.
"Hey, this is good!" said Tracey. "Did you make the burgers yourself?"
"Yeah," said Lita, "The meat was my own special recipe."
"Hey, I see one of you has a Squirtle!" Ash said.
"It's mine." Answered Amy.
"I have a Squirtle too." Ash said as he brought out his Squirtle. The two
squirtles began to mingle.
"So, where are you guys off to?" asked Serena.
Ash answered, "We're off to see our friend Brock."
Lita asked, "This wouldn't happen to be Brock Harrison, who works with
Professor Ivy on the Pokemon Center on Valencia Island?"
"That's the one"
"He was my old boyfriend."
"How'd you meet?"
"We met at the Pokemon Convention in Tokyo. We went on a date after the
convention, but he left the next day. Although I did see him off at the
"So what are you here for?" asked Misty.
"We're a bunch of friends on vacation." Said Serena.
"Must have been expensive." Said Tracey. "Didn't you have to change a bunch
of planes?"
"I fly a private jet." Said Arama. "We came straight here from Tokyo."
"Can we see it?" asked Tracey
"Eventually." She answered. "Of course it depends on how long we are seeing
each other."
"We'll be here for a few weeks."
"So are we, we're just on vacation"
"You must be loaded to have a private jet."
"I used to have a helicopter, but it blew up. I bought the jet with the
insurance money."
"Long story. But at least we have our health."

Unbeknownst to the Ash and Co. and the Scouts, Jessie and James watched from
the Meowth balloon.
"I'd love to get some of that food!" said James as he licked his lips.
"We're here to figure out how to nab Pikachu." Said Jessie, "Not fantasize
about food."
"And there's two Squirtles too!" said James.
"Concentrate on our mission!" Meowth interrupted, "But I would like to get a
taste of those burgers."
"OK, we'll get Pikachu and the food!" said James.
"Agreed?" said Jessie.
"Yeah!" said Meowth.
James enthusiastically released his Pokeball. "Wheezing, Smokescreen!"
Wheezing: "Wheezing!"
Thick smoke filled the area. The Scouts and Co. were coughing from the
"Where did this smoke come from!" yelled Raye.
"I can't see!" yelled Mina.
"I think I know whose behind this!" yelled Misty.
Rini threw her Luna-P Ball into the air.
"Luna-P Kitty Magic!"
The Luna-P Ball turned into an electric fan. Rini turned it on. The fan blew
the smoke away revealing that the food and Pikachu were gone.
"My food!" cried Lita, "Someone stole my food!"
"And I'm still hungry!" cried Serena.
"After all that?" replied Raye.
"Where's Pikachu!" cried Ash
Pikachu: "PIKACHU!"
The whole group turned towards the Meowth Balloon. Pikachu hung from the
balloon from a rope
"Team Rocket! I should have known!" said Ask.
"PIIIIKKKKAAAACCCHHHUUUUU!!!!!!!" Pikachu tried to thundershock himself from
the rope, but no effect.
"That rope is Pikachu resistant!" said Meowth.

Jessie and James proceeded on their motto as they reeled Pikachu into their
"Prepare for trouble!"
"And make it double!"
"To protect the world from devastation!"
"To unite all peoples within our nation!"
"To denounce the evils of truth and love!"
"To extend our reach to the stars above!"
"Team Rocket blast off at the speed of light!"
"Surrender now or prepare to fight!"
"Meowth that's right!"

"So, you stole my food!" Lita yelled,
Jessie yelled back, "Yes we did, and your burgers are delish!"
"I'll get you for this! Jupiter Star……"
Luna stopped her whispering, "You shouldn't transform in front of these
"Awww! But, you're right Luna." Lita said, putting away her transformation
Meowth scooped him up with an electrically resistant net.
"We finally have Pikachu!" Jessie and James cheered.
"Bring me back my Pikachu!" Ash yelled as the balloon moved away.
"I've lost Pikachu." Ash whined, "What am I going to do? He's been my
constant companion."
"Don't loose hope." Said Serena.
"We can track them with my computer!" said Amy.
"And my Submarine Mirror will show us where they are!" said Michelle.
"What do you mean?" asked Misty.
"The Submarine Mirror always shows the truth." Answered Michelle, "They
can't hide from my mirror."
"All right! Let's go after them!" said Ash.
The entire group ran after Team Rocket.

Ash and Co, and the scouts ran after Team Rocket. Arama seemed to be running
"Where did they go?" asked Misty.
"North-North east!" replied Amy as she checked her computer.
Tracey noted, "Where's Serena and Luna?"
Raye replied, "Maybe they had other ideas."
"Where are they?" asked Lita.
Michelle looked in her mirror.
"They seem to be hiding in a cabin." She replied.

Elsewhere, Serena and Luna lagged behind.
"You thinking what I'm thinking?" asked Serena. "Could this be a job for the
"I think so." Luna said, "Be careful."
"OK!" Serena said holding up her Cosmic Moon Compact. "Moon Cosmic Power!"

Meanwhile, in Jessie and James' hideout Pikachu is still tied in his ropes.
Jessie, James, and Meowth are eating Lita's food.
"So, what shall we do before we bring Pikachu to the boss?" wondered Jessie.
"I have an idea!" James said as he went into their disguise box.
"What are you doing?" asked Meowth.
"We're going to play a little dress-up!" he replied.
"Good idea!" agreed Jessie.
James came up with a blue dress with puffed sleeves, knee socks, saddle
shoes, and an orange wig with a blue bow with a skull of a small rodent in
the middle, an Elmira costume.
Jessie came up with a leather brazier, a little skirt, black nylons and high
Meowth came up with a clown costume
Pikachu: CCCHHHAAAAHHH!!!!!!!
But before they could put any article of clothing on Pikachu, glowing yellow
disk cut Pikachu's ropes, freeing him.
"Who did that!?" yelled James as Pikachu ran away.
"Who threw that disk!" yelled Jessie.
They saw the silhouette of a pig-tailed girl. None other than Sailor Moon.
Sailor Moon introduced herself, "You are wrong for separating two life long
friends, whether they are humans or Pokemon! I will right wrongs and triumph
over evil! I'm Sailor Moon! And In the name of the moon, I punish you!"
"Well, this Pokemon is important to our mission!" said Jessie, "Do not

Yelling can be heard.
"We're getting close!" yelled Michelle
"Pikachu!" yelled Ash.
Pikachu ran into Ash's arms, and Ash and Co. arrived at Jessie and James'
"Twerps, twerps, and more twerps!" Jessie noted, "We're surrounded by
Meowth yelled, "Let's get outta here!"
Jessie, James, and Meowth headed for their balloon, and got away.
"They're getting away!" yelled Misty.
"Not for long!" assured Sailor Moon.
"Moon Tiara Magic!"
Sailor Moon threw her tiara at the Meowth Balloon, puncturing it. It then
flew around wildly.
Team Rocket screamed, "Looks like Team Rocket's blasting off again!"
The Meowth Balloon blasted away until it was a sparkle in the distance.
Lita found the picnic baskets and said, "Hey! I found the food!"

They brought the food back to the picnic tables. Artemis noticed a Magikarp
washed up on the beach.
Magikarp: "Karp! Karp! Karp!"
"Now you're talking!" said Artemis "I've been praying for a fish that size!"
Rini said, "Isn't that the Pokemon that guy tried to sell me at the
"Artemis……" Amy tried to tell him something.
"Lunch time!" Artemis said as he bit into the Magikarp "YEOW!!!"
"Artemis! Magikarp are only scales and bones!" Amy explained, "You can't eat
"Now she tells me!" he says as the Magikarp wobbled back into the ocean.
"With all of the food Lita had," said Luna, "You still had to have fish!"
"Don't remind me!"
"Glad that is over." Said Darien.
"Now I get to go back to spending time with Darien!" said Serena.
"But I want to spend time with Darien!" said Rini.
Soon, Serena and Rini went into a "Darien loves me more" argument.
"Hey, were did our Squirtles go?" wondered Amy.
"Who knows," said Ash, "I guess we lost track of them when Team Rocket took
Soon, the two Squirtles came back. Amy's was carrying a Squirtle egg!
"Oh my!" she said.

End Part Two

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