Pokemon/Sailormoon Crossover by Wartortle jolau@hotmail.com

Notes: This takes place after Sailor Moon S, and during the Orange League
episodes of Pokemon. I am also using the English names (Including
It somewhat spoils Sailor Moon S.

Part One: Team Rocket Takes Tokyo

Serena and Rini walk down a Tokyo road towards the Crown Game Center.
"Thanks for the ice cream, Serena!" said Rini as she ate her ice cream cone.
"Yeah, but you tricked me into it! You little spore!"
They pass by Crown Game Center, they notice a sign posted on the window:
"Pokemon Convention on Saturday at Crossroads Convention Center. Guest
speakers include Professor Ivy of the Valencia Island Lab, Professor Oak
from Pallet Town Lab. Gym leaders and other Pokemon related organizations
will also be in attendance. Tickets: $20.00 general admission, $12.00
"Wow! A Pokemon Convention this Saturday!" Serena said. "Pokemon are just
soooo cute!"
Rini said, "I wanna go!"
"Maybe I can go with Darien!"
"But I wanna go with Darien!"
"I'll ask him first!"
"Not if I get there first!"
Rini ran off, Serena followed her
"Hey wait for me!" she yelled.
They both got to Darien's apartment at the same time. Darien opened the
They both tugged at him, asking to go to the Pokemon Convention.
"I'm sorry! I have to work on that day." He asked.
Serena and Rini groaned.
"Maybe you can go with the other scouts."
They felt a little better, but they of course would prefer if Darien could

Serena and co. met in the line in front of the Crossroads Convention Center.
The line soon went into the building. They sat in the center's auditorium.
The MC came on stage.
"Welcome to the Crossroads Convention Center Pokemon Convention." The MC
then said, "For our first activity, we have the hostess of the Imote House,
Duplica, and her Ditto!"
She came on stage and introduced herself. "I'm Duplica, and this is my
Ditto, as you know, Ditto can transform. But we also do imitations! And here
is my Pokemon, Ditto!"
Ditto: "Ditto!"
Serena then said, "Wow. I wonder what she can imitate!"
Duplica then continued, "Now to pick someone from the audience."
Then Duplica pointed at Serena. "You over there!"
"Who me?" Serena asked.
"Yeah, you! The blonde with the meatball hair!"
"They're NOT meatballs!" Serena corrected her.
"Come on up!"
Serena then went up on stage.
"What is your name?" asked Duplica.
She answered, "Serena."
Duplica then commanded, "OK, Ditto! Transform into Serena!"
Ditto then transformed into an exact duplicate of Serena.
"Wow! That Ditto is good! I never thought I looked this good!" Serena said.
Luna then said, "Great, my worst nightmare! Two Serenas!"
Duplica then said, "Thank you Serena, and who's next, how about you!"
She pointed at Raye.
"Me?" she asked.
"Come on down!"
Raye then got on stage.
"What's your name?" asked Duplica.
"OK, Ditto! Turn into Raye!"
The ditto turned into an exact duplicate of Raye.
"Can I borrow your Ditto for a minute?" asked Raye.
"Uh, sure!" said Duplica.
Raye then grabbed Ditto, and chased after Serena.
"HEY! MEATBALLHEAD!" Raye yelled chasing after Serena.
After some of Raye's yelling, Serena cried, "Raye you're so mean!

Later on, Serena and Co. went down to the concession booths.
Amy noticed Professor Oak's booth.
"Hello, Sir." She said, "I was fascinated by your speech."
"Why thank you, young lady." Oak replied, "Are you interested in Pokemon
"Well, no. I have so much studying to do" Amy replied. "I don't think I
have time to become a Pokemon trainer.
Serena then came up from behind her and said, "I'm interested!"
"And neither do you, Serena!" Amy said
"AWW!" whined Serena.
Serena and Co. continued on, leaving Amy behind to talk to Professor Oak.
But, they then came across Professor Ivy's booth. Lita immediately noticed
"Hey there!" Brock said.
"Wow! You look like my old boyfriend!" said Lita.
"I do?"
"Yeah, your kinda cute!"
"Your kinda cute too!"
They both blushed
"What's your name?" asked Lita.
"My name is Brock, what's your name?"
Serena and the others left Lita with Brock.
"Great! There's two of them!" said Luna.

They passed by a Hispanic man wearing a bandana.
"Eh, muchachas, are you eenteresteed een a Mageekarp?"
"Wow! That looks cool!" Rini noticed the Magikarp.
Serena dragged her away.
Luna said to Rini, "I heard Magikarp are rather useless Pokemon."

Serena then noticed another booth.
"Hey!" She said, "Orange Island Vacations!"
Luna then said, "But you can't afford a vacation like that! And you don't
have the time."
Artemis then said, "Yeah, air fare is probably at least $500!
"We can take care of that." They heard a familiar voice.
They noticed Amara and Michelle behind them.
"What do you mean?" Asked Mina.
"Remember that helicopter we lost fighting the Death Busters?" Amara
Serena replied, "Yeah."
Amara continued, "We got the insurance money, and bought ourselves a private
Michelle then said, "We've been trying to decide where to go with it."
"Maybe we can have that vacation." Said Mina.
"YAY!" cheered Rini.

In a dark corner of the room, stood the Team Rocket Booth, manned by none
other than Cassidy and Butch.
"This is an insult!" said Cassidy "An insult to Team Rocket and everything
it stands for!"
Butch then said, "I can't believe they put us in this corner! But I can't
wait until we unleash our plan!"
The phone rang.
"Yes boss?" Answered Cassidy.
"Are our operatives in place?" asked Giovanni.
"Yes, boss." Said Butch.
"Now, don't screw this operation up like Jessie and James did in that St.
Anne fiasco!"
"We won't" they both replied.
Butch then said, "At least the convention is on dry ground than on a ship."
Cassidy then said, "We lost many operatives in that incident."

Meanwhile, Lita caught up with Amy.
"I see you got a new boyfriend." Amy said.
"His name is Brock!" said Lita, "We're going on a date tonight!"
Brock just said, "Hi!"
"What's that?" asked Lita.
"Professor Oak gave me this Pokeball." She answered, "I asked if I was
interested in being a Pokemon trainer, and I said I was too busy."
Lita asked "And?"
"He said maybe I could make some time to raise just one Pokemon, so he gave
me this Pokeball."
Brock asked, "I wonder what he gave you."
But then, Serena and the others caught up with them.
"So we finally found you!" said Serena.
Mina then said to Lita, "So you snagged a boyfriend!"
Lita then said, "Brock and I are going out tonight!"
"Cool!" Mina replied.
"Hey!" Serena said to Amy, "You got a Pokeball!"
Amy replied, "Yes, Professor Oak gave it to me!"
Serena said, "What did he give you!"
Rini continued, "I wanna know! I hope its one of those cute Pikachus!"

But then, the lights went out. When the lights came back, Cassidy and Butch
were standing in the middle of the room. Many Team Rocket operatives were
Brock then said, "Oh no! Team Rocket! Better protect your Pokeball, because
you might not have it for long!"
Cassidy and Butch started with their motto.
"Prepare for trouble!"
"And Make it Double!"
"To infect the world with devistation!"
"To blight all peoples within all nations!"
"To denounce the goodness of truth and love!"
"To extend our wrath to the stars above!"
"Team Rocket circling Earth day and night!"
"Surrender now because you will surely lose the fight"

Brock noticed Lita and the others have left.
Brock yelled, "Lita! Where did you go!"

The scouts gathered in a corner of the room, where noone can see them.
"We've got to stop them!" said Lita.
Amy said, "I can't loose this Pokeball! I don't even know what's in it!"
"OK, then!" said Luna, "Transform!"
The other scouts nodded in agreement.

"Uranus Planet Power!"
"Neptune Planet Power!"
"Mercury Star Power!"
"Mars Star Power!"
"Jupiter Star Power!"
"Venus Star Power!"
"Moon Prism Power!"
"Moon Cosmic Power!"

Butch commanded his Drowzee, "Drowzee! Hypnotize!"
The Drowzee motioned its arms, and chanted, "Drowzee! Drowzee! Drowzee!"
The convention attendees collapsed from the hypnotic attack.

But then, a voice is heard, "Evil spirits disperse!"

A small strip of paper with Japanese writing on it was placed on Drowzee's
forehead. The Drowzee collapsed.

Butch said, "Drowzee?"

Then appeared the Sailor Scouts, which fashioned a Team Rocket-like motto of
their own.

Uranus: "Prepare for trouble!"
Neptune: "And make it 8 times the trouble!"
Mars: "To protect the world from devistation!"
Mercury: "To unite all peoples within our nation!"
Jupiter: "To denounce the evils of truth and love!"
Venus: "To extend peace to the stars above!"
Uranus: "Sailor Uranus!"
Neptune: "Sailor Neptune!"
Mars: "Sailor Mars!"
Mercury: "Sailor Mercury!"
Jupiter: "Sailor Jupiter!"
Venus: "Sailor Venus!"
Moon: We're Sailor Scouts!"
Mini-moon: "Champions of justice!"
Moon: "I'm Sailor Moon!"
Mini-moon: "I'm Sailor Mini-moon!"
Moon: In the name of the moon, we'll punish you!

Cassidy then said, "We'll see who does the punishing!"
Butch commanded the Team Rocket operatives, "Get them!"

The Team Rocket operatives surrounded the Sailor Senshi, but then, the
Sailor Senshi attacked.
"Uranus World Shaking!"
"Neptune Deep Submerge!"
"Jupiter Thunderclasp Zap!"
"Shine Aqua Illusion!"
"Venus Love Chain Encircle!"
"Mars Celestial Fire Surround!"
"Moon Tiara Magic!"
These attacks were very successful in "Blasting off" the Team Rocket

But, Mini-moon was having problems.
"Pink Sugar Heart Attack!"
The attack did not work.
The operative said, "That won't work, little girl!"
She responded, "If that won't work, then I bet this will!"
"Luna-P Attack!"
Rini threw her Luna Ball at the Team Rocket member, and it knocked him down.
He ran away while the Luna Ball continued to chase him.

Cassidy and Butch soon noticed that they were the last of Team Rocket
members left. They noticed they were surrounded by the scouts.

"Uranus Space Sword….."
"Neptune Deep………….."
"Venus Crescent Beam…"
"Jupiter Thunder…………"
"Mercury Bubbles……….."
"Mars Fire………..………."
"Moon Spiral……...………"

Cassidy and Butch hugged each other in fear, as the scouts prepared their

"Heart Attack!"

Cassidy and Butch were blasted off.
Cassidy said, "I think Jessie and James would say……"
Butch and Cassidy continued, "Looks like Team Rocket is blasting off again!"

The Scouts transformed back to their normal selves, the people got up, and
continued as if Team Rocket were never there.

Brock yelled. "Lita! Where are you?"
Lita waved, "Miss me!"
They gave each other a hug.

Serena questioned Amy, "So what kind of Pokemon did you get?"
"I guess I have to open it." Amy said, but how do I open it?"
Brock said, "Just throw it, and say 'Pokeball go!' Very simple. Once you
know what kind of pokemon you have, you say the name of the Pokemon."
"I'll give it a try." Amy threw the pokeball yelling, "Pokeball GO!"
Pokemon: "Squirtle! Squritle!"
Amy introduced herself, "I'm your new trainer."
She shook Squirtle's hand.
"Nice to meet you."
Squirtle: "Squirtle!"
"Neato!" said Rini. "He's cute!"
Brock commented, "My friend Ash has a Squirtle. It's a water pokemon"
"A water pokemon?" Amy replied, "I guess it is fitting for a person like

End Part One.

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